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Crappy Going

The group scoured the goblin chamber and followed up in the bugbear’s bedroom. Inside a lice ridden matress of straw the group dicovered a gem thats magical properties would extend a wearers resurection time ten fold.

The group put their ears to the door of the closed door to the next chamber and heard what sounded like a lot of creatures snoring. Gloomhollow and Archemenos silently opened the door and found a room full of sleeping orcs. Slowly the two of them inched their way acroos the room until Gloomhollow heard a thump behind her as Archemenos kicked the boot of one of the sleeping orcs. The room came alive. Orcs jumped up from slumber and grabbed their weapons, as Azrukal and Thom kicked the door all the way open. Gloomhollow and Archemenos launched attacks at the groggy orcs. The fight was handled easily by the group, ending in a closet full of orc excrement.

Archemenos looked at the pile of waste and his foot hit something solid. Almost completely covered in dumg, he found a amber gem. Archemenos decided to investigate further. He put on a pair of tarnish proof gloves and eventually found 4 more gems hidden in the pile. Afterwards he game the pristine looking but foul smelling gloves to Azrukal in excahnge for a toe ring.

The group peeked through the door into the next chamber and saw a massive minotaur partially obsucred by one of six giant pillars that supported the ceiling. Archemenos and Gloomhollow collaborated and created a illusionary orc who entered the room and approached the throne. “we have intruders sir” the orc said. The minotaur issued a single word command and a pack of attack dogs ran across the room destroying the illusion. The minotaur was sure that trickery was being employed upon him and called the dogs back before beckoning for the hidden intruders to enter the room.

The group gathered in front of the minotaur on his throne. The minotaur sat feeding his dogs with the internals of a dead dwarf. The minotaur said little to the group and threw the dwarf at them and charged.

total experience per player: 300

In service to the crown

When the undead Kruthiks finally stopped trying to claw their way through the stone door, the group asked lord Bren to testify for them at the Kings Citadel. He agreed and the group set off running into Olaaki, who told them that the crown they had found was for told to be reunited by people that would use it for the good of the land. He bid them farewell and refered to them a “people of legend”.

Upon returning to the citadel, the group was escourted to Captain Kaeles office where a magic quill took down every detail spoken as they were briefed. Kaeles then offered to allow the group to keep the crown provided that they agreed to continue working for the kings citadel. After some private discussion, the group agreed to continue their service. Kaeles wasted no time before giving them their next assignment. He asked the group to search for an artificer agent who resided in Greywall named Jelia. He told them that she had gone missing just before the Ashen Crown mission and is why he used the group in the first place. He also told them that Jelia was going under the name Melicia and posing as a dealer of antiques. Thom worked out the details of the travel for the group and Secretariate.

After a bit of group property discussion, they teleported to Greywall and began investigating. The house Orien acolytes told them they had dealt with Melicia and had bought a desk from her. Thom riffled through the desk and found another antique dealers business card in the back of a drawer. The card read Oglivar Stuntkins, seller of rare and old heirlooms. Archemenos immediately walked out into the street and asked a few passerbys if they knew Oglivar. However, even the passerbys in the nation of Drooam found his demonic features unsettling and told him little. Thom decided better advertising and charm were needed, and made a sign on a board that read Oglivar and held it above his head while smiling. Immediately the first person passing revealed that Oglivar was not in town, and that if they needed an antique to go to see Gibly Wallshire who had a shop close by.

The group traveled to Gibly’s shop and were surprised when he turned out to be the very halfling that had signed up as an investor in the subway construction. Thom discussed the subway business while Azrukal rolled his eyes. Gibly had little to sell the group, but did reveal that he hadn’t seen Melicia in a few weeks, and the last time he had she was leaving town to the north with a group of hobgoblin mercenaries. Gibly also mentioned that he wondered if she was ok, because the only thing north of Greywall is the keep of Rhesh Turakbar, a powerful Minotaur bandit.

