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The Mournland welcome

Private Yole roused the group from their fog induced flashback. He urged the group to ready themselves for worse encounters ahead. He also noted that Archemenos and Gloomhollow had contracted the Mournland sickness. He warned Thom and Azrukal that if the sickness continued, they would soon lose their minds.

The group was a little shocked at the difference between Yole outside the Mournland(a paranoid loon), and the confident well adjusted elf in front of them now.

Yole led the group through the dry grassland and eventually to a lake surrounded by bones and filled by a crimson colored water. The group began to follow the shore and were attacked by disfigured flying fish, and a large mutated frog.

After dispatching the enemies, Yole urged them onward to a cave at the base of some rock formations that he claimed to have used on his former travels. They found the cave and after a quick survey, decided that it would be safe enough for the night.

Azrukal took the first watch away from Yole and an hour later while his companions slept became aware of an approaching thunder storm. However, as the storm got closer, instead of rain falling, it sounded as if handfuls of gravel were hitting the side of the cave.

Azrukal got up and went to the front of the cave where he witnessed red crystals falling from the sky and smashing into the rocky ground. At the entrance, he also found a small injured deer like creature with a large crystal jutting out of its rear leg. Azrukal backed the creature into a corner and grabbed it. He carefully removed the crystal and found it very brittle and of little use. He carried the deer creature back to the camp inside the cave.

Azrukal set back down amongst his companions and failed to notice the haze filling the area. His mind became dizzy as the back wall of the cave came to life. The large plant had subdue it prey and it readied for its nightly feeding.

Total experience per player for session: 1000



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