Game Cafe Eberron

The Labyrinth

The group set out into the Wastes following the directions of the hag. After two days of travel they found themselves before a sulphurous opening in the ground. The opening started small and at the horizon was as wide as could be seen.

Before they could find an entrance path, the group ran into a group of orcs who called themselves the Ghaash’kala. The orcs warned the group not to enter the Labyrinth and told them that if they did they would be tainted by the closeness of Khyber. Azrukal explained that they had no choice and the orcs let the group continue into the canyon.

Once inside the canyon, the walls quickly raised above them soon obscuring the sky above them. The group spent 5 hard days of travel finding no place to rest. By the middle of the fifth day the group came upon a large group of dead Ghaash’kala and quickly found out what had killed them.

Scrambling down the cliffs around them, many savage humans attacked with bone made weapons. The attackers were disheveled and covered in blisters that continually ruptured. In seconds, the entire group was covered and infected by the reddish liquid bursting from the savages skin.

The group, surrounded began to spread out. Azrukal blasted the diseased humanoids with fire and escaped the pile of foes. Gloomhollow simply ran and jumped up a cliff to attack a bow wielding foe who used a smoke creature to make his aim true. Archemenos used his Dream form to teleport out of the mass of enemies and began blasting them from afar. Tiny Pumpkin found herself surrounded with no support and after a few seconds of bravery was struck unconscious.

Archemenos thought it best not to run to her aid and kept his defenses up instead. Gloomhollow dispatched the bowman and tried but could not reach the young girl. Azrukal looked at the tiefling girl as her body began to spasm the sure sign of death. The dark elf found the only soft spot in his entire heart and walked over to stabilize the girl. He then looked at Archemenos and declared “you are not redeeming shit!”

The last two enemies were dispatched and little Pumpkin wobbled to her feet diseased and nearly dead.

Total experience per payer for session: 4000



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