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Set Sail for the Demon Wastes!

The group left the Cannith tower and made their way to house Orien. They made it known that the contract had be returned and Orien expressed pleasure at the news claiming that Cannith had been slow at producing the focusing rings. They let them know that the track from Sharn to Passage was half completed and were anxious to finish.

Pumpkin asked to go shoe shopping and to be fed which the group found out that she only wanted an entire lunch made of candy. Archemenos purchased Pumpkin leather shoes adorned with many dangling silver charms. Pumpkin skipped with a jingle sound for the rest of the day.

The group made their way to house Trarashk. Once there they met with Kava and paid 120,000 gold for the order of rings to complete the tracks. Kava promised the fastest delivery of the dragon shards.

From Trarashk, the group took part in a little more shopping spending some of their left over treasure, and returned to the now re-titled Moldy Dragon Inn at night fall.

The following morning, the group awoke to Gloomhollow lying in a bed in their room. She had dried blood down the side of her face and a magically tended scar on the side of her face.

Thom woke her and she told the group that she had been taken to a private cell deep inside the cliffs under Sharn. Once there she was forced to sit in a chair surrounded by a Glyph that when activated left her helpless to move. The person who activated it was Fredrick, the Kings Citadel interrogator. He had placed a glowing green gem under the flesh of her temple and she blacked out.

Gloomhollow went on to describe a foggy scene where she awoke briefly with blurred vision and heard Fredrick scream in pain and dark figures flit around the room then a lifting feeling before blacking out again.

The group feared that they may be in danger and decided to leave immediately, but lord Bren met them downstairs at the inn. He apologized for not being able to warn them that Aric Blacktree had bee spotted in town. He seemed very inquisitive about the groups adventures and business with the Dragon Houses. After a brief discussion he warned them to be careful with Gloomhollow and Aric together as they may have a unseen link.

The group excused themselves and ran into Merthesal as walking out the door. He delivered a envelope with the royal seal on it. Inside was a document of appreciation from the King himself. It read;

“By declaration of the king,
Breland would like to thank Gloomhollow for her cooperation involving information of national security. Citizens like you are all that stands between safe living and the fall of our beloved kingdom. I the king would like to thank you for helping to ensure our country lives on.

Signed king Boranel ir’Wynarn."

The group scratched their heads at this letter and decided to leave quickly regardless.

At the docks, the group found their ship with Aganasus on board. He let them know that the Citadel had torn the ship apart searching for information. Thom told him to set sail for the Demon Wastes. Aganasus layers out a map and discussed where they were heading to, and the path to get there. It was decided to keep the ship in open water away from the shore, and to aim for either Astakala, or Festering Holt.

The ship set out into the seas and a day later were attacked by strange fish bipeds that tried to knock the group off of the ship an into the water where a school of their hungry young waited. Despite finding themselves fairly wet, the group defeated the fish and continued on their journey.

Total experience per person for session: 2500 (88,795)



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