Traveling to the north with the last hours of the day fading, the group happened upon a goblin farmer burying his wife. He told them at she had been killed that afternoon. Thom sent the farmer into his house and placed the Ashen crown onto his head. By his will, the crown healed the dead women’s wounds, and brought life back into her body. Thom had the distinct feeling that the crown itself was pleased with his actions. The farmer welcomed the group to eat and stay the night. The group was awoken by the farmer early in the morning. The farmer warned them of the Rhesh, and abandoned his farm heading south toward Greywall.

The group continued north to Rhesh’s keep. Gloomhollow scouted the perimeter for a more subtle entry, while Archemenos observed the guard patrols to discover any patterns. Gloomhollow discovered in the keeps empty mote was a crack in the foundation that could possibly lead inside. Archemenos found that during every 15 minutes of patrolling there was a 2 minute window to approach the keep. The four of them settled down and waited for darkness.

Once night had come, the group used Archemenos’s window, and entered Gloomhollow’s crack in the foundation. Gloomhollow found the crack led to a interrior room where 7 goblins bickered and cackled while gambling on a table. Gloomhollow entered the room silently and kept to the shadows. Azrukal exited the hole second and did not wait to deliver justice to the goblins. Azrukal threw over the table he was under and attacked the goblins. The goblins didn’t know what was going on, when chaotic lightning zapped into the middle goblin then spread out to the other six killing them all instantly.

From behind Azrukal a side door burst open and a bugbear ran into the room, charging the sorcerer. Before Azrukal could do anything, he found himself unconscious from numerous attacks. Thom and Archemenos and Gloomhollow sprang to action blasting the creature with mind and blade attacks. Thom brought Azrukal back to consciousness, who accidentally summoned an illusion of a gigantic monster with his attack that sent the bugbear fleeing. Gloomhollow and Thom gladly took advantage of the frightened beast and delivered many blows that quickly left the creature dead.

Total experience per player for session: 650


The combat started quickly with Jaenus firing more darts at the group and Tikulti exiting towards the burial chamber.   Gloomhollow rushed Jaenus and hit him.  The emerald claw guards moved into position and struck back, one drawing blood.   Azrukal moved to the flank of the melee and dumped energy onto the enemies leaving them forcefully on their backs.  Thom charged the prone Jaenus and drew blood with his blade.  A hidden assassin launched from the shadows of the room and barely missed Thom.   Archemenos acted quickly and dominated the assassins mind forcing him to attack the emerald claw next to him.   The floating skull beamed Gloomhollow with rays from its eyes. 

Gloomhollow attacked the prone Jaenus again and his was left motionless.  The emerald claw found their feet again and charged both Thom and Archemenos , both successful with their blades.  Azrukal again blasted the emerald claw guard and took his life.  The assassin still under Archemenos. Control attacked the other emerald claw.  The skull attacked Thom this time covering him in necrotic energy.  

Gloomhollow charged the skull and slashed it knocking it to the floor.   The emerald claw attacked Archemenos again before the assassin hit him again dropping them both to the ground.  Azrukal fired chaotic magic into the tow prone figures and killed both of them.   Thom moved by the skull and missed it.  The group now focused all of its efforts at the skull and dispatched it moments later.  

From inside the tunnel leading to Ashurta’s tomb, the group could hear the chanting of a women.  On a count of three the group burst through the chamber doors, sending bone pile on the other side flying across the room.   Demise smiled and greated them with “welcome”.   While Professor Gydd Nephret begged for help bound to Ashurta’s sarcophagus.   

Ghouls charged the group and Tikulti moved forward and met the group head on. Demise launched dark magic across the chamber.  Azrukal and Archemenos directed all of their magic at Demise who seemed to practically absorb the energy until they direct the effect of a scroll that targeted her mind.   Thom broke from the ghouls and ran at Demise cutting both her body and spirit.  Gydd managed to free herself, and ran for cover.   

Free from Thom’s defenses, two of the ghouls charged Azrukal and left him unconscious.   Thom was quick to respond bringing him back to consciousness and again slashing Demise.  Azrukal retreated away from the ghouls and blasted Demise with a bolt of necrotic energy.   Tikulti and the ghouls regrouped and charged Gloomhollow and Azrukal damaging them both.  

