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Secretariate's flight

The third day of travel started off hot again and the group continued to push north. The landscape began to change as the land became more hilly. Before long, the group spied a Gnoll looking around on the top of a big rock. Azrukal lept off of the cart and snuck around behind the guard while the rest of the group continued on down the road.

Azrukal shot the guard with a bolt of energy. The Gnoll answered with a missle fired from his bow before jumping off the rock. Seeing their companion attacked, out of the road side bushes came more Gnolls and a minotaur. Kaldin quickly used divine energy to lift secretariat off of the ground and flew him into the Minotaur. Kaldin and Archamenos held onto the cart as it dragged to a stop. Kaldin lept onto the horses back and slipt off and ended prone next to the Minotaur.

Archamenos dominated the enemies with psychic energy, Azrukal rained chaos onto the Gnolls, and Kaldin brought the fight to the minataur until even the rocks around them came to life and fought by their side.

In the end, secretariat was brought back to consciousness, the rocks again came to rest, and the group stood over the last enemy who lay unconscious.

Total experience pre player: 220

The group woke the unconscious Gnoll priest. The Gnoll was extremely angry with the violent actions carried out by the group. Through much name calling and arguing, the Gnolls opinion of the group changed for the better when a traveling cleric named Fargrim happened upon the situation and proceeded to give a eulogy for the dead. The Gnoll claimed to work for a minataur named Rhesh Turakbar. He said that Rhesh protected this region, and resided in an ancient Abby 4 days west of here. The group let the Gnoll go, and continued on their way north.

Later in day, the group was ambushed once again by emerald claws. The group made quick work of the weaker ones and thought it was going to be a short conflict until the leaders made themselves known. The fight was grueling as the damage was exchanged many times before the group took the captain hostage, and killed the necromancer.

Total experience per player:250

Emerald claw interference

With water reserves filled, the group made their way back to the main road. Raised voices beyond a bluff caught their attentions. The group tied off Secretariat and tip toed up to the edge of the bluff. At the bottom of the bluff, they witnessed three emerald claw agents interrogating a captive goblin. Before the group could act, two more agents ambushed the group from the bushes.

Alchemist arrows burst into flame around the group burning everyone. Gizle ran at the nearest agent missing with a large swing. Azrukal launched bolts of energy from his hand that slammed into one of them and continued onto the next agent. Diklar ran over and sliced an agent with her sword. Archemenos focused psionic emergy at the bottom of the bluff and scrambled down the embankment coming to a halt on his back. The lower agents moved in and surrounded Archemenos and laid into him with two sword stabs.

Another fire arrow exploded inside the group and the other agent up top unsheathed his sword missing Diklar with a frantic swing. Gizle answered the miss, with a damaging strike. Azrukal fired another bolt into the top agent. Archemenos stood up and exploded his energy on the lower agents. The agents attacked Archemenos again, is time his lost consciousness. Diklar stabbed agent again and left him barely standing.

The agent missed again, and it was his last mistake. Gizle ran him through taking him final breath. Azrukal blasted the last upper agent, nearly taking him off his feet. He then turned and decended the bluff to aide Archemenos. Gizle and Diklar followed and attacked the remaining agents. The final upper agent launched himself down onto Azrukal a suicidal attack that paid off. Diklar woke up Archemenos and within seconds, another agent was dead. One of the remaining agents ran for his life and the last begged for his. He admitted that he had been following the orders of Captain Warrik to patrol the road and look for anyone with information about the Ashen Crown, though Demise wanted them to be left alone. He begged for his life as Gizle severed his head from is shoulders.

The group then woke up the unconscious goblin who told them that he was merely traveling back to the town of Ardev from some mercenary work, and the men had violently assaulted him. The group gave the poor goblin a dagger and released him.

Total experience for the session per player: 125

Restless Nights

The group began to search Nephret’s house. In the hidden wall safe the group found a stack of papers that included a note that revealed Dannae and her servant as members of the Skullborn elves. Skullborn elves were described in the notes as reckless necromancers who seek immortality. Also included in the notes was a note concerning the Ashen Crown. It stated that the elves that created the crown, and the goblins who later enhanced the crown both believed that the crown or fate dictates the person who comes to poses it. Also inside the house was was a note that read “Dannae is Demise. Why Emerald Claw?”

The group decided to check in the Upper Dura neighborhoods, to see if they might find a trail to Dannae. The trail quickly led to the Shining Star Inn where the Inn Keeper reluctantly admitted that she had checked out earlier that morning claiming to see him again in a month or so. With the trail cold, and it being the middle of the night, the group decided to go back to their rooms at the Moldy Dragon.

