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Demonic Confusion

The group braced themselves as the demon charged them leaping across the pool of water. Azrukal answered the attack with a blast of fire that the demon seemed to receive a diminished effect. Foot falls behind the group alerted them that a second demon was approaching, and a third demon rounded the corner after the first and charged.

The group defended themselves against the group of enemies and forgot again to defend Pumpkin who had a demon pounce on her and quickly knock her out. Archemenos pushed the demon back and dragged Pumpkin away from the foes.

Thom did his best to defend himself against the group even using some his most powerful attacks. Azrukal continued his fire attacks, depending on them to push past the absorbing demons. Archemenos stabilized the tiefling girl and decided to stay with her at a distance. Gloomhollow jumped across the pool of water to avoid being flanked by the demons, and then flew across the water landing in the liquid and delivering three strong blows to the nearest demon. However, as she locked into combat with the creature, she became aware that her legs were producing fumes and began to burn in the liquid.

The first demon fell smoldering from the sorcerers onslaught, and the second followed soon after when Archemenos blasted him with mind crystals. The last demon was surrounded and dispatched by Gloomhollow’s large blade.

Azrukal led the group around the pool of acid and entered the middle of a hallway. To the left the hall led to a pile of rubble and another chamber. To the left, the hall led to a massive demon who observed the group but gave no signs of reaction. Azrukal decided to investigate the chamber to the left and found it the resemblance of the on visible in the pool of acid.

In the center of the chamber was a smaller rounded pool of liquid, that Azrukal decided to test out. He placed his hand into the liquid and a cool feeling washed over his body making him feel slightly refreshed. The rest of the group including Pumpkin took turns touching the liquid.

With no other direction to go, the group traveled back to the large demon who sat in the corner of his chamber and watched the group pas through. The hallway just beyond his area was filled with a blackish purple smoke. When Gloomhollow followed Azrukal into the smoke, she lost her focus completely and began to babble incoherently. The rest of the group followed behind her and all succumbed to the effects of the smoke.

The large demon became enraged at the babbling noise and charged into the smoke hitting Pumpkin, who babbled without care of the damage. The group struggled out of the smoke eventually with the demon chasing behind them carrying Thom’s incoherent body along with him. Thom had a surge of strength that allowed him to struggled free from the demons grasp.

The group focused their attacks on the lone creature and found it destroyed soon after.

Blocking their journey further into the maze was two locked large metal doors with no discern able lock. Gloomhollow set to figuring out how to open the doors while Azrukal threw skulls from a pile in the corner of the room. Eventually, Azrukal threw the last skull in the pile of bone and revealed a hidden lever which he threw and the doors swung open. Gloomhollow congratulated herself on opening the door though she did not know how.

The group traveled through the doors and back outside. The area seemed like another world. All around the group was a thick smoke floating over an area of lava. In the center of the area, on solid ground a large Minotaur like creature pawed the ground and grunted angrily. Beyond the creature, Gloomhollow could just make out a lone figure in ornate robes leaning over something.

Total experience per player for session: 2300 (100,745)



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