Azrukal shifted back and launched another bolt at Demise that finished her life.  As she went down, she called to Tikulti “my service to you ends master!”.  Tikulti responded “you have served me well”.

Gydd slid around the back of the center statue and launched an attack from her eyes onto Gloomhollow.  Gloomhollow spun around and discovered that Gydd was actually dead and being used as a decoy.   Tikulti and the two remaining ghouls attacked Gloomhollow nearly felling her, Tikulti broke from the combat and exclaimed “Gydd, protect your master”.   Gydd responded simply “yes my master”. 

The group teamed up on the two ghouls blocking their reaching Tikulti killing both of them.  Gydd moved beside Tikulti and removed a skeleton blocking a kruthik tunnel behind him.  "Gydd I believe you service to me is at an end." Tikulti  exclaimed.   Gydd responded “in life and death I am yours to command master.”. 

Tikulti turned to the group and exclaimed “your toil is for nothing! 
I have other ways to bring her chaos to this world.   I don’t need the crown. 
I have this.”. 
He holds a single playing card in the air with the image of a skull across its face and a strange design on the back  "and once I have the rest, i shall bring this world to anarchy."

“Wait! Don’t go”.  The voice brings your attention to the entrance of the tomb.  In the doorway, Lord Bren stood with a worried looks on his face.  
“please Aric, don’t go down this path.  I can help you.”

Tikulti’s image wavers for a moment and changes to the face of the human the group saved from the arcane symbol the day they met lord Bren.  Arik’s face twists with madness and he struggles for a moment to find his inner reason. 

“Where was your help when I killed the Kech Volar?  Where was your help when I infiltrated the kings citadel? He began to yell, “And where was your help when these fools stopped my machine from blowing half of this stinking city.”  Suddenly Arik was calm again as he addressed the group.  "Oh, and I never thanked you for helping me get away from Officer Durspike that day.  Arik began to yell again, “But damn you for your interference with everything else!”

“No, no, none of you have ever intentionally helped me.  It took me three years to realize that Bren way was a waste of time.  Only the chaos calls me to a calm.   I only serve and trust her now.”

Bren pleaded “Who do you serve?  Aric, I need you to stay here with me.”

Aric paused only a moment and said.  "I am already late for my destiny.   But, I am sure we will all end up great friends.  Since you seem so lonely, Bren, have some company!"
Aric turned and entered the Kruthik tunnel which immediately illuminated with a green flash.   Kruthiks poured out of the tunnel immediately devouring what was left of Gydd.  

Bren called out for everyone to retreat.  Gloomhollow made a dash for the crown and Thom moved up to help her.   Archemenos exited the room, and the Kruthiks pounce onto Gloomhollow overtaking her.   Lord Bren ran forward and pulled her out of the Kruthiks.  Thom threw a rope tied to his waist back to Azrukal and grabbed Bren and Gloomhollow.   Azrukal pulled with all of him might and managed to get his companions out of the room where Archemenos
Slammed the door and through heroic effort held the door against the Kruthiks.  

Total experience per player for session: 860 (7668) Level 6

Tikulti the Traitor

The group decided to take up the only lead that they had to go on. Someone had seen Demise teleport from the House of Orien the previous day. They scrambled back up and out of the tomb. After getting back to Orien, they discovered that Tikulti had also teleported just a bit earlier. Thom negociated a fair price to teleport the whole group including Secretatiate to Sharn. The pilot of the airship gathered a bunch of deck hands to lower Secretariate down via ropes, and let the group know that is Yeraa was dead, that he would take his ship back deeper into Droaam.

The group gathered in the Orien teleportation chamber and were zapped away one by one. Arriving almost instantaniously in Sharn, none of them had a moment to react when the 25 guards of the Kings Citadel apprehended the group and took them to the Citadel prisons. A couple of hours past, and the group was led before Captain Kaeles.

