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Shape Shifting Reception

The group searched the dead Ghaash’kala orcs and found a few gemstones, before continuing toward the opening in the canyon wall. They were surprised to see living Ghaash’kala orcs guarding the entrance.

Thom engaged the orcs in conversation asking if the orcs knew any information about Pumpkins father. They told the group that he was not inside the maze and they were better off turning. Upon hearing this, Thom decided to become more prying with his questions and the orcs told him to ask the answer of the charging assassin coming from behind them. The orcs then released the illusion that hid their true looks and attacked.

The fight was a frustrating one. The assassin continually changed his appearance to that of the group members and the animal looking enemies were very formidable. Thom screamed a Archemenos to look after Pumpkin after he wandered away from her and she was struck unconscious again.
Pumpkin was thrilled during the fight when Archemenos aided her psionic attack causing it to deliver the final blow to the enemy.

Eventually, the group chased the illusionary combatants into the entrance of the Maze and destroyed all but the assassin who retreated further inside.

The group took five minutes to assess their wounds. All of them were pushed to their limits and knew that the could not waste time with the full moon of Zarantyr rising and a possible prophecy connection to that event. Thom preformed a ritual that spread their remaining life force evenly between each other. The group knew it would probably not be enough and decided to push on.

Through the door traveled by the assassin the group found a darkened hallway leading to a brazier next to a large pool of water. Carefully Thom leaned over the edge of the liquid and was amazed to be looking through to another area. A unearthly growl and the pounding of clawed feet brought his attention to a demonic patrolling creature running at them.

Total experience per player for session:1900



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