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The Seeds of Trouble

The plant carefully detached itself from the back wall of the cave and released a pinkish mist that surrounded the sleeping Thom. Thom sat up, grabbed the Pumpkin Cleaver, and with eyes still closed and made his way over to Azrukal. Azrukal looked up through clouded poisoned vision just as Thom lazily swung his weapon at his head. Azrukal narrowly dodged the attack and noticed the plant filling the room with a hazy mist. He called for his companions to wake up as the plant unleashed a spraw of acidic poison over the entire campsite.

Thom shook off the effects of the poison, and joined his companions in fighting the plant. The group struggled to best the large creature, but soon found themselves mostly attempting to stay conscious as the creature would explode an acidic substance every time it was attacked by a physical means.

Finally, after retreating all the way across the cave, the group found themselves pinned between the crystal rain outside and the plant creature. Azrukal readied the exodus knife as Thom and Gloomhollow reached the front of the cave. Azrukal unleashed all flames that he could and the creature deflated before the group like a balloon.

The group noticed the sound of the rain outside had a distinct metallic clang that had joined the smashing crystals. When the group looked out to see what it was, they found a lone warforged viewing them from a short distance. Under the cover of a large lightning strike, the metal man was gone.

Private Yole, reacted to the sight of the warforge poorly, and was obviously having regrets about accepting the mission to guide the group. He let them know that he only intended to guide them to the edge of the city of making and then continue on toward Breland without them.

The group went to sleep and awoke the next day to Private Yole eating alone and reading to leave. The group soon set out across the dried lands. Around mid afternoon, the group climbed a hill to a ridge that overlooked a small ghost town, and despite Yole wanting to go around decided that they should investigate it. That is when they heard the voice of Torg echo off of the ridge walls, proclaiming that the “metal man no match for Torg!”.

total experience per player for session: 1000



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