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Whats next, demonic Gnolls?


The group reentered the vault beneath the Abby.   The walls of the tomb were found covered with images of Minotaurs.    When the group passed through the first chamber and into the next, they were greeted by three Minotaurs who warned them to leave the vault.   The Minotaurs claimed that the vaults were theirs, and that the group had no right to invade the space.   Thom explained that they only needed to find a relic of human descent and would not take or damage anything else.   The three Minotaurs decided that they would let their leader Leralix decide what to do with the group.   

Leralix, a robed Minotaur greeted the group with similar suspicions and agreed to let the group find their relic if they would kill a group of Gnolls that had unjustly laid claim to the vault.   The group agreed and were led by the Minotaurs to a door, where they were told that the Gnolls were.

The group entered the door, which led them to a darkened room with a second door on the opposite side.   The whole group minus Sir Oakley began to sneak up to the second door.  Oakley assured them that he would not be part of a sneak attack.  Gloomhollow opened the door and saw that there were three visible Gnolls and a campfire across the room.   Thom dug into his pack and produced a glass vial of oil.  He threw the vial of oil at the camp fire and it exploded in a large circle of flame.   Thom threatened in a menacing tone that the Gnolls better leave or face consequences.  Archemenos added  a menacing laugh to the threat.   The Gnolls though shaken a bit pulled their weapons and prepared for the threat.  

Archemenos summoned a copy of himself into the room who launched a ball of energy into the middle of the enemies.   The group of gnolls began a chorus of barking and howling then two of the Gnolls with an unnatural evil look in their eyes charged Thom and Gloomhollow.   The gaze of the Gnolls dazed the two of them forcing them to look away.   Azrukal turned into energy and passed through the two evil Gnolls.  Three more of the Gnolls charged  into closer fights with Azrukal and Gloomhollow.   Gloomhollow focused onto the Gnoll she could stand to look at and slashed it wickedly.  Thom followed her lead and stabbed at the evil creature.   Oakley could not take being at the back of a fight with evil and charged out of the room calling the wrath of the silver flame through his sword and onto the Gnoll.  

Archemenos waited for his chance to attack most effectively while Azrukal Blasted the four nearby Gnolls back and away from his companions, leaving one dead.   Archemenos saw his chance and exploded his mote on the three Gnolls.  He then followed up with a psychic blast that left two of them dead.  
The remaining Gnoll continued his wild barking and charged Gloomhollow.  The doors to the south of the room burst open and four more Gnolls joined the combat.  Three of them charged into Gloomhollow and Azrukal.  Thom, focused onto the last remaining Gnoll from the first group and with a keen strike left it dead.   The fourth gnoll, dressed in robes, launched a strange pink energy that controlled Oakley who attacked Thom and Gloomhollow knocking her out.    

Archemenos again launched a mote into the middle of the enemies and then created the image of beautiful shining sword beside the Gnolls.   Azrukal blasted the three nearest opponents and moved back away from the front lines.  One of the Gnolls went to investigate the shiny sword and gave his back to an attack from Oakley.   The other attacked Thom and drew some of his bardic blood.   Thom brought Gloomhollow back to the fight with some encouraging words and slashed the Gnoll who had dared touch him.  Oakley lent healing prayers to Thom, and stabbed the Gnoll Thom had struck killing it.  
The robed Gnoll retreated away from the ball of energy and again controlled Oakley, who missed Azrukal, but slashed Thom.  

Archemenos exploded the mote damaging Gloomhollow and the nearest Gnoll, and then blasted the robed Gnoll knocking him down.  Azrukal followed suit and shot the robed Gnoll.   Regaining her feet, Gloomhollow charged the robed Gnoll, and left him dead from her lightning quick strikes.   Thom coordinated his attack with Oakley gaining a flanking position.  The two of them attacked the final enemy and it could not withstand the onslaught.  

The group searched the two rooms, finding many valuable items buried inside garbage piles.  Thom noticed something unusual about a wall to the south of the second room and with a hard shove, opened a passage into a room that must have closed for a century.   Inside, the group discovered a sitting demon statue with amber eyes, and a bowl in its lap.  When they entered the room, the bowl lit up with fire.  Azrukal boldly walked up and pried a gem stone eye free despite the fire in the bowl flaring up and burning him.  None wiser was Archemenos who witnessed his companion get burned and decided to retrieve the other eye.  

On the far side of the hidden chamber, the group passed through another hidden door, and met again Leralix inside his chambers.  Leralix was caught off guard and was pleased when the group presented several minotaur artifacts they had found, and the head of the robed Gnoll as proof of their destruction.
He  in turn offered the group a few objects of value and asked them to help him once more.  He claimed that a demon existed inside the vault that had kept them from getting rid of the Gnolls, and he wished that they would destroy it as well.  Oakley agreed to vanquish the evil immediately and the group joined in his decision.  

Total experience per player for session: 520

Thom, "Lord of the Orcs"

Gloomhollow charged into the room before the rivals could react and found herself surrounded for her rash advance.  The rest of the group scrambled as the rivals quickly advanced and cornered them under a storm of attacks.   Melicia pulled out a card from the deck of many things and Azrukal followed suit.  Gloomhollow earned the admiration of a watching deity and found her body increase in size two fold.   Despite her new size, she found herself unconscious and Thom bringing her back.   

The group quickly took out Melicia and received a vicious response from the rivals, knocking out Gloomhollow again, and Azrukal.   The fight continued back and forth until with the last ounce of strength, the group defeated the rivals final standing member an elven spell caster.  

