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The group further investigated the room holding the now dismantled machine. Quin could find no purpose for the machine, but knew that it was surely going to destroy itself. Finding nothing else of interest, the group headed back to the house entrance. They had decided to find their street contact Murtheisel and ask if he knew any thing about the house. However, upon reaching the Balthizars new door, an officer of the Sharn Watch spots them through the opening. He had them sit on the front steps of the house next to a bound up man who Quin realized was Aric Blackwater, the man the group found chained to a wall in the tower four years ago. He seemed more coherent than after he had sat on the earth formed magic symbol. The officer made some sort of arcane call using a necklace and then tells Aric that everything checked out. However, when the officer spoke to the bound man, he addressed him as Mr. Neblin. With that, the officer leaves the group.

With the officer gone, Quin immediately began questioning Aric about what he is doing here. Within a moment, the image of Aric is replaced with another and the shapeshifter said that he didnt know who Aric was. He claimed that the image he used is that of Mr Neblin, his employer that lives in the house they were just in. Further inquiry found that the shifter is a worker in the Tain foundry. He had needed more hours and was pointed towards Mr Neblin who had come down to the foundry looking for laborers. The shifter also claimed that he arrived today to find the machine in a state of chaos, and that the explosion of it would have destroyed the entire tower. The shifter left at this point, making sure to turn away from the players before changing his features once again.

The group began to discuss visiting Lord Bren(Aric’s former employer), or going to the foundry to visit the shape changer’s Forman. War hammer decided for the group when the feeling to walk hit him and he strode away from the rest of them towards the foundry. The travel took the group a few hours and they decended into the Cogs of Sharn. After a brief interaction with the foundry guards, the group was led to the tavern of the foundry, a dirty junky building. Scribed on the fornt of the building in a molten metal letering was the name “Slag Pit”. Inside the building the group was brought to the forman. The forman(a dwarf with a shaven head and face)declaired that his name was Molric. His table companion(a hobgoblin in white robes with a long braided hair and beard) also spoke up and introduced himself as Olaaki. Quin began questioning the Molric about the murders of the day, and the identity of the person who hired laborers. Molric was very gruff and rude saying that he had enough problems with hia own murders. Olaaki goaded Molric to ask the group if they would be willing to help. Molric explained that he had lost quite a few workers recently due to kruthiks suddenly burrowing into one of his low tunnels. Olaaki piped in saying that he had also lost priests and would pay 100gp if the group would find and destroy the infestation. Olaakki warned the group that rare flying kruthiks had been sighted. Balthizar then offered to give his low quality bow to Olaakki which Quin snatched from him. Molric got up from the table and said that he might remember more about the fellow who asked about workers when the kruthiks are killed. With that Molric leaves. Olaakki give the players a map and wished them good luck.

The players set out immediately following the map just past an underground lake. The smell of vinigar fills the air around a tunnel that has been crudely made with tooth and claw. War Hammer suddenly burst out in vocal reprehence of Quin. Quins put on the charm and quickly extinguished the animosity. The group begans to travel into the tunnel and soon the rough earth gaves way to an old temple entrance. The chamber was lit with small white motes in each corner and smelled of vinigar. The bodies of several dead kruthikss lay on the floor. Invictus stepped into the chamber to get a better look at the scene. He found blackened arrows, the ones that goblins use. Invictus then keened his senses and discovered that the dozen or so dead kruthiks fought around 6 humanoids, and that the dead humanoids were draged out of the south entrance. His ears then picked up the faintest sound of stone grinding on stone in the distance.

The sound of grinding was suddenly overshadowed by a tapping like falling rain as kruthiks burst out of hole in the walls and floors. The group quickly found themselves surrounded. Quin stabbed out and dispached one of the smaller kruthiks as even more came out of the walls. Invictus was grabbed by a large kruthik’s claws and badly wounded, but answered with fire that enchanted a portion of the floor. War Hammer scrambled up a pile of skulls and swung his massive hammer losing control of it and launching it across the room. Balthizar breathed a blast of cold into three of the kruthiks and was only lucky enough to fell one. More kruthiks scurried out of the holes and found the readied group not as easy as the first few seconds doing very little damage. Quin stabbed a larger kruthik and inspired his comrades to be more defensive. Invictus burned more of the insects and ran to retrieve the dropped weapon for War Hammer who readied to use it. Balthizar dispatched another of the smaller bugs as Quin used heroic effort to attack a larger kruthik twice before it could respond killing it. Invictus ran to War Hammer and passed his weapon off to him then summoning a massive amount of power, created a mirror image of himself and launched fire from both himself and the iamge at 5 of the bugs, killing 4. However, Invictus lost control of the image and it turned on its creator and blasted him with fire before dissapearing. War Hammer had summoned all his effort for this moment, he called upon divine energies that destroyed one of the beasts. Then he turned and slammed into another smashing its head.