Hours later, Azrukal was awakened by the Inn Keeper Oswald. Te Sharn Watch was looking for them, and they were at the front door. Azrukal yelled to his comrades, while Oswald went down stairs to talk to the watch. Kalden removed a grappling hook from his pack and threw it from the window attaching it to the roof of the building next door. The group carefully crossed the rope reaching the other roof just before the lantern light filled their empty room. The guards yelled for help and ran for the alleys behind the Inn. The group crossed to the other Sid elf the building they now stood on. The second floor allowed them a good view of of the maze like alleys.

Drawing on what they knew about Sharn construction, they eventually discovered which alley would lead them away from the watch. However, their decision was a bit to slow and they found the guards hot on their heals. The group out paced the guards and nearly ran into another group of the Watch where the alley opened to the street. Desperate, the group scanne the alley for another way and Kalden caught a man peaking out of his door 20 feet away and with a handful of Azrukal’s gold, was able to convince the man to let them pass through his house.

The group traveled a couple of blocks down the side street and noticed the voice and lanterns of the Watch approaching from behind them. The group fled for a nearby church, and after finding the front door locked, they circled around the building and discovered a homeless shelter in the basement. They grabbed some old blankets and hid amongst the unfortunate the lay around the floor.

The next morning, the group used back alleys to make their way to the Kings Citadel. The travel ended in a foot race to the gate, during which, Kalden found himself captured by the Sharn Watch just outside of the gate. The guard at the gate made the watch give up Kalden in the name of National need. The Watch left grumbling, and the group was left to wait for Captain Kales.

Kaeles gave the group a quick mission recap while leading them to the Eminence, the airship that would take them north to The trade city of Ardev. He reiterated that they where to travel to the small town of Greywall and make contact with the Wordbearers and give them Ashurtas blade. Then assist the goblins in obtaining the rest of the Ashen crown.

The group boarded the airship, and spent the travel regaining lost rest from the night before. The ship landed late in the evening in Ardev. The group decoded before bedding down for the night, that they should try to acquire horses for the 125 mile journey. Kalden decided to get a horse, and Azrukal would get a horse cart. Kalden used shrewed bargaining to get the cheapest horse he could. A sickly, stinky brown horse with a rat tail named Secretariate.

Azrucal however, discovered that the cart shop was closed and decided to try his hands at stealing one chained up. Three clumsy swings is all it took for Azrukal to find himself running from local guards. Eventually, he ended up sleeping in a dirty common room hiding from the guards.

Kalden stayed at the Trade Winds Inn, a pleasant Inn known throughout town for it’s delicious drake stew and it’s extra soft beds. The next morning, Kalden not knowing the fate of his troublesome companion, obtained a rickety old cart from a farmer for nearly the price of a new cart. Kalden set off to the north with Archemenos in the cart and discovered Azrukal just north of town brooding beside the road. He didn’t even speak as he got into the cart. Guess he didnt enjoy drake stew last night.

Total session experience per player: 250

Dannae's Betrayal

The group found themselves on the eve of their service to the King’s Citadel enjoying a drink at the Moldy Dragon with the Inn Keeper/Owner Oswald. Oswald gave them a package that had been left for them and opening it they discovered a key and a note from Professor Nephret. The note explained that Lady Dannae was not who she claimed to be. Also the note said that Nephret was leaving the city and that the key was to be used to open a hidden safe in her apartment. Inside she was going to leave all of her notes concerning the Ashen Crown and they should try to meet her around 8 bells.

The group hurried out the door into a downpour and quickly to Nephret’s house. When they approached the house the first thing they noticed was the adjar door. Causciously they entered and immediately were greeted by Lady Dennae standing across the room. She exclaimed that the professor was with her mistress before vanishing and undead emerged from all sides of the room and attacked.

The fight felt under control until Kalden’s spell went ary blowing everyone out into the courtyard. The group quickly composed themselves and dispatched the remaining undead with little problem.

total experience each for session: 150

Blade of Intrigue

The group gathered the treasures from the tomb and prepared to leave, the group notcied something that froze them in their tracks. The dead robbed man’s shoulder lay partially exposed revealing a tatoo. Archinemos pulled out a piece of paper and copied the symbol that he saw not only on the man’s shoulder, but also in the mist and 4 years ago on the day of morning.

The group traveled back out of the tomb and caverns and up to the foundry where they met Molric. The rude dwarf paid the group the 150 gold that he had promised them for getting rid of the Kruthiks. Azrukal stopped the dwarf as he tried to exit the bar and reminded him that he had promised to speak about the man who hired the laborers. Molric proceeded to tell the group that the man had come accompanied by an elf women, and that the man had mood swings. He also said the man would not reveal his name, but claimed to be hiring the help for Lord Bren ’irgadden. During their discussion of bug extermination with Molric, the hobgoblin priest Olaaki entered and took interest of the talk about the tomb.