Azrukal quickly rifled through the foes pockets and found another four cards for his deck.  Gloomhollow found and claimed Bakrosh’s chest full of treasures, while Thom discovered two more cards inside a secret compartment inside Bakrosh’s throne.   Azrukal demanded that Thom give the cards to him.   Thom palmed the cards away and using his bardic magic, created two forgery copies that he handed over.  

Thom’s sending stone activated and Kaeles told them that Oakley had updated him on the situation.  Kaeles told Thom to take control of the surrendering orcs by removing Bakrosh’s head and proclaiming that he had defeated him.  
Thom threw open the nearest window and declaired to the grounds below that he was the new leader.  

Thom, Gloomhollow and Archemenos went down to the captured orcs and held a improved conversation with lord Padrig.  The conversation was brief and led to the release of the Orcs sealed with a blood oath hand shake.  The orcs beaten and somewhat confused seemed to accept the new leader and once released began to rebuild their destroyed camp.  

Azrukal and Gloomhollow transported their prisoners back to Shavalant with Padrig and Oakley, while Thom with Archemenos took residence in his new house, Bakrosh’s keep.   During the evening, the Orc council met with Thom to arrange talks concerning the future of the tribe.   Promising that war and glory was in the future, Thom agreed to the discussions that would take place the next day.

The next morning started early for Azrukal and Gloomhollow who once again boarded the cart behind the smelly, and now bug infested Secretariate.   They traveled directly to the Abby and were joined by the now rested Thom and Archemenos.   The group was surprised at how much the orcs had accomplished over night their camp was near completely restored.  

They traveled again to the top of the hill and began their final push toward clearing the evil by entering the Gnolls hidden vault.  

Total experience per player for session: 682

The orcs must fall

Azrukal tried the door at the top of the tower stairs.   When he pressed to open, he heard a cracking sound that he couldn’t identify.   The sound was followed by a voice from the other side inviting them to come inside.   Azrukal and Archemenos both pushed hard on the door and with much effort, it opened with a loud crack sound.   The group found that the doors backside was covered with ice.   In front of them they saw what looked to be a frost covered laboratory with several frozen figures held in large blocks of ice.   Lying on top of tables were four dead bodies and at the end of the room stood a old man in robes who welcomed the group into the room telling them it would keep the safe.   

Azrukal talked with the old man, and discovered that he intended to keep the group in the lab by freezing them.  The bodies on the table animated and the old man began shooting icy spells across the room.   The battle was hard fought, and the group dispatched the 4 dead beings and the old man.   

Azrukal acted upon his instincts and was directed to a card from the deck of many things inside one of the blocks of ice.   While he melted it out of its icy case, Archemenos liberated the old mans staff from his cold dead hands.  

Oakley removed a sending stone from his armor and called Lord Padrig to inform him that the tower was empty.   Within thirty minutes, Padrig emerged from the overgrown areas nearby with 75 mercenaries.  He called a planning meeting inside the tower with the group and Oakley.  

Padrig called upon the group to provide leadership to the hired swords in various ways.  First he asked Gloomhollow to silently clear the Abby walls of remaining guards.   Then asked Archemenos to lead a group of 15 ranged specialists on the walls to support the ground forces.   Azrukal volunteered to lead the ground forces through Gardmore village.  Finally, Padrig asked Oakley to tend to the injured.   

Gloomhollow wasted little time before setting off to the ruined area of wall nearest to the tower.  She found the ruined area guarded by a lone but vigilant guard.   She timed he jump which so that she reached the top right when the guard turned away.   The guard hadn’t a chance to notice when Gloomhollow looped a thin wire around his neck from behind and his head left his shoulders.  

The assassin continued down the walls sticking to the shadows.  The next guard she came upon was in conversation with someone below.  Gloomhollow called upon shadowy arts and extinguished a nearby torch.  The guard ended his conversation and went to investigate.   As he looked up to relight the torch, what felt like a gentle breeze came up behind him and Gloomhollow simultaneously slit the guards throat and executed a rolling throw launching the guard off of the outer side of the wall to his death.  

Gloomhollow approached the gate house and saw one final guard.  This Orc sat eating a bowl of stew.  She lept over the side of the wall and hand over hand made her way past the guard and on top of the gate building a full 12 feet above the eating man.  She brought forth her massive great sword and dropped down swinging the blade onto the orcs head, cleaving the head and bowl in half.
Gloomhollow tiptoed into the gate house and waited for the attack horn to sound.  

Archemenos sent an elf scout up to the top of the wall with a rope which made getting the 14 other men and himself up the wall easier, while Azrukal led his 50 men up to where the path split ready to invade the village.  

 Padrig sounded the horn for the attack. Gloomhollow’s blade swung in a massive arc that severed the gate rope dropping the gate and locking the orcs inside.  Azrukal told his men to spread out and march forward.   From on top of the wall Archmenos could see that a group of orcs was going to get by the troops and ordered his men to stop them.  
The orcs screams alerted Azrukal, who sent some men to dispatch them.  
Azrukal’s  men continued to work their way through the Orc camp.   

Archemenos spotted a group of ogres moving up on one flank.  Archemenos launched a massive static mote that blew half of the ogres to bits.  Ground forces scrambled to contain the remaining enemies.   Archemenos noticed the smoke coming from the Orc encampment first.   Within moments, Azrukal could not see ten feet in front of him.   He used a shot of energy to clear a path in front of himself, but it did not reveal the flanking Orcs on each side.   Archemenos could not see anything below.  