total experience per player: 228

The Strange House

The group stood in front of the strange house whose arcane emissions had caught their attentions at the end of the strange mist investigation.  While deciding how to proceed, the Invictus noted a strange hum coming from the house.  War Hammer further noted that the hum did not emit from the ground.  

War hammer then knocked on the front door of the house and was responded with hushed heard higher pitched voices, followed by shuffling feet.  War Hammer said nothing of this to the group, and Balthizar knocked again this time with a vocal announcing.  The second knock resulted in no additional sounds or response.  Frustrated, Balthizar put boot to wood with such force as to explode the door inward leaving only the hinges.

Surprised by the sudden entry, a couple of goblins readied their weapons and attacked the group.  The first two goblins fell quickly, one by Balthizar, one by Invictus.  Invictus was driven into a rage of magic after killing the goblin. Invictus became covered in an arcane fire as a result of his uncommon fury.  Alerted by the sounds of the fight, two shifters and a half Orc emerged from rooms off of the main one and joined in against the group.  The fight felt under control until Invictus was struck unconscious by one of the shifters. Balthizar was quick to aid and with divine energy gave some of his own strength to his injured comrade who took a moment to recover further.  War Hammer meanwhile felled one of the shifters and laid into the half orc who continued to pepper the group with arrows.  Balthizar killed the final shifter and War Hammer finished off the half Orc.   Search revealed a pouch of 60gp on the half Orc, and the humming sound coming from upstairs. 

The group continued upstairs where they opened a double door to encounter a room with 4 strange machines made of bones, copper tubes, inlaid gems.   As they opened the door, dark lightning shot across the ceiling.   Beside the machines were two shape changers, and a mutated blind creature with tentacles as well as arms that may have once been a human.  

The group was immediately attacked by the machine attending creatures.  The fight is a rough one as the machines emit an energy burst, and lightning every few seconds.   War Hammer stepped forward into the room, daring the enemies to attack him.  He held strong for many blows, but was eventually dealt a blow that sent him to the floor.   However, before his comrades could help his internal mechanism magically mended themselves.   Balthizar sent some of his life energy into War Hammer to aid the recovery and Invictus let loose a magical burst that had little effect on the creatures.  The group held strong killing the tentacled mutant, and bringing the shape shifters to surrender.  

One shape shifter declares the group fools to stay inside the house and flees.   The other shifter surrenders only when the groups agreed to help shut down the machine.  Invictus tried to shut one machine down, but grabbed the wrong part burning his fingers.  Sensing the arcane energy source, War Hammer pulls a copper tube feeding the top of the machine.  He realized that this tube is feeding residium a magic charged compound that powers the machine.  The group shut down the rest of the machines and recovered 500gp worth of residium held inside four copper containers.  The shape shifter seeing the machines shut down runs out of the room.  Invictus serched the dead mutant’s body and found a lvl 3 magic item. 

*experience per player: 400

Investigating the Attack

The group surveyed the destruction of the balcony. Five innocent people lay dead before them and the seven survivors try ro comprehend what just happened in the last few minutes. Quin steped forward to ask where to go to summon the authorities. A crying women named Olphelia was shocked not only with the deaths, but also her own abandonment by her date, a halfling named Belguise. He called out for her to “look out” before running away.

The group followed the stairs down with hopes of finding Belguise to ask what it was that he saw. They came across a man holding his knee at the bottom of the Balcony stairs. Balthizar recognized him a a retreating man who was thrown down the stairs by Data in an effort to hurry his escape. He was very wary of the group until Quin bandaged his knee for him. He then felt inclined to help them by telling them that the halfling was the person that Data threw into the misty creature.