Olaaki met the group as they exited the Foundry and inquired about their findings in the tomb. Azrukal remained hidden with Ashurta’s blade just out of sight. The group tried to be vague about the details of the tomb, but Olaaki asked directly about the blade their missing companion carried. The group admitted little knowledge about the blade and Olaaki asked that they meet with a friend of his that had shown him a picture of a crown years ago that had that very blade in smaller form attached to it.

The group left the foundry in the late afternoon and went to Morgrave University and asked the door man the where a bouts of Lord Bren’s residence. The doorman gave it to them, and the group went directly there. Unfortunately, Bren was not in. However, his servant scheduled a dinner with Bren for the following night. The group was then directed to the “Moldy Dragon Inn” by the servant at a clean but affordable establishment.

The next morning, the group woke and went back to Morgrave to meet with Professor Gydd Nephret. The doorman sent them to the third floor offices. The group found her office shut and locked with no answer to their knocking. A human woman walking through the halls took notice of the group. She explained that Gydd was on sabbatical and she could show them where she was staying in the Shava area. The woman led the group to her house and wished them luck and left. Nephret was a bit nervous at the group of five adventurers who showed up at her house and asked that they wait for her in the courtyard. She joined them a little while later and was very interested in the blade that they showed her.

Nephret told the group tha the blade looked like the front piece of the Ashen Crown. The crown was an artifact created by Valaes Tairn elves. It was a powerful magical item that supposedly had power to command death. It was later obtained by the goblin empire of Dhakaan. Little is known about what the goblins did to the crown, but in their ownership, the crowns power is believed to have grown.

Gydd asked that she be allowed to keep the blade for a couple of days in order to learn more about it. The group had a lot of reservation but allowed the professor to study the dagger for two days. Azrukal decided to sit next to her house for the entire time in guard and meditation.

After their meeting with Nephret the Confragra decided to use the afternoon to go shopping for unique items. He entered a shop of magical curiousities and traded some valuables for a couple of magical shards. While he was doing business inside the shop, Donn was doing business in a nearby alley. He had stumbled upon a dice game or decent odds. Confragra found the dice game underway and decided he would have a go. After winning 5 gold 5 time in a row, the guy managing the game up’ed the ante to 100 gold per roll. Confragra was not scared of the new price and proceeded to win two more times before the game got ugly.

Two of the bystanders grabbed him and punched him as the manager pulled a dagger and slashed him. Conflagra concentrated through the beating and sent a wave of fire out from his body causing the thugs to scream in pain. Diago knew his friend was in trouble, ran down the alley and attacked the man holding Conflagra and the manager knocking both to the ground. Donn stepped up and smashed the head of the thug still on his feet killing him. The last thug stood up and drew a club which he used to crown Conflagra. The manager got up and stabbed at Conflagra, barely missing. Conflagra retorted with a flaming sword attack to both the manager and the thug killing them both.

Shouts from behind the group in the alley alerted them that killing in Sharn is called murder. Passersby called for the Sharn Watch and chased the group through the back alleys of the towers. The group eventually got away from the onlookers, but will have to keep their heads low for now.

The group arrived at Lord Bren’s house in time for the dinner finding Archimenos waiting for them. The dinner with Bren revealed that Aric Blacktree had lived in his care for the last three years. Aric had never regained his mental facilities after the day of morning kidnapping. Aric escaped Bren’s care around 6 months ago. Bren has been unable to find him and wishes for his return. The dinner was then interrupted by a young messenger boy who delivered a stack of invitations from a man named Captain Saj Kalaes. Lord Bren called the evening to a close, and urged the group to keep quiet about their recent actions in Sharn until they talk with Kalaes.

The group made their way back to the Moldy Dragon and enjoyed an ale before they bed down.
The next morning, the group made their way to the site of their meeting, the headquarters of Kings Citadel. A collection of towers in the Middle Central Plateau. They entered the Ambassador tower and were greated by a gnome who checked their paperwork and summoned Kalaes. Kalaes led the group to a private room and began the discussion.

Kalaes told the group that he knew about the recovered blade, and that their abilities could be used in service of the nation. He explained that in the goblin nation of Darguun, the Lhesh Haruuc has power in the lowlands, and that the the Kech Volar/Wordbearers, goblins to the east in the Seawall Mountains want to take the power away from them. This Kech Volar clan wishes to assemble artifacts and make alliances to rebuild the goblin empire. However, the clan lacks the savage brutality that historically rules the goblins. The blade you recovered is sought by the Wordbearers and it is believed to be part of another artifact, the Ashen crown. He then asked that the group help the Kech Volar obtain the rest of the Ashen Crown.

The group proded Kalaes for more information, but he refused until they agreed to the job and took an oath of service. The group went along with the oath and Kalaes told them the plan.
Captain Kalaes said:
We have an agent named Tikulti, a doppleganger posing as a hobgoblin traveling with the wordbearers. You can recognize him best when you look for tribal tattoos around his eyes, and chin with a distinct jeweled rapier at his side. He reports that Wordbearers already know that you have the blade but their leader has decided to deal with you after finding the rest of the pieces. She is heading to a goblin monument known as Six Kings in the northern Greywall Mountains region. We want you to head northwest and meet her there and offer to aid her. You will need to come up with a reason of why you wish to help goblins.

