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Duty Comes Calling

The group followed the Ghaash’kala back to the village of Festering Holt. When they arrived, the group found an airship flying Breland colors floating over the small village.

The Ghaash’kala shamen insisted that the group immediately greet the visitors and ask them to leave before they become tainted. The group followed the shamen to the ship where Breland guards let them know that their superior had made his way into town and they were leaving after delivering a message.

The group decided to start at the Dead Before Morning Inn and see if the Breland visitors were there. The group spotted the group from Breland and the shamen tried to send the Breland guards away who claimed to be looking for Gloomhollow. After a lot of arguing between the shamen, Azrukal and the Breland guards, Gloomhollow admitted who she was and accepted the message.

It was a letter from the king of Breland. The king asked that she lead her group of assistants to a temple in the mountains and investigate another pillar of mist.

The group told the guards that they would meet them later and to wait at the ship. Thom used bardic magic to disguise themselves as random bar patrons and with perfect timing slipped out the front fooling their Ghaash’kala brothers into talking to unaware drunks.

The group quickly made their way across the village, boarded the airship and flew south. Once aboard, Gloomhollow was given the captains quarters and a sending stone. She immediately used the stone to contact captain Kaeles. Kaeles informed her that they were traveling to the temple of the winds, a ruin in the mountains that was rumored to be the residence of a blue dragon. The temple had a mist column coming out of it.

Kaeles went on to admit that many of the mist columns had exploded in the last couple of days and that he believed that Aric was not the only person involved with the phenomenon. He also acknowledged that he found out that victor was a traitor.

The ship sailed through the air over night and Thom contacted Aganasus and told him to sail the Crusty Wench for Sharn.

Early the next morning, the group landed the airship next to the temple of the wind. The temple was very old, and looked as if it had been cut right of the mountainside.

A thirty minute lesson in psionics later, and the group left Pumpkin practicing on board and carefully entered the temple. The moment the group entered the temple, the group was greeted by dragon born savages and a large stone monster attacking them.

The fight was a difficult one, but the restraining of enemy movement forced the enemy to fight in a way that benefitted the group.

The final dragon born fell and Archemenos searched every square inch of the chamber, climbing, lifting, jumping etc… And found an amulet and some platinum.

Total experience per player for session: 4500



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