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Final Conflict

Thom desperately chased after Gloomhollow, who proved very tenacious. Thom was finally forced to attack to end her suicidal journey. With Gloomhollow’s senses returned, the two of them ran and retrieved their flying platforms.

Above the two of them, Azrukal helplessly attacked the emerging Demon, however quickly discovered that she was regaining her endurance using the mist from the surrounding orbs. He savagely continued to attack her while she used debilitating magic to weaken and restrain him.

Thom and Gloomhollow jumped onto the platforms and began flew towards the nearest orb. As the two of them neared, a small creature emerged from the mist and positioned itself to defend the orb. Gloomhollow dispatched the creature with a single blow and Thom followed up by smashing the intact orb and ending the mist.

Thom and Gloomhollow decided that destroying the orbs was the best course of action. They flew from orb to orb and each time the creature seemed to be getting larger that spawned to defend the orb.

Finally after being nearly beaten to death, the demon Azrukal began to see some of his efforts against Oublivae take effect. He noticed that Thom and Gloomhollow were destroying the orbs that surrounded the clearing, and had destroyed nearly all of them. Oublavae’s regenerative powers had diminished.

By the final two orbs, the creatures that emerged were a huge whirl wind of diamonds, and a choking cloud of dust. The two of them dodged around the creatures and smashed the orbs hoping that may get rid of them as it had with the weaker foes. However, the two strongest remained.

The clouds over the clearing had begun to dissipate. Azrukal felt the demonic shell around him weakening. He took a moment to regroup while Thom and Gloomhollow struggled with the diamond shard creature.

The clearing sky suddenly revealed the Capitol air ship above the battlefield. The ship dove down into full broadside of Azrukal and Oublivae. A moment later, twenty canons opened fire on the two demons. Azrukal exploded in a massive fire ball, while Oublivae simple dissipated along with the rest of the Mournland mist.

The diamond shard creature vanished and Gloomhollow and Thom flew to the center of the clearing to check on their fallen comrade. Near the center area they found a burnt body with horns, wings, clawed appendages dressed as Azrukal.

The Breland army arrived a few hours later and thanked the group for fighting the demon and saving the land. As morning broke, the royal airship flew in and picked up the group. On board, the king described the capturing of the tower of dragon marked house Cannith and the bringing of their leaders to justice. The investigation found that they actually were aware of Aric and were working to support him. They sent the group into mournland the intention of them dying or at least finding more orbs.

The king congratulated the group on the completion of their Sharn to Passage underground lightning rail. House Orien announced the grand opening in less than a month.

One month later, the group were in Sharn for the launch of the first underground rail to Passage. Hundreds of residents watched as Thom gave a charismatic speech worthy of a international celebrity about overcoming hardships and the future of Breland. Pumpkin hugged Archemenos when he purchased her a 1/32 scale model of the first underground train the “Crusty Wench”.

In the back of the large crowd, a Molric a man from the mines takes a drink purchased from a street vender. A few seconds later, after drawing the beverage through a straw, he fell to the ground choking on his swelled blackened tongue.

No one noticed the shadowy form of Gloomhollow as she slipped with ease through the crowd back to the side of the stage. In fact none of her group even noticed her leave and return.

Captain Kaeles took to the stage giving a speech on the new standard in safe travel across Sharn. In the middle of his speech, his pants suddenly caught fire.

Thanks for playing, its been a good two plus years!



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