Scuffling feet brought Gloomhollow’s attention to the other side of the gate house.   Ten orcs charged down the wall towards her.   Gloomhollow summoned a duplicate assassin and flanked the orcs killing two of them.  Archemenos noticed the fight and four of his men shot a volley of arrows into the gate house, each finding it victim.  The orcs reached Gloomhollow and she proved to be to quick for their attacks.  A moment later she and her assassin finished off the last of them.  

Noises from outside the wall drew Archemenos’s focus.   His archers made little work of the escapees.   

Inside the smoke, Azrukal urged his men to press onward through the blinding smoke.  The orcs charged in and he urged his men to split half to the left and and half to the right.  Azrukal launched arcane lightning blindly into the smoke.   Many mercenaries screamed out in death before the smoke cleared.   He rallied his men on past the village toward the gate.  

First to notice something was Gloomhollow.  She noticed a tree with a face begin to move down the hillside.  Archemenos saw it when a massive man like body broke free of the tree line.   Azrukal however noticed something when he felt the ground tremble in a repetitive fashion.   His eyes followed from what looked like two moving boulders up to the top of a giants head thirty feet tall.  

The giants presence brought a roar of confidence from the retreating orcs in the gate area.  The giant turned and raised a club the size of a medium tree above his head and roared at Azrukal.  He shouted out orders to the mercenaries as their confidence began to waver.   The club came down with a mighty whoosh slam.   Azrukal dodged and two of his men were not so lucky.  Gloomhollow ran over to a ballista on the wall and struggled to figure out the mechanism while Archemenos and his ranged force peppered the massive creature with wounds.  Azrukal regained his composure long enough to shoot the giant with his magic doing little to slow its attack.  

The giant raised his club again and brought it down hard onto the scrambling mercenaries killing another.  Gloomhollow pulled a latch free and a wooded bolt the size of a small tree embedded in the giants stomach.   The giant roared and pulled the bolt free of his stomach and threw it down.   Archemenos continued his psionic blitz and Azrukal his offensive retreat.  

Gloomhollow used all of her power to lift a new bolt onto the ballista and ready it.  The giant swung it’s club and dispatched a couple more mercenaries.  The ballista launched and buried into the giants shoulder causing him to drop his club.   Archemenos and Azrukal continued to blast the giant with wounds.  

The giant forgoing his club switched his attack to his feet.  Archemenos could see the giant raise his foot to smash Azrukal and blasted the giant in the face.  The giant wavered for a moment and his grounded leg buckled falling away from Azrukal.   The giants impact on the ground hopped Azrukal 2 inches off of the ground.   

Azrukal charged his men into the gate area and found lord Padrig charging up as well.  Padrig set the mercenaries to capturing the surrendering orcs and charged the group to find the leader of the orcs.  

The group scanned the orcs and did not see Bakrosh.  Azrukal decided that the three of them should check the stronghold.   They ran over and found that the entrance was slightly open.  Inside, the group came upon a retinue if dead orcs with fresh wounds.  Climbing the stairs to the throne chamber, they came upon a closed door with whispering beyond.   

Azrukal threw open the door and before him, in the middle of a ring of dead guards lay Bakrosh dead with wounds seeping and his body still twitching.    From out of alcoves around the room Melicia and her group including the captain of the guard stepped.   Melicia said very little other than she knew Azrukal had cards, and he was to give them up or die.  

Total experience per player for session: 1130

Archemenos Says Goodbye

Oakley tried prayer to help the afflicted Zandrian Velferren with no success.  He hefted the eladrin onto his shoulder and began to descend the tower.   Thom pop’ed out of the void suddenly and saw that he was at the top of the tower, and his companions were leaving.   He decided to help Azrukal down the stairs by pulling him down by the tail.   Azrukal cursed his mutated form.   

When the group found their way back to the fount of Vol, Berrian met them and revived his father with a drink from the fountain.   He, his father and sister shared a tearful reunion and thanked the group.   Azrukal gladly accepted a drink of the enchanted water which returned his form back to normal and cured his disease.   Berrian gave the group a sword that he had found before they had left and continued to prepare for the up coming conflict.  

The group moved quickly across the village and toward the tower.  Just before the tower, Oakley made them aware that he felt the presence of a sacred vessel inside a ruined garrison.   Gloomhollow and Azrukal quietly approached the tower and were greeted by a ghostly form telling them to leave.   Thom decided to use the crown to speak to the ghost.  However, he reached a unseen dead man named Vandomar.  The dead man was obviously crazy and claimed to be in the nearby tower.   He promised them that he could help them enter the building and would love to have them as guests.   The group decided to move on and come back later, but Oakley pleaded to enter.  He claimed that the up coming conflict could cause the vessel to become lost again.   

Oakley opened the door, and the sword at his hip glowed for a moment as an invisible enchantment left the entrance.  The ghost behind them hissed and attacked.  The ghost was joined by two others and a beastly looking demon.   Azrukal, Thom, Oakley and Gloomhollow all four found their enemies as targets of their offense.  Archemenos was not so lucky as he pointed his staff at the demon and shot Azrukal instead.   The ghosts invaded Thom’s and Oakley’s minds making them attack Azrukal.  Archemenos tried to use his orb, but could not stop focusing on his staff, and He blasted the demon to the ground.  

Gloomhollow, Thom, and Oakley continued their assault while Azrukal recovered from the staffs effect.   The demon recovered and charged while the ghosts continued their chilling touches.  Archemenos again tried to use his orb, and this time was able to focus long enough to send a psychokinetic blast that knocked one ghost and the demon to the ground.  

Azrukal recovered and turned into pure energy and launched through the four enemies.  Gloomhollow dropped one of the ghosts,  Oakley and Thom chipped away at the wraiths defenses.  Archemenos attempted to use his orb and the staff had different plans and launched a blast that nearly hit Azrukal again.   The demon slammed Oakley and the ghosts attacked Thom and Oakley again.  

