The staff of the Tempest Temptress

weapon (ranged)

This staff is the embodiment of arcane curiosity. You can stop running your fingers over the smooth wooden carvings of bodies that run down it’s sides. You feel better when wielding this staff.

Implement: staff. Enhancement : +3 to attack and damage
Critical: +1d10 damage
Power(encounter/variable): standard action, arcane spell

Tempest geomancy: range 15, +6 vs AC, does not provoke attack of opportunity, 1d10 plus 1/2 Pc level damage, and target defense is -2 each turn, cumulative. Add one of the following effects randomly by rolling 1d4.

1: lift earth: target( including ground the target is on) is pulled 4 squares, then sandwiched into the ground that lifted it. ’squashed prone and immobilized (save ends both)

2) orbit: you cause a chunk of the ground to rise 20 feet up. Target is forced to spin around the chunk ofnearth, stunned( save ends, upon save, target lands hard 1d10 + 1/2 level damage)

3) relentless mud clumps: target is stunned and prone (save ends both)

4) boulder clap: you lift two huge boulders out of the earth and smash them together with your target in the middle. Add 1d10 damage and the target is unconscious, save ends.

*Property: after using the staffs power, at the end of your turn, feed the staff: take 1d10 +1/2 level damage, or it begins to phase into another random plane of existence and will be gone by the beginning of your next turn. Each turn that you reduce a creature to 0hp, you may ignore this property.


The staff of the Tempest Temptress

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