Kaeles demanded explanations to claims that Tikulti had made concerning their actions. Tikulti had told Kaeles that the group had recovered the components of the crown, and then killed the Kech Volar team. He also said that the group had then given the components to Demise who had traveled to Sharn with them. The group had little evidence to support the counter claims and looked to be condemned guilty when Lord Bren arrived and interrupted the meeting. Bren stood by the group and begged for their custody. Kaeles granted a 24 hour release to Bren if he took full responsibility for the group.

Bren met the released group at the gates of the Citadel. He told them though his ward Aric Blacktree had been seen in town, they needed to act quickly and find the Crown components. He also said that he would make arrangements for them to escape Sharn if they failed. If the group failed, Bren would meet them at the Moldy Dragon Inn before sunrise to get them out of town. Bren assured the group that traitor to the Nation are not jailed, they are executed.

The group decided to follow a clue they had discovered in Yeraa’s journal. She had spoken about Tikulti’s desire to preform the rite to reassemble the pieces in Ashurta’s tomb. So again the group traveled through the Tain Foundry.

As they entered the tomb, the sound of chanting caught their ears, the group sent Gloomhollow up ahead and she witnessed Tikulti and Jaenus complete a necromatic spell that raised the dead Kruthiks from the entrance area. Gloomhollow was so transfixed that she failed to notice that she had been seen. Tikulti exited the room and Jaenus issued the order to attack with a sickening hissing noise.

The group braced themselves as ragged Kruthiks charged at them doing little damage. Archemenos dispatched one with a crippling mind blast. Jaenus stepped forward and shot a dart into Gloomhollow. Gloomhollow lashed out and killed another frail kruthik, before two more stout looking kruthiks charged in and attack both her and Thom. A bolt of arcane energy exploded in the middle of the enemies letting the group know that Azrukal was doing his part. Out of the shadows two Emerald Claw guards charged at Gloomhollow inflicting massive damage and leaving her unconscious. Thom poured a potion into Gloomhollow’s mouth and then struck out at the Kruthiks missing.

The remaining ragged kruthik missed with a frenzied claw, and Archemenos summoned a mote of energy. Jaenus shot another evil dart, this time hitting Thom and fell back from the combat. Gloomhollow regained her feet and slashed open one of the large Kruthiks. The large kruthiks attacked Gloomhollow again bringing her to the edge of unconsciousness again. Azrukal caused a magical explosion that sent the enemies realing away from combat. The two Emerald Claw attacked Gloomhollow again, one sent her to slumber land, the other broke from combat and went to recover better weapons from his secret stash across the chamber. Thom again poured another potion into Gloomhollow’s snore hole before attacking and killing a ragged kruthik.

Archemnos’s mote exploded opening a rift in the room exposing a skeletal corpse with an orb in its hands. He grabbed the orb and the rift closed. The blast of his mote damaged both remaining kruthiks, and one of the emerald claw and he moved forward with eyes on the weapon stash. Jaenus reached the weapon stash and removed its contents and shot a dart at Archemenos. The two larger kruthiks regained their feet and charged both Gloomhollow and Thom. Azrukal responded again with devastating blast of energy. Gloomhollow lashed at the kruthik and left it dead again. One Emerald claw struck Gloomhollow and put her to sleep again, while the other charged into Archemenos. Thom told the nearest Emerald Claw that his situation was dire and that death was imminent. The Emerald claw guard fled from the battle knowing his death would be agonizing.

Archemenos stepped back and raped the mind of the Jaenus, who turned and began to flee the combat as well. Azrukal shot a bolt that killed the last kruthik, and Gloomhollow’s condition worsened. The fanatical Claw servent refuse to retreat and attacked again this time missing. Thom knelt to help Gloomhollow who some how found the energy to wake again. Archemenos blasted the final Emerald Claw and was followed by Azrukal finishing him off.

The group spent as little time as possible recovering from the melee, and traveled to the next chamber. Upon arrival, they witnessed Tikulti scolding Jaenus for failure. He noticed the group enter the chamber and threw a glass vial, which smashed against the ceiling releasing a small black skull that glowed with a green energy. “Kill them!” Tikulti demanded as he exited the room.