Azrukal shot a chaotic blast into a ghost and is vanished into vapor.  First Thom then Gloomhollow slashed the last ghost and all that was left was mist.   Oakley turned his attention to the demon and damaged it badly.  The demon charged at Archemenos and slammed him like a rag doll twice into the ground and followed with a double fist strike leaving him unconscious.   

Azrukal blasted the demon, while Gloomhollow and Oakley each took their toll.  Thom looked at the unconscious Archemenos and instead of healing him, tried to take the staff from his hand.  The tieflings hand even in sleep held fast to the staff.   Thom raised pumpkin cleaver over his head and brought it down hard onto the staff which though unharmed flew 10 feet out of Archemenos’s hand.   The air above the staff began to waver as if they were looking at a mirage.   Thom said a quick prayer that brought Archemenos’s eyes open.  

Azrukal, Gloomhollow, and Oakley focused all of their efforts on the demon, and killed the abomination.   The demon’s heavy body hit the floor, and on the other side of it the group witnessed a portal open over the staff.   Inside the portal, a robed figure looked curiously at the staff.  Archemenos got to his feet and fought with himself to not grab the staff.  The rest of the group began yelling at him to leave it.  Archemenos inched toward the staff and stopped.  "I don’t need the staff to show my power.", he declaired.  

The robed creature reached a scaled three fingered hand through the portal and grasped the staff then drew it back through.   Archemenos sneered and opened his clenched fist revealing a ball of psychokinetic energy.  He launched the ball into the portal as it closed.   Quiet enveloped the group as no sound was made by his spell.  Archemenos stood looking at where his beloved staff had been seconds before.   Only a second passed and a new portal opened, the scaled hand clenched the staff as the creature lay dying.  Archemenos took in the sight for a moment.   The staff could of been his again.  Without a word, he turned his back on it as the portal closed.  

Thom looked around the room and gathered three metal sword from concrete statues.  In the back of the garrison, the group discovered a chest with four slits in the front of it.   They placed the three swords from the room in the slots and added the one that Berrian had given them.  The chest opened and with a blinding flash, they found the brazier of Silver flame.   Oakley wrapped the brazier in a soft cloth from his pack and placed the vessel inside.   

The group continued to the tower and Gloomhollow scouted ahead finding the doors broken and the room beyond containing chaotic magic, and a large shape under a bloodied cloth.   The group followed up by entering the ground floor chamber.  Azrukal approached the bloodied cloth and pulled it off of what looked to be a mass of patched together flesh with a once beautiful woman’s head on top.  The creature stood up and  acted.  

Azrukal, Archemenos, Thom, and Oakley each assaulted the creature.  Thom found a hidden focal point of magic energies and was left damaged.  The golem bellowed loudly and charged through the group flailing wildly and throttling them all.   Gloomhollow, now face to face with the golem, attacked it just before two gargoyles outside flew down and clawed at her.  

Azrukal reposition himself and blasted the three enemies outside and into the courtyard.   Thom and Oakley maneuvered to attack positions and laid into the gargoyles.   The golem slammed Gloomhollow, who directed her focus to the gargoyle nearest her.   Archemenos fell back and activated another hidden Magic spot.   The gargoyles flew into the building and slashed at Gloomhollow and Oakley.  

Azrukal moved back defending against the gargoyle and blasted the golem with energy.  Thom and Oakley each drew blood from the golem, while Archemenos used his power to force the foes to the ground.   The golem stood back up enraged and pummeled Oakley leaving him unconscious.   Thom’s instincts acted and he revived Oakley.   Gloomhollow swung and missed the golem as the gargoyles again flew out and attacked both Archemenos’s illusion, and Azrukal.  

Azrukal retreated across the room and bounce a bolt of energy through the gargoyles.   Thom and Oakley continued to hack away at the massive lump of flesh.  Archemenos’s magic ripped into the golem.  The golem slammed Thom and left him at his knees.   Gloomhollow again attempted to damage the golem and failed.   The gargoyles advanced again attacking Archemenos and Gloomhollow.    

Azrukal blasted the nearest gargoyle and it crumbled into rubble.  Archemenos followed suit by shattering the other gargoyle.  The group now felt the sway of the fight swing their way as they surround the golem, and pelted it with magic and melee, leaving a lump of bloodied mush on the ground.   Archemnos took a moment to survey the room for magic and found five total magic focal spots active and warned the group.  Azrukal recovered a scroll from the floor and Archemenos revealed that it was a ward canceling spell.   

The group mounted the stairs to the second floor and came upon a closed door at the top.  

Total experience per player for session: 820



The group stared in horror at the massive eye ball covered creature spoke in a low gutteral  tone.  Only Azrukal understood that the creature could sense the cards on him, and intended to take them.   The beholders tentacles began to glow with energy and Gloomhollow reacted by attacking the nearest abomination to her.  Though her strike was true, the fiend vanished and reappeared next to Azrukal.   Azrukal blasted the beholder and Oakley charged across the room to slice the creature.   The massive creature then blasted Azrukal and Oakley with two different colored rays.  Archemenos held his staff lovingly and readied to blast the beholder and found himself admiring the weapon when the magic was unleashed hitting Azrukal instead and stunning him.   The abominations lurched across the room and attacked the nearest enemies with little success.   A far realm magic focused in three areas of the room and was drawn to those close by.   Oakley found himself inside the magic  and a piece of the floor jutted up 20 feet in the air.   At Gloomhollow’s feet, paralyzing goo came up from the floor.   Under  Archemenos strange tentacles burst from the floor and attacked him missing.   

