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Problems with the locals

The group decended from the hills and to the small ghost town. All around them lay the former populace of the town with horrified day of mourning looks frozen on their faces. The group began exploring the town and found that the streets filled with many mournland dead and a twisted form that used to be a warforged.

The town itself consisted of six buildings a building bearing the house Deneith mark, a horse stable, an inn, a residence, and a bank. The group explored the marked building first.

Inside the marked building, the group found a couple of jail cells, and a office desk covered with dust and papers. Azrukal found amongst the papers a summons from house Deneith to a Drogvan Sienth. The summons asked that Drogvan report to the service of Sigor d’Deneith for operations into Karrnath.
The date on their paper work was ytk 994, the year the war ended.

The group continued through the town and decided to search the bank. Gloomhollow stepped over the dead bank customers and within moments had unlocked the gate behind the counter, and opened the safe behind. Inside the group found a large cash of gold inside bags marked with the house Cannith crest.

As the group gathered the newly obtained treasure, private Yole called out for help from outside. Upon investigation, they found Yole feet off of the group and neck tightly in the grasp of Torg. The group asked Torg to release Yole, and he seemed distrustful of them and refused. The half ogre explained that the group had turned on him inside the tower and he was forced to find another person to go into the mourn land.

Torg asked that the group go inside the Inn and speak with his new traveling companion, and they were convinced that they were about to come face to face with William once again.

Inside the inn, the group indeed did find William in a upper room naked in a bath tub. William casually regarded the group and lazily smoked a roll of tobacco while he spoke only to Thom. William asked that Thom leave his companions and travel with he and Torg. Thom agreed and sent his companions away. Outside, Torg yelled up to William for help with a large group of warforged charging the town.

The rest of the group was on their way down the stairs when from outside Yole screamed for help before yelling charge. The group answered by running outside and finding Yole and Torg running towards four warforged. Upstairs Thom headed for the door when William got out of the tub holding a crystal bomb in his hand that he had submerged.

Thom ran down the stairs immediately after, followed by William who lept out of the second story window. William fought with the warforge shortly before retreating from the town.

The group fought till they chased the final warforge from the town. Torg expressed the desire to travel together again when he realized that William had left him. When he went to retrieve his cart of supplies, the cart exploded knocking him to the ground.

Thom made sure Torg was ok and let him know that his cart exploded because William had placed a bomb onto it. Torg swore revenge on William for his treachery.

Total experience per player for session: 1000



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