Following the injured man’s direction, the group went to the barred door of the room in which the halfling Belguise had taken refuge. With multiple attempts and combined might they broke the chair holding the door closed and find the halfling hiding in the corner of a university class room under a shelf. Belguise was very scared by the silent war forged War Hammer, and threatened to contact authorities about the groups attempted murder. Quin set into using the halfling’s fear against him and got him to admit that he had seen the mist as it traveled up the side of the tower. He begged them not to tell his date that they saw him.

The group made their way down the tower exiting at the Center Bridge district briefly talking to the doorman Mr Durnswater. He was shocked when Quin tells him of the attack and encouraged the group to investigate the disturbance. He also told the group that disturbances like the one they were just a part of never get investigated down at this level of the towers because there are to many of them. He told them that one happened just a little bit ago down the block and nothing happened.

The group headed down to the end of the University tower and find the street normal except for Balthizar, who noticed a dirty human man looking like he is guarding an alley just a half a block down. The group spread out so as not to alarm the man and Quin approached the man and asked to many questions. The man got really agitated with the bard, and began throwing out many threats. Eventually he noticed Balthizar and Quin upped the ante by pushing past the man and into the alley. He grabbed Quins collar and Balthizar steped forward to assist. War Hammer decided he had endured this verbal game long enough and walks past and into the alley. The human finally gave up and asks if he could lead the group into the alley. They agree and he lead them with Invictus sneaking behind to a disgusting scene.

Four men are huddled around a naked dead man. They were in the process of going through and dividing up the dead mans possessions when the groups guide interrupts. The alley guard rallied the looters to rob the group. A fight broke out and the group made short work of the gang of theives. Invictus found a unique in the shadows of the alley and War Hammer located the theives hidden stash of gold under a cobble stone. War Hammer spared the guiding man and Quin woke him up to find out what was going on. He tells them that the naked man was dead when his gang found them. The group realized that the wounds on the dead man match that of the tower victims. They gave the man a couple of gold and asked him his name. Murthiesel he tells them, and offered to aide them with unsavory tasks as long as their money is good.

The group continues down the alley and found yet another clue. War Hammer discovered a piece of white fur clinging to a brick at the corner of the alley exit. He attempted to retrieve it and the fur dissolved into mist. Invictus realized that the way the fur was set into the stone meant the creature must of came from the right. Quin sensed magic coming from the direction and the group followed it down the street until the trail went cold.

Invictus looked across the street in time to notice two older wizards walking down the opposite sidewalk. One of the robed men stopped and held his hands up to a street level house. The other robbed man followed suite as the first and both seemed to acknowledge something and move on. The group crossed the street and encountered a postman just finishing his delivery to the tower. They asked him who lives in the tower. He declined to say, but did identify the tower as “Dalannan Tower”.

*experience points: 275 each

The Day of Mourning

Having just freed Lord Bren ir’Gadden and his aide Aric the group decided to secure the tower while the forces of Cyre and Breland engage in the valley below. This presents a problem as undead urged onward by green and purple robed female, shamble up the hill towards the ruined tower. Two men wearing armor decorated with green claws step out from the cover of trees and join the fight.

The group notices an arc of orange lightning flash in the sky and thick grey clouds that seemed to be rolling in quickly. Short work is made of the very decreped undead. The armed men do not fair much better the final of the two struck by Ayriel with a blow that continued past the man and onto the ground. The impact of which revealed a buried box containing an enchanted whetstone.

The robed female desperately defended a hidden item as a strange mist fills the valley. Screams travel up the hill from the battle on the Saerun road. The opposing forces are completely obscured by fog filled with hidden flashes of fire. She falls from deceptive attacks delivered by the rogue Jarvix rendering her unconscious. Jarvix looks at what she was hiding and discovers a magical weapon.

The valley to the east is completely silent though battle should be heard for hours longer. The dead grey fog fills the valley making hills like the one the group stands on look like islands to the east. Looking over the now covered country of Cyre, it seems as though something terrible has happened.

Four years have passed since the Day of Mourning. The group of adventurers now find themselves reunited in the city of Sharn due to an invitation from Ayriel. The cleric received the invitation from Lord Bren ir’Gadden to attend a remembrance of the day of Mourning at the university he often studies at. He uses this opportunity to get all of his companions from that day together again.