During the next few seconds,  Gloomhollow, attacked another abomination and knocked it out,  Azrukal recovered from being stunned,  Oakley again left a gash in the creature, and the beholder blasted Gloomhollow and Oakley.   Archemenos decided that putting his staff down might be a good idea, and could not bring himself to drop it.   He readied his orb, but found the staff held his attention and he launched a blast at Gloomhollow barely missing her.  The remaining wretches attacked and the chaotic magic continued to be unpredictable.  

Gloomhollow summoned her shadow assassin and attacked the beholder twice, before Azrukal pushed himself to the limit blasting the creature twice with chaotic magic.  Azrukal realized to late that his body was still unstable from the far realm magic affliction.  His physical form twisted and he again found himself a two headed merman with a claw and tenticle for arms.   Oakley again sliced into the beholder as it blasted he and Gloomhollow with withering rays.  Archemenos held his orb up, tore his gaze from his staff and dominated the beholder sending it floating across the room.   The remaining wretches attacked for what it was worth, and the magic shifted and brought more chaos.  

The fight continued with the group giving everything they had to beat the beholder.  When it died, it melted into the floor, declaring that it was not beaten, and still existed else where.   Where the body had been, a small backpack remained on the floor.   Azrukal slithered over to it and reached his tentacle inside.  His new arm extended a full four feet into the one foot backpack proving that magic was involved.   His arm flailed around and he found nothing.  He wished that he had found more cards, and three cards appeared in his suction cups.  

Groaning caught the groups attention.  Two of the fallen wretches, transformed, one into a human and one into an elf.  The human barely regained his normal appearance before aging into dead seconds later.   The elf however, transformed back and a couple of grey hair joined his blonde locks.  The elf groaned for someone to help him.

Total experience per player for session:  600

A Taste of the Far Realm


The group approached the tower and noticed a lone wooden door that acted as an entrance.  Azrukal approached the door and it and the wall around it wavered as if a pebble had been dropped into a puddle.   He grasped the handle and the door held without even moving a single bit.    Archemenos created an illusion of himself and tried the door.  The illusion having no substance grasped at the handle unsuccessfully.   Gloomhollow stepped up and grabbed the door handle and pulled, she might as well tried to move a mountain by grasping one of its stones.   Azrukal tried to figure out what kind of magic was involved in keeping the door closed.   He discovered that the door was not real, and was a psychic manifestation.   

Thom came stomping up the wooded path to the tower, and saw the wavering effect next to Azrukal.  He asked if Azrukal had tried using the cards on the wall.  Azrukal gritted his teeth and pulled out the box of cards and held one to the wall and a portal opened.  The group stepped through and into what seemed to be a room made of and alien organic material.    The walls pulsed and the floor seemed unstable.   In the middle of the room was a pit with a bridge made out of what looked like two of Azrukal’s cards.  On the far side of the room was a door with the same card back design.  

Gloomhollow crossed the bridge and Thom right behind her.  However before Thom reached the other side the bridge under him animated and slid up to the sides of the pit becoming a translucent blob.   Thom scrambled to grab the side and fell flat on his back in a shallow black liquid.  Gloomhollow slashed the goop as small black globs floated out of the pit and attacked her.   Thom jumped to his feet and then using a grappling hook and rope ascended out of the slippery wall of the pit just before the black liquid formed into a large black blob and ascended out of the pit and attacked Oakley.    Archemenos conjured a duplicate of himself across the pit.   The translucent globs lashed at Oakley and Gloomhollow.   Oakley responded with a swing and a miss.  

The floor under Gloomhollow shifted her towards the pit and she grabbed the side of the pit and pulled herself up again, and stuck the glop nearest her.   The small black blobs attacked again hitting Gloomhollow, and Azrukal. Thom slipped into the pit but grabbed the wall and attacked the translucent glob that stood over him at the edge.  Azrukal blasted all but one of the small black globs into oblivion, and threw the big black glob into the pit again.   The large glob climbed out again and attacked Oakley.   Archemenos lovingly caressed his magic staff before raising it above his head and causing the floor to stretch up and smash the large blob knocking it senseless.   The translucent blobs attacked both Gloomhollow and Azrukal.  Oakley slashed the large glop and screamed at the vile creature.  

Gloomhollow struck the translucent glob next to her with a lightning quick strike.  The remaining small blob attacked Gloomhollow bringing her close to unconsciousness. Thom hit the translucent glob and healed Gloomhollow’s wounds.   Azrukal turned into a being of pure energy and zapped through the large glob, and the translucent blob killing it.   The large blob shook off the effects of Archemenos’s staff.  The staff called out for more life force and Archemenos again used the staff on the glob, this time pinning it to the ceiling with the raising floor the feeling of power filled his being.    Two small black globs fell off of the large one and landed next to Archemenos.  Oakley attacked the large glob again and another small blob fell off.   

Gloomhollow hit the translucent glob and Thom followed suit causing the gob to explode.  Azrukal slipped into pit, but caught the edge then called upon chaotic magic launching bolts into the small globs and dispatching all but one.  The final small glop burned Archemenos again with its acidic flesh.  Archemenos found himself to close to the edge of the pit and slipped in landing on his pride.     The large creature again recovered from the staff and Archemenos, and slipped into the pit and grabbed ahold of the tiefling the pain nearly knocked him out.    Oakley sense the danger and jumped into the pit and charged the large blob.   Gloomhollow fell into the pit and found herself face to face with the black glob.  Thom jumped into the pit aiming for a small glob and bringing all of his weight down with his sword and calling upon healing powers to aid the psion.   Archemenos blasted the large glob with a  psychic blast, but the creature held on.  The creature again burned into his flesh with acid.  Oakley killed the small glob next to him and Gloomhollow stabbed into the creature a final time as it melted away into a black liquid.   