Tikulti reports that they seek two parts of the crown in that region. One is inside a cave with a outcropping of white stone pointing to the correct entrance. All that is known about the second piece is that its inside Graywall city.

Kalaes then said the group was to leave in three days via Lyrander airship just after the word bearers are leaving on their own ship named Kordanga. Both airships will land in Ardev, and the group was to tail the Kech Volar goblins as they traveled up the Orien trade road past Six Kings and onto Graywall. He also stated that he wanted them to stay close, but not too close.

Kalaes interated that the Citadel involvement must be kept secret, as human involvement might drive them off. Also, secrecy is nessessary for political reasons as Breland’s name should not be tarnished over goblin squabbles.
Kalaes dismisses the group and they are left to their own business for the rest of the day.

The next morning, the group traveled to retrieve the blade and find out what Nephret found out. They met with the professor in the common room of Shava house. Nephret arrived with the blade and brought along an elf women and a elven man. Both of the elves had their faces obscured with masks. The lady wore a ornate funerary mask, and the man a stylized skull tattoo that covered his features. Nephret introduced the two elves as Lady Dannae Ulyan of Aerenal, and her servant Jaenus. She explained that Dannae was very interested in the crown.

Nephret explained that through her studies she discovered that this was the genuine blade from the Ashen Crown. She then said that it was one of five pieces that make up the crown. The other pieces, named after Dhakaani warlords were, Zaarani’s solitaire, Mukoorak’s orb, Lurtaan’s cord, and Karuuk’s circlet. She also explained that once the pieces were placed together, the Rite of Arkantaash had to be preformed to make the crown whole and establish it’s full power.

Dannae upon hearing that the blade was genuine, almost immediately offered to buynthe blade from the group for 3000 gold. The group declined her offer saying it was much to low. Dannae regretted then groups decision, and excused herself from the meeting. The group took the blade back and concluded the talks with Nephret.

Total experience per player for the session: 150

Ashurta's Last Stand

The last of the Kruthiks lay dead before the group. Though the job they were hired to do was completed, a nagging suspicion led them to believe the rest of the tomb should be explored before leaving. Tracing their steps back to the room with the drain they tried the closed door and found it open. Immediately after entering the chamber beyond the group found their eyes drawn to a ten foot wide claw shaped basin holding a crimson colored liquid. The group approached the pool and Daristrix determined that the basin was indeed filled with a churning blood. He also discoved that is was still fresh and safe to drink. Azrucal dipped in a cup and drank the thick blood from the fountain. He waited a second after the liquid rolled down his throat and suffered no ill effects. Seeing their companion safe after the consumption, both Daristrix and Archimenos joined the macabe toast with by each gulping down their own share.

Azrucal and Daristrix each walked across the chamber to two sarcophagus that leaned against the east wall. Together they opened the lids and were surprised as bones exploded out knocking Daristrix to the ground.

Finding nothing of significance, Azrucal boldly stepped up to one of four double doors in the south and west walls. He tried the door and found it locked, but no sooner than he tried it, an a hissing sound grabbed the groups attention from the center of the room. From the fountain a red mist formed on top and poured out into the room. Scraping sounds brought their attention back to the door which swung open allowing a hobgoblin skeleton to charge into them. Skeletons formed from bones by the sarcophagus and two other doors opened out of one charged a wight.

The skeleton slammed into Azrucal with a falcion as the wight grabbed Daristrix sucking the very life out of him with it’s touch. Azrucal struck back knocking the skeleton back into it’s chamber, and Dariatrix attacked the wight with no effect. The skeletons surrounded the group peppering them with minor injuries. From within the melee, a specter made itself known by unleashing a howl that froze the mind and sent Archimenos and Azrucal reeling. Archimenos regrouped by summoning a mote of psychic power to the skirmish.

The hobgoblin skeleton squared off one on one with Azrucal and again his falcion found a hole in his defense. The wight lurched out at Daristrix and grasped only air. Azrucal lashed out at the hobgoblin and returned the damage he had received. Daristrix used his building fury to unleash vengeance on the foes the effect left the specter and two skeletons dead. The remaining skeletons each drew blood from Daristrix and Archimenos. Archimenos silenced his body and focused on his mote which exploded disentigrating two skeletons and damaging both the wight, and Daristrix.

The arcane explosion rocked the tomb walls, and Archimenos found himself looking into a dimensional portal that wavered, barely staying open. Beyond, on the other side, a robed man on hands and knees looked to be on the verge of death. Saying nothing, he lurched forward and passed a ornate staff through the portal before it closed.