Total session experience per player: 450 6808

Property and Life Taken

Demise and her lackeys spread out and attacked the group.  From out of nowhere, hidden wraiths appeared and began focusing their attacks on Azrukal.  The group fought back hard, but still lost the solitaire to a thieving wraith.   The combat continued back and forth.  However, the wraiths eventually were able to pry Ashurta’s blade out of Azrukal’s unconscious hand.  The group realized that Demise was actually a corpse with an illusion placed on it.  By the time the group of undead was finished off, the goblins from down in the tomb were returning and the crown components were gone.  

Yeraa emerged from the market tent and approached the group smiling.  Thom, noticed something was not quite right.  Before he could do anything but shout a warning, the group of undead disguised as the goblin seekers attacked.   These enemies were handled much easier than the wraiths, but left a question of fate concerning the seekers.  

After the final enemy fell, Azrukal and Archeminos  climbed down into the tomb while  Gloomhallow stayed up top the guard the entrance.   What the two of them found it the crypt was horrible.  The room just below the chute down contained the torn apart bodies of Yeraa and her seekers.  However, upon closer inspection, Azrukal discovered that all of the bodies that went down were accounted for except Tikulti. 

Total experience per player: 575

Business in Greywall

The group followed Yeraa and her seekers through the tunnels under. Yeraa stopped the group before reaching the surface and pledged her and her group to see the quest for the crown to completion. When the group left the tunnels, they were ambushed by a group of undead that was led by a zombie Chib Naesaer. The group dispatched the zombies and Followed Yeraa as see ran up the mountain trail looking for her missing group. Along the way she nearly attacked a wandering Secretariate. The group stopped her from killing their horse, and caught up with her at an airship that had been waiting to take the goblins back to Greywall. Tikulti informed the group that they had just defended the ship from an Emerald Claw attack. The captain announced that the attack damages would take overnight to fix. He also said that the attack would not have been able to destroy the ship, only damage it.

The next day, the group was awoken by the ship casting off to go to Greywall. In just a few hours, the ship was stopped over a impovershed area of the city. Yeraa put the circlet onto her head and began using it to find the orb. During the search, the group discovered that Demise had left the city a day before. Yeraa’s search ended in a busy market square known as “the roar” where she claimed that the orb was 200 feet below them. The group quickly retreated back to the ship to come up with a way the excavate the orb without being noticed. The group decided to set up a fake market tent and dig underneath it.

That night in the market, the players dealt with many different problems to conceal the dig including drunk fights, a thief, a goblin child, juggling entertainer, and a halfling. As the sun was coming up, Tikulti contacted the group through their sending stone and reported that the orb had been recovered. The stone was put away, and the group noticed across the market staring at them with a evil smirk was Demise.

Total group experience per player: 500 LEVEL 5 5783 XP total

The solitaire at last

Cleaning off the pumpkin guts from themselves, the group traveled down a tunnel that led to a underground stream. In front of them knelt at the opposite edge of the stream was a pale ferrel looking goblin. The goblin noticed them at the same time as they saw it. It hissed and back away into the shadows. The group decided to cross the stream and face the goblin. However, half way across, arrows launched from the darkness and goblins warriors charged. The goblins fell quickly and the last one was captured by the group and he revealed a collapsed tunnel as the way out.

The group followed the tunnel and came to a large chamber with a pool in the center. Surrounding the pool were many undead creatures chanting and throwing offerings into the water. The group readied themselves and lunched an attack. The group barely survived the encounter thanks to Yeraa’s drawing the ranged undead out of the room. The group searched the bodies and found Zooranti’s solitaire.

Total experience for session: 500 each

Halloween special

The group continued exploring the cavern following a tunnel at the southern end of the collapsed room. Just beyond Thom’s light, a spirit of a hobgoblin women in robes appeared, and began to float away from the group. The group followed cloes behind and the spirit led them into a chamber filled with stalagmites and stalagtites. The hobgoblin stopped floating in the center of the room and kneeled on the floor. Fargrim said a silent prayer for the troubled spirit and appraoched her while beginning to speak. The spirit realized she was not alone, and vanished. At her feet, the group discovered a hobgoblin skeleton whose head lay a few feet away. Azrukal reached down and grabbed the dead hobgoblin’s weapon, a cleaver covered with grime.