The event is at the highest tower of the university and the group barely arrives when a mist bursts out of a door on the balcony sending the attendees into a panic. The comrades try to calm the people and aid in their evacuation when something inside the mist attacks the party. Within moments many attendees are killed and party members wounded. The bard Quin discovers when he charges bravely into the mist that a strange gorilla like creature emanates the mist.

The group rallied and fought back against the beast and continued helping attendees escape. Commander Data launched two of the patrons down the stairs and out of harms way. The beast stood firm on the stairs and was the the victim of a Jarvix sneak attack. Enraged by the deep wound it unleashed 6 biting attacks at the rogue, and before anyone could react Jarvix lie dead on the stairs with large chunks of his body removed and spit out by the creature. The group find renewed vigor next to their dead comrade and within moments defeat the creature when War Hammer slams down on it with his weapon. The creature does not cry out at this blow, but simply vanishes into mist once again.

However, as the creature vanishes, the group sees a symbol in the dissipating mist for only a moment. It is a symbol the group saw in the ground pulsing with energy four years ago. The symbol that told them “six at the brink of the desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”

total session experience: 250 each

The Campaign Begins!

A commander of the Breland army the war forged named Data is summoned before his commanding officer. It is morning and their forces are to face off once again against the nation of Cyre. His supperior asks Data to investigate a ruined tower on hill next to where the skirmish is to take place. He expresses concern that Cyre may try to use the tower to their advantage during the upcoming battle.

Commander Data gathers some volunteers to help him with the task including two rogues(Jarvix and Albert), a traveling bard(Quin), and a freshly recruited war forged paladin(War Hammer).
They left immediately for the tower climbing the hill quickly.

Also approaching the tower, was a spy for the King’s Shadows organization by the name of Lyra. Her first real mission for the Shadows is to investigate the activity of the Green Claws in the area.

The group met the spy as she noisily climbed a tree just outside the tower. A quick agreement to collaboratively investigate the tower is made as multi-armed reptiles emerge from un-noticed hole in the tower walls and floor. The fight leads from one side of the tower to the other where Commander Data discovers a strange symbol on the floor when he steps on it to save a man shackled to the wall.

Large lizard warriors spring unseen into the fight revealing a second man shackled to another wall. The floor symbol floods Data’s mind with a misty landscape filled with screams as the rest of the group fends off the lizards. Even more reptiles burst from the floor and as Data’s vision returned a whispered voice entered his ears exclaiming, “Seven at the brink of desolation will stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”.

The group makes short work of the remaining enemies with only minor injury, then set to work on releasing the two men. The man chained inside the symbol is completely incoherent and seems to be in a permanent daze. The other man is brought to and identifies himself as Lord Bren ir’Gadden. He claims to have been kidnapped a couple of days ago after a small skirmish on the road in the valley.

*experience for session: 100 each

Welcome to the new Campaign

We are playing in the Eberron setting so this is what you need to know.

1. If it exists in the D&D world, then it has a place in Eberron. Eberron is all about using the core elements of the D&D world in new ways and interesting combinations, with some unique elements thrown in. It’s still a D&D setting, so any information for players that appears in another D&D core rulebook or supplement—from the classes and races in a Player’s Handbook to the new powers and other features in a book such as Divine Power—should fit right in to your Dungeon Master’s Eberron campaign. (Of course, your DM always has the final word about what parts of the D&D game are allowed and not allowed in the campaign.)

2. Tone and attitude. Eberron takes all the cinematic action and swashbuckling adventure of traditional D&D games and adds in a strong dose of mystery and scheming. In this campaign, stories don’t always end well, and there isn’t always a right answer to every problem. The Last War turned old allies into bitter enemies and destroyed an entire nation, leaving terrible scars behind. Crime and corruption lurk in the largest cities. Your character’s allies might become his or her enemies in the blink of an eye, and well-known agents of evil might provide assistance when it’s least expected. Hidden dragons shape the course of history. Sinister fiends influence the dreams of the unwary. An army of horrors lingers just beyond the edge of reality, struggling to break through. Nothing is exactly what it seems.