Archimenos retrieved the staff and summoned another mote as the hobgoblin skeleton swung again at Azrucal missing. The wight once again managed to get it’s life sucking hands on Daristrix. Azrucal slammed into then troublesome hobgoblin dragging it out of it’s crypt and into the main chamber. Daristrix fended of the wight with a vicious attack just before the second of Archimenos’s motes exploded. Dust filled the room from the explosion and the room fell quiet. When it cleared, both the hobgoblin skeleton and the wight lay at rest, but Archimenos was no where to be found.

Daristrix and Azrucal assumed the worst and proceeded to loot the room. Minutes later, as they prepared to move on, Archimenos appeared out of thin air. He was well rested as if he had had not been out for a week.

Through the final doors, the group traveled into another chamber. This one contained many hobgoblin statues, another sarcophagus and a four side statue in the center. The group approached the statue and were joined from the north doors by a strange robed man who took little notice of the group and also approached the statue and began to investigate it.

Only seconds passed before the statue began to rotate and a voice drew the attention of all to the sarcophagus which had opened and now held a massive hobgoblin who bellowed into the chamber. “Defilers! You have come to slake your greed, but you shall never have the blade of the Ashen Crown. Instead, your faltering spirits shall slake my hunger!”

The statues in the corners made no sound as stone became flesh and they charged. The hobgoblin sprang from the coffin and ran at Archimenos, the strike was savage and absolute. The blade carryied the psion to the floor as it fell, leaving him unconscious. Wights with scimitars rushed into the group one damaging Daristrix one damaging Azrucal. Azrucal returned the attack and damaged then wight. The two zombie hobgoblins attacked Azrucal and left him motionless on the floor. Daristrix call divine powers that revived Archimenos before he attacked one of the wights. The robed man knelt to quickly bandage Azrucal, then attacked the wight next to him damaging it and invigorating Azucal further. Archimenos regained his feet and focused on Ashurta slowing him and forcing him to attack his comrade and retreat across the room.

Ashurta roared with anger as he found himself unable to return to the fight. The wights attacked again this time knocking out the robed man, and damaging Daristrix. Azrucal brought the robed man back to conscious with divine wish, then attacked then zombies at his back damaging one. Daristrix brought a vicious blow to a wight nearly killing it. Archimenos found himself surrounded, and summoned a mote of energy nearby. The robed mam stood up and savagely attacked a zombie next to him, wounding it greatly. The zombies laid into Azrucal with blows that nearly took his feet from him.

Ashurta roared and charged on again this time wounding Daristrix. The wights split their attacks between then robed man and Daristrix hitting the first. Azrucal slashed at the zombie again and killed it. Daristrix slid back a step and opened his mouth unleashing electrical energy that struck both wights, and killed Ashurta. Archimenos released the energy holding the mote and it exploded over himself and the entire battlefield. The energy from the blast flattened the zombie, both wights, and Archimenos.

The skirmish barely ended and Azrucal went to the aid of Archimenos. The robed man said not a word, and went directly for the weapon held by Ashutra. Daristrix went to grab the man after he failed to repond to questions but the man slipped through his grasp. Azrucal lunged at the robed man and missed as well. Daristrix threw the grappling hook side of his weapon at the man and it sunk into his back. The man with great effort wrenched the hook free and continued his flight. Azrucal again tried to stop the man, this time hitting him with a blow that left the man unable to move, and dragged him back into the room and bound him before bringing him back to consciousness.

The man spoke of needing the blade for his master, and of build chaos the cannot be controlled. After declaring that the groups search for answers when there are none, he revealed that he had freed his hands with a hidden dagger. “I have failed you master, now I go to be with her!” The man declaired as he began laughing maniacally and plunged the dagger into his own throat. The laughing turned into a sickening pulsing gurgle as blood sprayed onto his hand and face.

The group recovered the blade, and a key they used to open two chests beside Ashurtas sarcophagus.

Total experience per player for session: 490 LEVEL UP

Kruthik's Last Stand

The War Buddies had worried about the wreaked scene when they arrived late to the rememberance gathering. They had all received the message from Quin that if they were in the city to stop by. The gathering near the top of the university tower was in complete disarray. They discovered that Quin and some other war buddies had fended off a strange mist creature and left to investigate. The group left the University and began searching nearby to discover where they had gone. Eventually the group had to give up for the day and try again the next day. In the morning, they decided that the best place to search would be other nearby inns. A few hours later, the group found a inn with a keeper that identified Quin. He sent them to the foundry as the keeper had over heard the group talking over breakfast and heard it mentioned.

At the foundry, the group encountered a grumpy rude man named Molric who was the forman. He claimed to have hired group to search out and destroy Kruthiks in the lower areas and that they had gone back down this morning. The group hurried down to the bottoms of the foundry, and came upon a sight they wished they had not. Among a dozen dead Kruthiks was the gore filled armor of Balthizar. The group took what was of worth that Balthizar would not need and continued into a Kruthik tunnel that had a blood trail leading out of it.

