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Festering Holt

The group sailed for four days until Agonasus found their position on the map to be near their destination. However, before reaching the blood bay, they sighted two ships ahead of them approaching each other. Agonasus slowed the crusty wench and alerted Thom. The ship opened fire on each other but not before Agonasus was able to ID the bigger ship as the Kings Citadel vessel that took Gloomhollow into custody in Sharn.

Thom directed the ship behind a nearby island to wait for the smoke to clear. After a couple of hours they resumed their way to the bay where they again found the large ship this time docked on the bank. Rather than hide again, Thom flew a white surrender flag with Breland colors as they anchored next to the large ship.

When they pulled close, a familiar face greeted them. On the deck of the massive ship, Victor the citadel torturer addressed the group throwing threats at Gloomhollow for her part in the death of Fredrick. Azrukal stepped forward and threw threats back at Victor that the cruel man could not ignore. He retreated below deck quickly looking fearful.

The group completed a two day journey through the Demon Wastes that resulted in their arrival in the town of Festering Holt. Shortly after arriving in Festering Holt, the group began asking the townsfolk if they had any knowledge concerning Pumpkins father. No one seemed to know about her father, but a few mentioned a group of Emerald Claw, a Lady and her large spider, and a Hag on the edge of the town.

The group didn’t look long before they ran into the Emerald Claw and their pip squeak big mouthed leader, who threatened the group before Azrukal subtly lit his pants on fire. The guards with the small man helped put out the fire and took him quickly to the Dead Before Morning inn.

The group continued on to the hags house. Once there Thom convinced the old women to let him in to talk. She told him of a tiefling man inside the Maze of Shattered Souls. She warned that the Emerald Claw had found out this information also and that any one that traveled into the maze was inviting their own death. Thom thanked her and left traveling back to town. The group stayed the night at the Dead Before Morning Inn. While there, they met a whore who had slept with the emerald claw leader. Also they encountered a group of warforged following a Draconic prophecy that said. “Those who seek the shattered souls under the light
of Storms bright moon when the Twilight Forest is at
its nearest shall turn barren lands into springs first

The best the group could decipher, the quote of Storms bright moon was a reference to Zarantyr, the moon associated with the Mark of Storm, full every month. The Twilight Forest refered to the plane of Lamannia, one of the angelic dominions of the Astral Sea, and its metaphysical proximity to Eberron.

They told the warforged that they were following a similar Draconic prophecy and shared theirs with them. The warforged were obviously involved with The Lord of Blades, but knew not of the groups interactions with him.

The whore told the group that the leader was nervous that he may die inside the maze, and had mentioned that he was looking for an orb. That he believed could be used to conquer the world.
The group finished their drinks and bedded for the night after this.

The next morning the groups breakfast was interrupted by the emerald claw who had found and beaten information out of the whore the group had talked to. They attacked the group but quickly found themselves outmatched and the leader escaped.

Total experience per player for session: 3750



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