The group looked around the chamber briefly before exiting through the card door on the opposite side.   The door closed behind them and the found themselves still inside what looked like the inside of the tower, though the ceiling  was one of a clear star filled sky.  The walls of the tower flowed up into the sky and small black globs beside them floated up and into the stars.  Gloomhollow jumped up and attempted to grab a hold of the wall, but her grasp failed her.   Thom grabbed the walls and held on as he floated free from the wall holding a piece of the former structure and vanished into the night sky.   Azrukal grabbed at the wall and like Gloomhollow could not find is grip.  Archemenos observed the room to sense magic, and magic was all that he found.   

Oakley reached out as a small black glob went by and floated into the night sky.  The other three followed his lead and all found themselves floating through the night sky.   Relying on instinct alone the group found that they could control their direction with their will.    Thom focused on a star he recognized and vanished, followed by Archemenos and Gloomhollow.   Oakley struggled to find his way, as did Azrukal.   Oakley focused on a the star of his deity and vanished.   

Azrukal found himself alone in an endless void his companions were gone he was alone, over and over he tried to find his companions with out success.   His body began to morph into a ghastly abomination.  Starting with his hand turning into a yellow tentacle, followed by him growing a second head.  He then lost his other arm as it became a crab like claw that squeezed the opposite head and he felt pain in the first head.   Lastly, his legs became a mermaids tail that smelled of salt water though he floated in space.   His mind failing, he somehow found himself still in space, but with his companions.   They were shocked by his appearance, but had no time to comment as the stars around them turned into thousands of cards.   Eventually, three of the cards grew larger and presented themselves.  Oakley floated over towards them and vanished followed by the rest of the group.   

The group rubbed their eyes and found themselves inside the tower again.  The circular room contained four suits of armor that within a moment ripped apart like paper revealing fiendish looking humanoids.   But what really shocked the group was what was floating behind them.  A large living orb covered with tentacles tipped with an eye, and staring from the center of the orb single larger eye.

Total experience per player for session: 875 (17268 Level 9)

Melicia, found

The group received a letter from Berrian, and left to return to the village.  The group made their way back past the spiders, and Bakrosh’s keep and onto the gate house.   Approaching the gate house, sounds of a fight entered their ears just as a massive ogre stepped into view holding a rock the size of a man over his head and launched it into a dwarf knocking him to the ground.  A second later, a human woman dressed in full plate armor slammed her shield into the ogre and barely moved it.   The women looked up at the group and screamed for them to help her.  

The group responded by charging in and attacking the ogre suffering many return blows from enormous creature.  Orcs rallied as the other adventurers moved to the center of the area, and before they could react retreated from the combat leaving the group to deal with the orcs.   

The group moved as if of one mind, Archemenos placing a psychic bomb behind the orcs, Thom moved in and dispatched the ogre, while Azrukal blasted the three of the four remaining enemies onto the bomb as it exploded and left all but one of the orcs dead.   Archemenos blasted the final orc, and Thom ran it through to end the fight.   

The group ran out after the fleeing adventures and found the several hundred feet away mounting horses.  Thom’s gut told him something was strange about the human female.  Archemenos excalimed the name Melicia, the missing citadel agent that Kaeles had sent them out to find.   Thom wrote a note and gave it to his sprite who managed to smuggle the message into one of the adventurers backpacks before returning to him.  

The group made a quick search of the immediate area, and then proceeded to travel back to the village, reaching it just after nightfall.   They immediately called for Lord Padrig and told him about the Barrian , Bakrosh, and the coming attack.  Padrig puts plans in place immediately, asking the group to travel back into the Abby village and take control of the eastern tower.  

Padrig said that he would be recruiting as many local mercenaries as he could, and he would lead an attack from the eastern tower the following afternoon.   He gave Thom a letter to take to Berrian asking for his help in the attack.   The group left his offices and went to the tavern.  

At the tavern, the group came upon the group of adventurers that had retreated from the battle.   Thom went over to the table and bartered for information concerning the where abouts of Melicia.   The dwarf was greedy and answered all of Thom’s questions except where his employer was.   He said the group them had been hired by her and they had been exploring the Abby.  

Azrukal went to bed while Thom and Archemenos went to visit sir Oakley.  They asked him to accompany them to the Abby again and let him know about the pending Orc and mercenary attack.  He agreed to help and to meet them before first light.  

The group woke the next day to find Oakley indeed waiting for them with Secretariate.  They immediately traveled to the Abby, disguising Oakley on the way.  Thom gave his sprite the note from Padrig and it returned minutes later with a thank you letter and a card from the strange deck.  The group directed themselves to the watch tower next to Barrian, however found themselves lost on the way when they came across 5 lovely nymphs floating over a small pool of water.   

The nymphs asked the group to play a game with them.  The game was to reveal secrets about themselves that their group would not know.  Thom stepped up and declaired that he wished to eventually become a noble pirate and lead a rebellion of war forged in Sharn.  Archemenos revealed the shame he felt when he had murdered enemy children during the war.  Oakley claimed that he had continued to pose as a paladin even during a period when he had lost faith in the silver flame.   Finally, after much prodding, Azrukal admitted that he coveted a secret item and it was important enough that he would not stand to lose it.   In return, the nymphs told the group that more cards were at the top of the Abby guarded by a big lizard, Barrian’s father had lived in the Abby and resided in the watch tower, and that Melicia could be found dealing with the orcs today.  