The trail of blood made finding some more of their friends very easy. For at the end of it was their cleric friend Fire, and the ruined metal husk of War Hammer. Again the group took what was useful, this time Kaldin said a prayer that eased his mind at bit. The group followed yet another blood trail that led to a large chamber.

The large chamber opened up out of the darkness with the use of Azrucal’s sun rod. The view of the entire space was obscured by sheets of slick mucus hanging down from the ceiling. Azrucal attacked the closest sheet of mucus and it tore from the ceiling and splattered on the floor around he groups feet. Before the group could take in the revealed surroundings, a loud screech sounded as a hive lord kruthik charged at them with a host of other various bugs. The lord clawed at Proton and missed. Swarms of tiny Kruthiks bit at the feet of Proton and Azrucal. From the ceiling, a flying Kruthik landed and charged it’s claws ripped into Proton and would not let go. Two younger Kruthiks attacked from each side each one finding blood with their efforts. Proton fought back. But as he did the rations he had eaten disagreed with him. “why now?” he thought as gas escaped his armor creating a noxious cloud around him.

Vladimir acted next and issued a mighty roar with his attack that invigorated the group to hit the creatures with everything they had, his attack killed a young Kruthik. Kaldin focused his mind and lifted himself off of the ground and 20 feet above the hive lord before dropping himself right on top of it. A risky attack that barely paid off and injured them both. Azrucal kicked Kaldin’s prone body aside and smashed the Kruthik off of Proton. The hive lord opened it’s mouth and issued a spray of acid that the group except Proton dodged. Dark magic took the lives of a Kruthik swarm and the other scurried around the groups feet and torn into Protons legs. Proton dodged an attack from a young Kruthik and struck the hive lord laying at his feet.

Dark engeries began to build out of the shadows. Vladimir raised his hands commanding the shadows which lurched out from ever cavern crevice and engulfed the remaining Kruthiks. When the shadows retreated again, all that was left was blackened ash where the enemies had been.

When the last Kruthik had fallen, Kaldin’s eyes immediately spied an amulet of goblin creation and retrieved it from within the mucus. Azrucal smash Kruthik eggs and found a bag filled with 2 healing potions and a many coins. Vladimir neared the back of the chamber and discovered the nearly devoured corpse of Invictus. Lastly, during the egg destroying, Proton came upon his dear friend Quin. Quin’s body while mostly intact had been disemboweled and had a fresh batch of Kruthik eggs laid into his midsection. Without a single thought, Proton lifted his boot and smashed the eggs into the guts of his dead friend.

Total experience per player for session: 212

Loss in the Tunnels

The group assessed the problems they had encountered inside the ancient tomb. After having been beaten up pretty badly by undead, Warhammer spoke up asking the others why they were in this tomb. The group realized that what had brought them to the tomb was accepting a Kruthik extermination assignment. Yet all they had done since following the Kruthik trail is avoid the tunnels they come out of. Invictus decided that he would activate a sun rod and investigate the tunnels while the rest of the group hung back. Traveling only a short distance in the tunnels, he discovered that the tunnels ran underneath the room they had just come from. The rest of the group struggled with a grate in the floor eventually opening it and descending to follow the tunnels as a group.

After continuing through the tunnels for a few hundred feet, the tunnel widened into a large chamber. Invictus’s panther senses picked up on some movement in rubble piles scattered throughout the chamber. He whispered a warning to the group before proceeding inside. The group barely reached the center of the room when Kruthiks attacked from side tunnels and from the ceiling. Poison spikes poured down from above and found openings in both Fire’s and Invictus’s armor. Balthizar stepped up to the smallest of the Kruthiks and flattened it with one swing. Though poisoned, Invictus conjured magic fire on a Kruthik across the room. But his success was short lived as he tried create distance from the nearest enemy, the Kruthik grabbed ahold of him. Warhammer then proceeded to strike another and his holy challenge was issued to most of the enemies. Fire, filled with poison, struck at the nearest Kruthik and missed it, though the poison left her body. The adult Kruthiks split their attack with one dropping from the ceiling and attacking Warhammer the other rained more poison spikes onto Invictus and Fire hitting and poisoning both of them. Warhammer sensed that the creatures success had do have something more to it than luck and discovered the creature was channeling favor from it’s evil deity. Warhammer called out for divine aid to counter the evil and was granted similar favor in the name of good.