Azrukal looked closer a the blade and noticed an etching covered with grime on the blade. He used his sleeve to clean off the grime and revealed the image of a pumpkin on the blade. Instantly the etching began to glow bright enough to to blind the entire group. When the light faded, the group found themselves transported to another location, a forest clearing under a full moon. The group found saddled ready horses tiesd up next to a road that split the clearing in half. After a bit of debating and praying, the group mounted the horses, and decided to go to the right. They traveled a couple of miles when Fargrim and Thom heard the sound of a horse galloping from behind them.

Fargrim and Azrukal got off their horses and ran into the woods, while Thom and Dildonicus hid behind their horses on the road. The galloping came closs enough that the group was sure that it must be right on top of them. Azrukal felt a slight bump from behind as the sound of beating hooves went past his ears followed by a lite breeze.  The sound of the horse ended in the middle of the road.  The sound of leather snapping and a horse whinny later and out of a fireball appeared a black horse with flame for a mane and tail.  The rider on the horse was a man dressed completely in black leather and a jack’o’lantern for a head.   He removed the pumpkin and fire shot out of its holes onto Thom and Dildonicus.   The horseman placed the pumpkin back onto his shoulders, saluted the two of them with the pumpkin cleaver in his hand then urged his horse to run away. 

The group jumped onto their horses and took after the thief.   The horseman led them through all the hazards the forest had to offer, and some of his own tricks as well before vanishing just as Fargrim had the fiend in his grasp.   Fargrim’s gaze went from his hand back to the road as he rounded a tight corner, there in the middle of the road was the black steed.   He pulled with all his might on his horses reins as his companions rounded the same corner in time to see him slide into the horseman’s steed.  The steed exploded into a fire that seemed to reach the heavens itself.  

Screams from the mounts were all that could be heard over the boom.  The entire group skidded to a stop on their butts, their horses completely destroyed.   When they had stood again, where the horse had been, now stood the horseman.  He threw his head into the air, where it began spinning and covering the surrounding woods in fire.  The horseman beckoned to the group to fight him, and they obliged.  

The fight was a bloody one, the horseman absorbed hit after hit.  He dropped Azrukal with a single perfect slice to his neck.  Then turned and charged Dildonicus and Thom.  Dildonicus dropped from the horseman’s fury.   Thom did little damage to him but managed to at least stay on his feet.   Fargrim attacked the horseman sending him staggering away.  The horseman  charged and Thom was barely wounded, but his attack interrupted Azrukal’s looting and knocking him to almost unconsciousness.  

Azrukal was determined to get away from the horseman and gave his back to his opponent to flee.  The horseman seized the opportunity slicing him from neck to rump.   Azrukal felt the cool of the night air hit his back colder than it ever had.  The skin down his spine opened up to expose the line of bones and shock shut down his nervous system.   The cool of the night was accompanied by the sensation of flight as the horseman grabbed him by the back of his pants and launched him into Thom.   Thom fell to the ground from the impact and shook off the blow and regained his breath.   Azrukal shook for a little longer, and breathed his last breath. 

Fargrim summoned a might blow with his god behind him and struck the horseman.   Blood geysered out of the horseman’s neck and he fell to the ground as a crimson rain covered the clearing.   Thom drew his grappling hook and launched it into the floating pumpkin.  As the hook sunk in, the pumpkin exploded into a bright flash that blinded everyone, and knocked the group onto their backs. 

When their vision returned, the group found themselves covered with pumpkin flesh, and inside an unknown cavern.   

Azrukal’s eyes opened.  His back hurt a lot.  No wonder, he had been sleeping on a cave floor, though he couldn’t remember why.   He stood up and realized that he was covered in what seemed to be pumpkin.  As he stood, his foot kicked something, a cleaver of some sort.   He reached down and picked it up.  There was some sort of etching covered with grime on the blade.  He rubbed it off and found it was a ornate pumpkin.   Thom approached him and led if he was alright.  Azrukal felt angry about everything.   Yeah, he felt ok.  He handed the blade to Thom, and began to collect himself.  