The group ended the game, the nymphs released them from the area, and they made it to Barrian.   He said that he would aid in the attack be drawing attention of the orcs away from the mercenary force.  When hearing what the nymphs said about his father he became very excited and offered the group a drink from the fountain of the silver flame behind him.   He warned them that both physical and mental benefits would occur.  

Archemenos drank and a vision of the Abby being constructed as if time was flying by.   Thom drank and saw a fleet of airships take off from Shavalant with the whole village waving goodbye.   Oakley drank and witnessed a paladin of the silver flame save a house full of orphans from fire during an Orc attack. Last, Azrukal began to walk away and Thom cupped some of the water and threw it into his face.   His vision blurred and he found himself falling through a cloud with other blurry humanoids falling in front of him.   When he awoke, Berrian lifted him up and apologized saying he had almost fallen face first into the ground.  

Total experience per player for session: 915

The gardens of Gardmore


The group decided to address the fey presence first.  They plunged into the over grown garden area of the Abby.  Immediately the group noticed the thick silk on the trees and floor of the garden that let them know the spiders were nearby.  Carefully Archemenos and Gloomhollow  inched their way past the webs barely avoiding the notice of the spiders.   Thom found that observing what he knew about the spiders he was able to distract them with local prey.  Azrukal subtly used his magic to scare off spiders in his path.  

Leaving the spiders behind the group decided to go towards a ruined bell tower rather than deal with owl bears inside an old cottage.   Upon reaching the bell tower, a Eladrin maiden burst from the thick woods.  Behind her a large six legged cat caught up with her and lashed her unconscious.

The group sprang into action.  Gloomhollow charged up to the Eladrin and received a lash from a living plant.  She picked up the prone lady and moved her away from the attacker.   The cat losing its lunch, turned and charged her slapping her twice and leaving her unconscious.   Azrukal blasted the large cat with an explosion of magic, and Archemenos conjured a duplicate of himself which slammed the cat with a blast of mental energy.  The side of the tower exploded outward as the group realized the living plant could move.  It charged at Thom and Azrukal with flailing vines.  Azrukal to used his chaotic powers to avoid the fury of the plant creature and vanishing and leaving a painful arcane present.   Thom revitalized Gloomhollow and struck at the massive cat, but only hit air. 

Gloomhollow stood up and conjured a shadowy being that flanked the cat, both of them struck the  beast.  Azrukal assumed a form of pure energy and shot through both enemies in an instant.   The cat lashed at both Thom and Gloomhollow, the later again damaged.    The plant flailed about damaging Azrukal and felling Gloomhollow.  Archemenos raised his beloved staff and boulders launched from the ground knocking the plant creature unconscious.  Thom again brought Gloomhollow back to conscious and followed by landing a blow that left the cat vanished in a puff of ether.   

Gloomhollow and her shadowy reflection successfully damaged the plant again, while Azrukal blasted chlorophyll chunks off the remaining creature.   The creature struggled to regain its senses while Thom landed another blow with the pumpkin cleaver, it’s blade savored the tAste of the enemy.  Archemenos again hoisted his staff and slammed the plant with flying rocks.  Gloom hollow acted again and the plant withered to the ground.  

Thom woke the Eladrin women and she said that her name was Analastra.  She beckoned the group to follow her and meet her brother.   The group followed her past her past the owl bear cottage and into a central garden plaza.   In the center of the area was a fountain in front of which stood a Eladrin male.  The Eladrin said his name was Barrian Velferan thanked the group for saving his sister, and asked that they help him find out information about his lost birth father.  The group agreed to help provided he could help them defend Shavalant from the orcs.  He agreed to if the group could convince Lord Padrig to honor his Abby claims.  

The group set out to investigate for information that could help Barrian, and started with the owl bear cottage.   Barrian informed them that displacer beasts were  natural predators of owl bears.   Thom decided that a less violent approach would be the best way to handle the bears.  Archemenos used his psychic energies to create an illusion of a displacer, and Thom drew upon his observance to coach the animation of the image.   Azrukal did his best vocal imitation of the displacer, and Gloomhollow slip up to the cottage and entered once the owl bears had been scared out.  

Inside the cottage, Gloomhollow discovered an old journal from a grounds keeper.   The journal discussed the life of the keeper, including his interaction with an Eladrin man living at the Abby.  

When the group showed the journal to Barrian, he asked them to show the journal to Padrig to prove his claims.  

Total experience per player for session: 1140

An audience with Bakrosh

The group finished searching the tomb and made their way back to the crypt entrance. As they mounted the stairs, an open door caught Archemenos’s eye. He realized that when they had come through the room before, they had never entered the room to the north. Azrukal opened the door the rest of the way and stepped over a skeleton. The room had arcane scorch marks all over the walls and arrows that were not only modern design, but made of wood only days old. To the north east corner, the group found an empty iron box laying next to a open sarcophagus. Azrukal pulled out his pile of found cards and sized them to the box. The box while not a perfect fit, seemed like a very appropriate place to hold them. He placed them inside and hid them deep into his robes again.

Upon reaching the surface, the group was caught off guard finding that the sun was just beginning to rise. Oakley to the vessel they had found and asked the group to search for the other two while he studied this one. The group agreed and Oakley left promising to take Secretariate with him back to the village.

Thom’s robes began to make sounds and he pulled out the Rhesh sending stone. Rhesh proclaimed that he had just spoke with Bakrosh and was very angry that the group had not met with him yet. He claimed that Bacrosh was going to attack the village that night and did not need their help. Thom promised that they would meet with the Orc leader before the day was through.