Balthizar with the smell of ammoniated Kruthik blood still filling his nose cut down another small Kruthik in one swing. The Kruthik surrounded by magic fire attempted to leave the area but was cut off by Warhammer and Fire. The Kruthik lashed out against Fire and hit her but suffered greatly as the arcane fire continued to burn it and divine energies punished it for it’s evil. The Kruthik next to Invictus moved into position flanking Warhammer and cut into him with vicious claws. The adult Kruthiks both then shot a hail storm of darts hitting Warhammer, Fire, and Invictus who fell to the floor overcome with poison and injury. Balthizar moved in to help his fallen comrade the best way he could, attacking the closest Kruthik. The Kruthik attacked back slashing with it’s claws and seizing Balthizar. Invictus seemed stable for the moment when Warhammer struck and killed the burning Kruthik. Fire called upon her god to aid Invictus and used these precious seconds to regain her composure.

The adult Kruthiks struck again one with darts, the other attacking Warhammer and missing. Balthizar teleported out of the Kruthik’s grasp and readied himself for the next attack. Invictus stood up and used his magic armor to turn invisible and attacked the Kruthik next to him, missing narrowly. The Kruthik not able to see Invictus attacked Fire and slashed wildly with it claws. Warhammer used his time to collect his bearing, while Fire used the last of her holy blessings to help him and moved away from the Kruthik that had attacked her. The adults struck again with their poison onslaught damaging Warhammer twice, and dealing a crippling blow to Fire. Balthizar teleported again this time to address the Kruthik still clinging to the ceiling. He grabbed a hold of the ceiling beam and looked for an opening. Invictus shot his arcane fire up and struck the Kruthik adult, who somehow managed to hold on to the beam. Warhammer attacked the other adult Kruthik but it was to quick and dodged out of the way.

The adult Kruthik next to Balthizar jumped to the floor and ignoring the divine damage attacked Invictus knocking him out again. The other adult hit Warhammer again, this time a sense of dread filled his consciousness. Balthizar knowing that the tide of battle needed to change decided to take a risk. With a roar he released from the beam and dropped 30 feet with sword swinging in a massive ark, and slammed into the adult Kruthik below him. Yet to his astonished eyes, the creature yet lived as it called once again to it’s dark god for help and wounds seemed to heal. Warhammer ran toward the injured Kruthik and hit it again, yet his damage was still not enough. The other adult Kruthik moved in behind Warhammer and both struck him leaving the war forged still on the ground. Balthizar attacked the injured Kruthik and hit, but the strike was not true and did little damage. Balthizar teleported behind the Kruthik behind him. Both adult Kruthik turned and in a flurry of chitinous claws attacked Balthizar. His own blood sprayed up into his eyes disorienting him and he barely felt the thump as his body hit the floor. The last thing Balthizar thought as his vision turned from red to black was, “That clicking sound…it sounds like rain…but how can there be rain in a cave..”

A moment later, the Kruthiks began to feast.

Total experience per player: 90

The Dragons Mouth/Where Did the Enemy Go?

The group left the fire room through 2 stone doors to the east. They traveled down a steep set of steps to find similar tiles as were in the room before. Invictus passed up inspection of the tiles to continue up a opposite set of steps east the steeply went up to more stone doors. Night Hawk observed that the room was covered with reliefs that looked like the inside if a giant mouth. Warhammer and Night Hawk discussed what to do about the tiles and decided to press down the “close” and “up” tiles. The floor beneath the tile began to shake and the steps folded into themselves forming a smooth ramp down into the room. Invictus flattened against the wall of the stairwell as the room below exploded with action. Night Hawk found himself hanging to the side of a pit that opened below his feet and Nurm was knocked into the pit by a hinged spike panel that dropped from the ceiling. Balthizar dodged the spiked plate that dropped towards him and Rendall managed to avoid falling in a pit under him. To make matters worse, Kruthik Hatchlings began pouring out of a side tunnel and leaping to attack the group.

Night Hawk climbed out of the pit and readied himself for the bugs. War hammer was ready as a Kruthik jumped into the center of the tiles and struck it down mid flight. Another was hit and killed by Balthizar followed by a third killed jumping by Night Hawk. Despite their brood taking casualties, the remaining Kruthiks attacked Warhammer without effect. The last Kruthik attacked Nurm scratching him all over. Nurm climbed out of the pit and retreated to the entry stairs and Rendall moved in behind him. Balthizar moved in closer to the advancing Kruthiks and killed another.

The room latches and panels snapped back into readied position and activated again. Balthizar fell into a newly reopened pit and found himself on his back scrambling to avoid a massive stone ball rolling around underneath the tiles. Night Hawk ducked and avoided the ceiling spikes above him and proceeded to miss calculate the distance across a pit, jumping right into it. Invictus heard the commotion down the stairs and without regard to his companions blindly lit the room up with arcane fire killing the last Kruthik and damaging his companions.

The group set to deactivating aspects of the room traps from here by attacking the mechanisms that moved the pits and spikes. Collectively they managed to disable around half of the mechanisms before without warning the room reset itself falling silent again. The pits closed, the spikes returned to the ceiling, and the stairs returned.

