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Bombs Away

The group met Torg on board their airship. He explained how their running away from the city with the orb had allowed him to escape and saved his life.

Torg went on to tell how he had wandered west out of the mournland and become prisoner to the gnomes of the town of Olkhaan. Through some political dealings, Breland had made a trade of criminals with the gnomes and he ended up in service of Breland making bombs for its Royal Navy.

The group was then re-introduced to Winkley Springstrap, the owner of the Clockateer Inn. Winkley revealed to the group that he was a spy for the Citadel and also a innkeeper. He was using a funny looking staff to guide the pulley lowered bomb cargo that Azrukal recognized as Demises staff. He asked the gnome if it was the one he had given him in Passage and Winkley said that it was.

Winkley went over all that he had done to the staff and told him his break even price was 85,000 gold pieces. Azrukal looked around for Thom and could not find him. So he brought out 10,000 gp and asked if he could just owe him the money. The gnome decided that it was ok and drew up a payment contract which Azrukal quickly signed and took back the staff.

The ship was loaded with the new bombs and Winkley and Torg said farewell. The four airships were launched out of the Capitol ship where they began their flight north. With the day nearing an end, the small fleet reached the intended attack spot and came upon no army of undead.

New reports came in from scouts that said the undead had stopped moving in a clearing two hours north. The fleet continued north way ahead of the army and as the last rays of light illuminated the horizon, they saw it. An army of a couple thousand undead in a clearing five hundred feet in diameter.

The lead ship the Sky Dancer commenced its bombing run with the Dragons Wing falling in behind them to blast the west side of the clearing. Bolts of energy flew up from below as orange red explosions sent skeletons and zombies flying.

The groups ship the Eagles Talon veered to the east side of the clearing and a bolt of purple energy slammed into their underside. The crew let Gloomhollow know that the bombing crew was dead. Azrukal piped up about always having to do the grunt work as he and the group made their way into the hull to view the damage. The bombs were intact but scattered. The group ran around the hull grabbing and throwing bombs down to the undead. As they threw out the final bomb, a second blast of energy entered the hull and forced them to retreat topside.

Behind the ship, the Manticore was beginning it bombing run, when the purple energy slammed into the front of the ship stopping it. A second later, a large column of mist blasted up from the surface and the ship pitched forward out of it and crashed into the ground exploding on impact.

Six more mist geysers activated in the next couple of seconds and a seventh engulfed the Dragons Wing causing it to crash into the trees. The helmsmen announced to Gloomhollow that the ship must pull away or be destroyed. Gloomhollow gave the order to pull away.

The geyser mist began to fill the sky with a cloud like covering. Gloomhollow’s sending stone came on with Kaeles voice. He told her that Aric Blacktree had been spotted near the center of the clearing, and ordered her to use the platforms to apprehend or kill the necromancer.

Gloomhollow agreed to the order and the group reentered the hull and took down the wooden discs off of the wall. They strapped their legs onto the top and tried to remember what Winkley had said about them. Fly with your toes was all they could remember and the discs came alive floating just off of the ground. Using their toes to put gentle pressure on the disc, it responded by floating over to the bomb hatch and out into the night sky. Pumpkin calls down at Archemenos before being pulled back from the rail by a guard.

The group fell/flew the disc down toward Aric, who was controlling the mist clouds into a swirling like column of lightning filled mist in the center of the clearing. The undead began to file into the column where they were destroyed by the powerful magic.

Out of the column flew giant shadowy moths, who grabbed onto the groups platforms and continually drove them faster toward the ground where they disappeared. The group was left in the middle of a self sacrificing army of undead. They decided to forgo freeing their platforms from the ground and defend themselves from the undead around them.

The group made their way through the undead and where nearing Aric when the necromancer produced a red colored orb over his head. Azrukal immediately turns into a fiery demon and Aric smashes the orb on the ground which releases a red mist into the column. Aric then exclaims, “I give my life to your awakening Oublivae.”, then jumps into the column.

Aric is torn apart by the column and the lightning inside flashes revealing a silhouette of a massive female demon complete with horns, wings and a long tail. Demon Azrukal launches in flight at the column.

Gloomhollow grab ahold of her arm. Her face goes blank and stares at the column and begins to run toward it.

Total experience per player for session: 2500



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