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Blue Dragons are the Bomb

The dragon came in hard at the airship and began attacking the ship itself. Thom took the helm and began making severe maneuvers to avoid taking more damage as the dragon tried to push the ship into the mountains.

The crazed dragon quickly found himself outgunned by the group of heroes, and delivered a devastating attack on the rear of the ship. Thom gave Archemenos the wheel and began a mending ritual while the tiefling struggled to keep the ship airborne. The dragon dropped a large tree onto the ship as Azrukal delivered its the final blow that sent the dragon tumbling across the mountainside.

Thom stabilized the ship and swung it back around to inspect the fallen dragon. The group recovered a large diamond necklace the dragon wore and continued toward Breland.

In the late afternoon, the group docked their ship into the hull of a large Breland Capitol airship. Inside the group reunited with captain Kaeles who had them ushered to a war room.

Kaeles told the group along with three other airship captains that the undead army was numbering around two thousand. He told them that their airships were being outfitted with a bomb door and loaded with explosives.

Kaeles invited the group to discuss Aric Blacktree and asked them to use the aerial platforms on their ship to engage him if he is spotted.

Kaeles told the room that a bombing run on the undead north of Woodhelm would precede the Breland army’s attack on land. He also relayed that Aric and dragon house Cannith had been linked together through information found about the exploding orbs. He went on to explain that the orbs were believed to be responsible for the day of mourning, and that tower Cannith in Sharn was being attacked when the bombing begins.

The meeting concluded and the group was escourted back to the hanger. Once inside, they witnessed teams of gnome carpenters working on all four docked airships.

A loud voice in the hanger grabbed their attention. The group watched as Torg and a gnome argued over the care in handling the dragon shard bombs being loaded. The gnome told Torg that he regretted leaving his post in passage.

Total experience per player for session: 3750



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