3. A world of magic. The setting supposes a world that developed not through the advancement of science, but by the mastery of magic. Magic allows for conveniences and services undreamed of in traditional medieval fantasy. Bound elemental creatures power elemental airships, rail transport, and high-speed ocean vessels. A working class of minor mages uses ritual magic to provide energy and other necessities in towns and cities. Advances in magic item creation have led to everything from self-propelled farming implements to sentient, free-willed constructs.

4. A world of adventure. From the steaming jungles of Aerenal to the colossal ruins of Xen’drik, from the towering keeps of Sharn to the blasted hills and valleys of the Demon Wastes, Eberron is a world of action and adventure. Adventures can draw your character and your allies from one exotic location to another across nations, continents, and the entire world. The quest for the Mirror of the Seventh Moon might take you from a hidden desert shrine to a ruined castle in the Shadow Marches and finally to a dungeon below the Library of Korranberg. Through the use of magical transportation, your heroes can reach a wider range of environments during an adventure, and thus deal with a diverse assortment of monsters and challenges.

5. The Last War has ended—sort of. The Last War, which plunged the continent of Khorvaire into civil war more than a century ago, ended with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold and the establishment of twelve recognized nations occupying what was once the kingdom of Galifar. At least overtly, the peace has held for just over a year as the campaign begins. The conflicts, the anger, and the bitter pain of the long war remain, however, and the new nations seek every advantage as they prepare for the next war that they believe will inevitably eventually break out on the continent.

6. The Draconic Prophecy. The dragons, long-lived and patient in all things, seek meaning in the patterns found in the world and the heavens. These patterns play out in the Prophecy, a record of things to come that has been emerging since the creation of the world. The Draconic Prophecy is as complex and unfathomable as the dragons themselves. It hints at events of doom and dread as often as it helps push the world toward exalted events. It seems to point toward transformation rather than destruction, but to most people, the Prophecy remains as alien as the dragons themselves.

7. The Five Nations. The human-dominated civilizations on the continent of Khorvaire trace a lineage to the ancient kingdom of Galifar, which was made up of five distinct regions, or nations. These were Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, and Thrane. Four of these nations survive to the present day as independent countries; Cyre was destroyed before the start of the campaign. The devastated territory it once occupied is now known as the Mournland. A common oath or exclamation among the people of Khorvaire is “By the Five Nations,” or some version thereof. The Five Nations refers to the ancient kingdom of Galifar and evokes a legendary time of peace and prosperity.

8. A world of intrigue. The war is over, and the nations of Khorvaire now try to build a new age of peace and prosperity. Ancient threats linger, however, and the world desperately needs heroes to take up the cause. Nations compete on many levels—economic might, political influence, territory, magical power—each looking to maintain or improve its current status by any means short of all-out war. Espionage and sabotage services create big business in certain circles. The dragonmarked houses, temples both pure and corrupt, crime lords, monster gangs, psionic spies, arcane universities, royal orders of knights and wizards, secret societies, sinister masterminds, dragons, and a multitude of organizations and factions jockey for position in the afterglow of the Last War. Eberron teems with conflict and intrigue.

9. Dragonmark dynasties. The great dragonmarked families are the barons of industry and commerce throughout Khorvaire and beyond. Their influence transcends political boundaries, and they remained mostly neutral during the Last War. The heads of each house, not technically citizens of any nation, live in splendor within their enclaves and emporiums located throughout Khorvaire. These dynastic houses of commerce derive their power from the dragonmarks—unique, hereditary arcane sigils—that manifest on certain individuals within the family, granting them limited but very useful magical abilities associated with the trade guilds the family controls. Dragonmarks are said to be the Prophecy written on mortal flesh—a supposition that incenses the dragons.

10. Dragonshards. Ancient legends and creation myths describe Eberron as a world in three parts: the ring above, the subterranean realm below, and the land between. Each of these world sections is tied to a great dragon of legend—Siberys, Khyber, and Eberron, respectively. Each section of the world produces dragonshards, stones and crystals imbued with arcane power. With the aid of dragonshards, dragonmarks become more powerful, elementals are controlled and harnessed, and magic items of all sorts are crafted and shaped. These shards, however, are rare and difficult to come by, making them expensive and often the goals of great quests and adventures.


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