The group true to Thom’s word traveled through the gate house and down to the ruined village. Thom decided he should pose as a prisoner of the group before they were confronted by a large group of Orc guards. After some belligerent conversation, the orcs decided to test the groups allegiance claims by having a Amalorkar contest in the ruined village square. Minus only the largest of opponents, the group demolished the orcs 5 to 1, gaining the trust and admiration of the Orc encampment.

They were escourted to the other side of the village to a brick garrison surrounded by a wall just past the main gate. The lead Orc was allowed to enter while the group waited to see is Bakrosh would accept their visit. Within a minute of the door closing, a gate at the other corner of the building raised letting a massive Ettin out into the court yard. The fight with the Ettin was a short one cheered on by many orcs hanging out of the windows of the building. The door opened and the group was allowed inside and before Bacrosh.

Bakrosh regarded the group with little notice, and seemed to not really care much for Rhesh either. He lazily ate pieces ripped from a unidentified carcass while talking with them about the attack. Thom promised to be able to create a easier attack if Bakrosh waited a couple of days. Bakrosh told the group that they would need to accomplish 3 things if the attack was to be a sure thing. He told them to drive a group of fey from the Abby that he believed would interfere, clear out the evil power from a tower that worries his people, and to make sure that the gate is open and waiting for his forces when he attack at night.

Azrukal agreed to all of the conditions, though he doubted that they could accomplish all the tasks in just two days. The group said little else to Bacrosh and left to do what they could to stop the orc attack.

Total experience per player for session: 440 (14338)

The Angry Bald Man

The group awoke refreshed like never before.  Oakley finished polishing his plate armor and shared breakfast with the group.  The group ventured back into the chamber to the west and took time to discover that the curtains they passed through were actually dragon hide, and the scales of which made the clattering sound.   Azrukal and Thom pulled both curtains down and packed them away as Gloomhollow peaked through the door to the north.  

Inside the room, Gloomhollow took notice of many shadowy figures lurking amongst several sarcogphagi and noted a moving chainmail sound followed by a thump and sound of something large dragging across the floor.  She relayed this information to the group.  Thom passed Azrukal a crowbar and readied a sunrod.  Azrukal slammed into the ancient wooden door which exploded into the massive room sending a booming echo through a hall as large as the temple above it.  Thom launched the sunrod into the center of the chamber and began to attack the figures.  

Azrukal summoned chaotic magic and blasted three of the figures to the ground, Thom took notice of a massive creature to the right and made ready to defend against it.  The figures moved forward and charged, hideous humanoids with long fangs and matching claws jumped onto Azrukal and Thom sinking their claws deep and holding on.   The massive creature moved back and into the open.  Standing over the glow stick the creature was revealed to be a lizard at least the size of four full grown men.   Its mouth opened and a glop of goo launched across the room covering Thom and Oakley in poisonous venom.  Azrukal saw the incoming glop and vanished a second before and retaliated attacking the creature of a space across the room.  

Archemenos focused psychic energy across the room, and projected an image of himself to an unseen area giving him to attack choices.  Thom and Gloomhollow ran to where Azrukal stood and changed a bald foe who received the attack and responded with a frenzy of strikes with a mace, and then placed a hand to is head and exploded a blast of psychic energy that left Azrukal, Thom, and Gloomhollow stunned.  

While the stunned heroes recovered, Archemenos blasted the bald man and another fanged man with force enough to knock them down.  Oakley charged into the basilisk and the blow came up short.  The bald man stood again and drew a card from his inner robes.  A shimmer of magic washed over his body and he again blasted the group with a stunning blast this time Thom avoided the  mental energy.  

Thom brought healing magic to Azrukal and sliced the bald man.   The bald man again attacked Gloomhollow and Thom before drawing another card.   The bald man vanished and Oakley appeared in his place.  Oakley tended quickly to his wounds while, the fanged man charged Azrukal and bit into his shoulder.  

Archemenos shot right past the now visible bald man and hit the basilisk knocking it down.   Azrukal, now had his senses again and went hunting for the bald man.   He found him and drew a card blind from his robes, the symbol of a comet appeared on the ground in front of him.   The bald man charged him and bashed him with his mace, then drew a third card bringing an oppressive aura to surround him.  

The basilisk again coughed a glop of venom at Azrukal and knocked him away from the bald man his aura damaging him along with the poison.  Thom charged the bald man and slashed him, while Oakley delivered the final blow to the basilisk.  Archemenos hefted his staff and rock poured from the ceiling on top of the bald man knocking him down.  The bald man stood back up and hit Thom and Archemenos with is mace.  Gloomhollow charged the fanged man and wounded him greatly.  The bald man was infuriated with his allies turn for the worse and blasted the group with another psychic attack that knocked out Azrukal.  

Oakley saw Azrukal fall to the evil mans power and charged with renewed energy and killed the bald man by driving his sword clean through his midsection.  Gloomhollow weathered another attack from the fanged man and returned the attack.  Thom ran around the sarcophagi and with supernatural focus fell the final enemy.  

The group spread out to search the room while Azrukal pilfered the cards from the dead bald man.  Archemenos and Thom found a small basin filled with a glowing red liquid.  Archemenos sensed the magic on the liquid, and Thom could tell its origin was not from this plane.  Azrukal approached and placed his finger into the liquid.  Immediately the liquid flowed up his arm and absorbed into his skin.  Thom inspected him and could only conclude that the liquid was acting as a disease would.   Thom tried to treat the disease and had no success. 

Total Experience per player for session:660


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