War hammer climbed up the eastern stairs and noticed that metal rods were connected to the doors, and disconnected them. With Invictus beside him, Warhammer threw open the doors. As soon as the doors opened, the steps they were standing on slipped into the floor and the two of them slid back down into the room. Night Hawk tied a rope around his waist and ran as hard as he could and barely made it half way up the ramp. Nurm took his shot at the ramp and made it to the top. Eventually the group made it to the top of the stair ramp with the dragon mouth room still snapping and grinding behind them.

The room they walked into proved to be no relief for the group. Blury figures hid behind the magic of four statues. The figures revealed themslves as 2 undead drakes, and a hobgoblin corpse. Three small undead motes stirred inside of alcoves lining the room. Rendall took action and ran into the middle of the room and unleashed 2 bolts from his repeating crossbow killing two of the motes. Warhammer ran up to the closest blury figure and though his strike seemed true, he missed his target. Invictus joined Warhammer by attacking the corpse and despite what his eyes told him, he also missed. The group soon realized that the statues were aiding in the defense of the undead.

Rendall changed his focus from fighting the undead to deactivating the statues. The undead proved very difficult sending Warhammer and Nurm into retreat, and placed Balthizar unconscious. Eventually, the corpse finally went down, by the divine curse of Warhammer as he cowered in the corner.

Total Session Experience per player: 255 (1530 total divided by 6)

Fire Room Quandry

June 22 2011

The group searched the Tomb entrance after having dispatched the Kruthiks.  Warhammer sifted through the pile of skulls and found a battle standard on it’s pole depicting a black bird of prey on a red back ground.  Balthizar looked around the edge of the room and concluded that going into the  Kruthik holes would be a squeeze, but would definitely lead to more Kruthiks.  Balthizar also found common runes on the iron holders surrounding the skulls.  The runes said "".   Invictus identified the standard as a battle standard of might then discovered a bloodied pouch spilled out onto the floor.  Inside the pouch he found 11 gold pieces, a healing potion, and an old journal.  The journal said " ", and also had a piece of leather with a image of a hand on it. 

Warhammer reasoned with the group to retreat and take another shot at the tomb after an overnight rest the next day.  The group fell back through the foundry and found an inn to stay in.  Molrac saw them leaving the foundry and expressed his lack of confidence in the group that is leaving already. 

The next morning, the group returned to the tomb to find the entrance guarded once again by Kruthiks.  The group fought and destroyed the bugs once again, Invictus taking the worst of the bugs attacks. 

Warhammer stepped over the Kruthik bodies up to the double iron doors and slammed his metal hands into it.  However, his strength was not enough and the door held fast. Invictus casually pushed Warhammer aside, and proceeded to effortlessly pick the door lock.  The doors swung open to reveal a room with four goblin statues, a demon statue, three red burning braziers, and 16 runic tiles in the center floor. The group carefully looked around the room finding glowing garnet eyes in the ten foot demon, more Kruthik tunnels, and the runic floor tiles could be pressed down.   

After some discussion, Warhammer used his standard pole to press the tile marked “today”.  The tile pressed in, and pop’ed back up.  Next one of the group jumped onto the tile labeled “release”.  Warhammer helped him off with his standard, and the tile pop’ed back up. 

Frustrated with no ideas concerning the rune tiles, the group decided to each take turns to walking down one of the four rows of tiles.  War hammer walked down the first row, and found that the “open”, and “down” marked tiles did not pop back up.  So the next adventurer walked down his row and found that creatures made of burning magma emerged from the braziers when he stepped on the “rage” marked tile. 

Combat ensued.  Warhammer and Balthizar squared off with one of the magma creatures, Invictus and another adventurer found themselves in a corner with another magma man, while a third laid into another explorer.   The magma creatures moved around the room chaotically damaging many of the group.  One of them stepped onto the “fire” tile and fire motes jump out of the braziers and began to float around the room burning the adventurers. 

Without warning, a devilish looking imp appeared next to Invictus and attacked him sending poison into the wound via tail sting.  The group fought back with Warhammer and Balthizar severely damaging one of the magma creatures.  Invictus blasted magically chilled energy into the imp wiping the evil smirk off of it’s face.  

The imp vanished again, and Invictus blasted the magma creature nearest to him finishing him off, and finally felt the poison leave his body.  Warhammer attacked the third magma man, while Balthizar dispatched the second with a perfect strike.   The imp reappeared and it’s tail once again found it’s way into Invictus’s body and filled him with poison.  Multiple attacks slammed into the imp and destroyed it.   Invictus got over the poison just before it would have taken him. 

Balthizar moved into better position to aid Warhammer and stabbed the final magma man.  Warhammer began to chant and summoned holy energy which opened a portal of blue flame beneath the magma man and extinguished his evil fires. 

Total experience per player: 233


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