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Prophetic Clarity

The group carefully walked down the stairs. They reached a t-junction with rooms to the right and left and the way ahead blocked by closed double doors. The group noticed the sound of a sword leaving a scabbard and scratching of claws on stone. Thom and Archemenos slowly looked around the corners into the room and were noticed by a couple of undead creatures.

From a hole in the floor of the left chamber three wraiths flew out and attacked the group. More wights charged out from around the corners and the death knight moved up behind the group to bolster his troops.

The fight was long and difficult with several of the group falling unconscious during the altercation. When the death knight finally fell, the group spread out and began searching the area. Azrukal jumped into the hole and landed in a pile of water submerged bones where he located half of a silver key.

Archemenos struggled with opening a sarcophagus while Thom and Gloomhollow refused to try their luck with upsetting the dead. Azrukal emerged from the hole and strode over the the sarcophagus while grabbing a crowbar that the hiding Thom handed him on the way.

With a effort slightly harder than he expected, Azrukal moved the lid off of the sarcophagus and found the second half of his key along with some a client gold coins. Archemenos was furious that the sorcerer had shown him up and walk over to the remaining coffin and threw it open bare handed and found a magic artifact.

Azrukal combined the two half of the key and opened the door which led to another set of stairs. Thom forced the group to rest until he could use his magic to distribute their exhaustion evenly.

The group made its way down into the chamber below and found themselves waist deep in Mournland Mist. They found partially submerged in the mist and laying on a day of mourning symbol a large blue dragon. The dragon spoke in its sleep saying “the door between thrown wide, a well spring of life flows again into the land, nourishing the wastes and bringing life anew. From one to the next our people thrive.”

The dragon woke and seemed unaffected by the mist and admitted to a feeling of euphoria when laying on the symbol. He admitted to not knowing what had happened to his orb and said that a lot more mist had come out the day before.

The dragon invited the group to try out sitting on his symbol and Azrukal walked forward and stepped into it despite warnings. Instantly he went rigid and his eyes rolled back and he began speaking. Azrukal said “The renewal nears, four stand as the last barrier, to her rebirth. one has been chosen, one will follow, the third will fail, the fourth cannot stand alone.”

The dragon gave him a nudge knocking him out of the symbol and asked the group if he had spoken out loud when they entered the room. Thom said yes and the dragon admitted to hearing the words in his mind, but never knowing that he spoke them. He asked Thom what he had said. Thom told him and the dragon asked if they had heard anything like this before. Thom relayed the other prophecies they had heard.

The dragon thought about the statements for a second and told the group that the land in the prophecies was not Korvaire. He said that the words refered to Khyber and a Demoness who seeks to steal the life from this world for her own. The dragon barely got all of his words out before he passed out into the mists.

The group quietly snuck back out of the tomb and found one of the ship guards waiting for them. He handed Gloomhollow a sending stone and she used it to contact captain Kaeles.

Kaeles received her report concerning the temple and the dragon. He then went on to let them know that their report had many similarities to other report coming in from the surrounding countries.

Kaeles asked the group to fly just north of the town of Woodhelm and meet him there. He told the group that Aric had emerged from the Blackcap Mountains with another army of undead.

The group hurried to the airship and took off from the mountain. However, they heard two loud booms behind them followed crumbling stones. The guard at the helm announced that the dragon was chasing them. A second guard warned Gloomhollow that if the ship were to become damaged landing in the mountains would be the same as a crash.

Total experience per player for session: 3500



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