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The group cautiously made their way across the smoky area toward the large snorting creature. The creature resembled a large minotaur and eyed them aggressively. They called out to the robed figure in the smoke and were ignored. When the group reached the large creature, the robed man broke his silence and ordered the creature to keep them back.

The smoke around the group came to life in the form of a dozen screaming smoke faces. The large creature began slamming and charging the group while they struggled to hold onto their stamina. The man in robes finally turned to face them. It was Zathasram, Pumpkins father. His face was blank and he didn’t notice who she was. Instead, he began casting mind control magic and forced Azrukal to walk into the lava. The ghostly faces continually swooped past the group and landed small damage every time that was beginning to add up.

Thom found himself already healing Azrukal though the fight had only begun. Azrukal yelled for his companions to focus their fire on the spirits and not the large creature which they did. Within a few moments they had whittled the spirits down to only two, but Thom again was forced to heal Azrukal and Gloomhollow was forcing healing potions down her own throat.

The group began to wonder if a retreat might be the best course of action when Zathasram forced Thom to walk into the lava where his injuries caused him to fall unconscious. From the door that led back into the maze, the group received a revitalizing surprise. Shiny the fire fairy burst into the room screaming of war and blasted the nearest spirit with fire. The group regained their composure and fought back while Shiny amazingly dragged Thom out of the lava before it consumed him completely.

Archemenos finished off the last spirit, though Pumpkin tired many times. From his hiding position behind the rock Azrukal delivered the final blow to the large horned creature, leaving only Zathasram. The psion focused his energies on Azrukal and brought him to unconsciousness. Archemenos delivered a non lethal blow that brought the Zathasram to the floor and a voice called out from behind a nearby rock.

Out from hiding a nervous Victor ran into the room followed by the short Emerald claw captain. The captain spoke to the group as he shape changed into Aric Blacktree. Aric grabbed ahold of Zathasram and threatened to kill him. He dragged Zathasram to the orb and began taunting the group about reuniting Pumpkin and her da da. Aric released the spell on Zathasram and allowed him to see his daughter. Zathasram told Pumpkin that he loved her and begged the group to get her away from here.

Aric placed a hand onto the orb and after a short chant exploded the orb into a geyser of Mournland mist. Pumpkin ran into the mist towards her father and Archemenos followed after her. Gloomhollow shoved a healing potion down Azrukal’s throat and the two of them fought their suicidal urges to run into the mist. Instead they grabbed Thom’s unconscious body and dragged it back into the maze and shut the door.

While inside the mist, a hidden demon inside Archemenos took control of his body and tried to flee from the scene. However the mournland mist took its life and Archemenos regained control of his body. Archemenos stumbled through the mists and found Pumpkins lifeless body near the alter. He picked up her body and miraculously made it to the door of the maze. Archemenos resuscitated Pumpkin and she began to cry realizing that her father was dead.

Archemenos held Pumpkin while she sobbed and promised that he would train her and she would have her revenge. Pumpkin pulled back and said that she did not desire revenge. The death of her father meant that she had no family left. Archemenos told her that he would be her father and she thanked him and embraced him again.

The group traveled for three days before they found their way out of the labyrinth again, and for a second time they met the orcs of the Ghashkala. The orcs approached the group and explained that the group carried the taint of Khyber and now must join the Ghashkala to defend the Demon Wastes borders to contain the taint.

Azrukal agreed and the group began to travel with the orcs back to the village of Festering Holt.

Total experience per player for session:4000


Ha! I Actually read the write-ups this time! see. I can do what I’m supposed to. At least some of the time.


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