Happy Halloween!

Total experience per player:  460

Into the dark

With the games over, Yeraa gathered her things and let the group in on the plans. She told them that they were to explore the cavern from the entrance. While the goblins would attempt to travel via obelisk portal. The group followed Yeraa down into the cavern under Six Kings. The group entered a buriel chamber containing four sarchophagi, and a 20 foot tall hexagonal obelisk.

Yerra’s group spread out and searched the room. Yeraa stepped up to the obelisk and began studying it to discover how to activate it. Tilkulti elbowed Thom to provoke him to help her. The group stepped forward and began to decipher the runes covering the stone. Within seconds the group was able to tell Yeraa that the obelisk would only transport goblin kind, and that a massive amount of necrotic energy was seeping through the portal. Yeraa confirmed what the group had said and placed her hand on the stone and spoke a goblin formal greeting. The stone runes glowed for a second before Yeraa and her crew vanished and bones around the room reassembled.

The group found themselves surrounded by 24 goblin skeletons. Thom called for Azrukal and Archemenos to run back to the hallway to avoid being surrounded. The group was able to fend off the hord. Azrukal’s efforts were rewarded when he discovered a magic cloak.

The group ventured through the stone doors to the south and entered a partially collapsed room. From out of the shadows, dark spirits blasted the group with necrotic energy. A wraith flew up from the lower regions. Though the evil spirits succeeded in pushing the group individually onto pools of necrotic energy, the groups prevailed in the end. Archemenos barely avoided falling when he descended into the lower area where he discovered a magical dagger.

Total experience per player: 425

Goblin negotiations

The group woke up the Emerald Claw captain and began verbally extract information. The captain however, was very aware that he was not getting out of this alive. After spitting in a face and cussing them out, the only thing he revealed was that Demise was a fool who thought that their group would gather the crown for her to take. Azrukal had heard enough and separated his mouth from his body with Ashurta’s axe.

The rest of the days travel took them from the foothills and into the mountain. The group bed down in a clearing in the forest and set a schedule for night watch. Azrukal woke early in the morning to begin the final watch. The others snored away and Secretariat louder than all of them. With that horse nearby, Azrukal didn’t have a chance of noticing the three black leathered clothed goblins that approached from out of the woods. The goblins grabbed him and slammed him to the ground. The largest goblin shifted through Azrukal’s pack and removed the dagger placing the tip of it about one inch deep into his stomach before speaking. The goblin identified himself as Chib(boss) Naersaar of the Kech Shaarat-the blade bearers Dhakaani clan.
He rapid fired a series of questions concerning the group of travelers, and Ashen Crown. Azrukal said little, and before long the rest of the group stirred.

Naesaar transformed the dagger into s sword that stabbed clean through his body. The group of goblins pulled out the blade and made a run for the woods. The goblins split once inside and after a lengthy chase Naesaar escaped, but both his companions were caught. One returned the blade and ran off, the other revealed a letter to the Blade Bearers concerning the dagger and meeting up at the big lake. The group let the goblin with the letter go and packed up camp.

Around the middle of the day, the group got their first sign of relief since leaving Sharn when the Six Kings monument came into view. The group rushed to the bottom of the massive statues. Looking under the third statue, the group spied the outcropping of white stone that Captain Kaeles had told them to look for. Under the rock, they found the cavern opening. However, as they stepped closer, from the surrounding rocks stepped a band of Hobgoblins and Goblins. A female hobgoblin stepped forward and asked to buy the dagger and that the group leave. The group gave the dagger and began try to prove that they would like to help the Word Bearers to find the crown and could be trusted. After bantering back and forth the hobgoblin Yeraa decided that she would hold a physical contest titled Amalorkar to decide if the group was worthy.

The contest was a close one, however the group won after the shapeshifter Tikulti threw a match, and the goblin Govaan took part though he knew he would loose.

Total Experience per player: 440


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