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Cold Reception in Sharn

As the group left for Sharn, Azrukal decided that the Deck of Many Things had served its purpose and sensed that bad luck would follow if he kept it. He finally drew a card for himself. The card gave him insight into the next week of events and discovered 5 facts. The one that concerned him the most was that pumpkin will not be at the inn when they get back to Sharn.

Early the morning after leaving Korrenberg, the group was alerted by Aganasus that the Breland navy was blockading the entry to Sharn. Thom raised a white flag from the main mast and slowed the Crusty Wench to a stop. The largest ship in the blockade approached slowly. When it was near enough, the group could see captain Kaeles, and fifty Sharn guards on the main deck and almost that many reporters for various dragon houses and news papers.

Grappling hooks were thrown across binding the ships together. Kaeles read from a rolled parchment announcing the intent to arrest Gloomhollow, and asked to verify compliance. Thom acknowledged compliance and gang planks were placed and the guards crossed and bound Gloomhollow and departed the ship leading her into the lower decks of the large vessel. Kaeles instructed the group to follow an escort into the bay and traveled below deck.

Aganasus steered the ship behind the escort to a dock before turning it over to the guards and departing into Sharn. The group left Aganasus to watch the ship and traveled directly to the moldy dragon to check on Pumpkin. When they arrived, they found that a crudely painted sign had been nailed on top of a portion of the old sign. The new sign read “The Walshire Dragon Inn”.

Inside they found the two halflings, Bairwin and Gibly tending to the day shift of the inn while Oswald slept. Given the information that Thom had found out in Korrenberg, he immediately inquired about the whereabouts of Pumpkin. The halflings let him know that she often goes out to play during the day, though it dawned on them that she had been gone for longer than usual.

Azrukal ran upstairs and woke Oswald and ask if he knew anything about Pumpkins location. He told him that the halflings kept track of her and that she is always back by the time he wakes up.

The group decided that they didn’t have enough information to concern themselves with Pumpkin at that time. They decided instead to immediately go to House Cannith and try to get their contract back.

The meeting at house Cannith was uncomfortable ending with the group getting their contract back and giving up their second orb and the rune cage. The group was also forced to release all Cannith documents and artifacts that were recovered, along with the promise not to discuss their business or information found in the Mournland. The group readied to leave as the orb left the room wrapped in a velvet cloth when a loud boom sounded through the building. The groups first though was that the orb had exploded, but was corrected when they were told to lay low as some creature had suddenly appeared on the roof of the tower.

The group pushed past the lady and ran for the roof finding three summoning circles and several demons. Tied to a large demon with an enchanted rope hanging over the edge of the roof, they heard the screams of a small child.

The group fought hard to stay on top of the building, but also Azrukal had trouble with the fire resistance creatures. Eventually, the demons crumbled into ash and Archemenos dragged Pumpkin up over the edge of the building where she ran crying into his arms.

Archemenos noticed a note stuffed into Pumpkins shirt he removed it and read it out loud. It read;

“I know that you have found some of my devises, it will do you no good. Her time is nearly upon us. The day of mourning will be nothing but a test compared to my plans.

One more thing. I will say hello to Pumpkins daddy if I see him first."

Total experience per player for session: 3500



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