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The Cult of the Forge

From below in the dark basement Torg called up saying he had found something. The group assembled in the small underground room and discovered the dead body of a gnome tailor. The tailor had died while sewing a crest onto a pile of blue smocks. The symbol was that of a bull head surrounded by twin bird wings with knives instead of feathers.

The group took a couple of the smocks, and packed them away. The group noticed at this point that Private Yole was not with them. They began to discuss setting out to find him when Torg interjected.

Torg explained that Yole was of no use to them and that he knew what the building looked like, but he asked that the financial terms of his relationship with the group be better defined. Torg explained that he had saved the group many times and that William had said that the group owed him fifty thousand gold. Torg decided that if he was the only one who could lead them to the right building he deserved 50k as well.

The group did little debating about the price of Torg and with a shaky hand Thom gave Torg a sizable down payment.

Thom used a concealing magic to duplicate a description of the warforge Gloomhollow had witnessed patrolling the ruined city. The group set out into the streets in the last hours of daylight to find the building that held the vault.

The group spent hours working their way through the ruined city. A tailed group of warforged led the group to a meeting in the center of the ruins where a massive warforge with metal wings gave a passionate speech of world domination intention. After traversing many obstacles, including two altercations with warforge patrols, the group finally found the building with the stone triangle on top that Torg revealed he was looking for.

Inside the massive building should be the item that would win back the SSC’s contract with house Orien.

Total experience per player for session: 2775

Making a Hasty Retreat

The mind flayer surveyed the remaining four opponents and decided that the Ogre was the toughest of the bunch. Azrukal fired off a couple of spells at the mind controller while Archemenos continued his hidden magic. The flayer raised his hand in front of Torg and his face went blank. Azrukal began to move away from the giant creature and within a couple of Torg’s steps he slammed him twice with his heavy flail. Azrukal struggled to stay conscious after the blow knocked him senseless. The ogre’s face showed no change as Yole charged across the room and missed the slippery flayer.

Inside the pocket dimension, Thom could not get over feeling like the battle was not going well. He cut the hole back through in time to see Azrukal hit the ground unconscious at Torg’s feet. Thom grabbed a potion from his belt and sprang at the dominated foe. With perfect timing, he placed the open vial into Torg’s mouth. Thom watched at Torg struggled to regain his mind, and urged him to come back. Torg however, could not shake the power of the flayer and stuck Thom to the ground.
Yole continued his attack on the flayer and prepared for Torg to turn on him next. Torg raised his flail and prepared to charge and his target changed from Yole to the flayer. The ogre slammed the creature twice with heavy thumps and it fell dead to the floor.

The group limped around the room and Archemenos discovered a flawless pearl pendant and a couple of potions on the dead.

Azrukal however, seemed very interested in the orb on the alter. He walked past the looting companions and straight for it. Thom protested as Azrukal lifted the orb from the alter and gently placed it into his haver sack. The orb’s glowing ceased once lifted from the alter and no other effect was apparent.

The group made camp inside the room and awoke to Yole’s voice again. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves outside the tunnels next to the blackened hill. To their surprise, the hill showed no signs of a tunnel or wreaked lightning rail train.

Yole urged them to ready letting them know that the city of Making was only a half days journey. The group set out and within a few hours came upon a forest of blackened glass spikes coming out of the ground. The gaps between the spikes were tight at best and they set into them. The travel through was treacherous. Once gas spewed from the ground, and another time, the group had to traverse by climbing up the brittle blackened spikes.

Eventually the group came upon a river through the spikes made of hot flowing glass well over one hundred feet across. Thom again produced a magic vial from his pack, and tossed it into the liquid. The molten surface hardened in a strip one hundred feet out into the river. The group ran to the end of the peninsula quickly as the pressure of the current made cracking sounds emit from the surface beneath their feet.

Azrukal ignited an area on the far shore and in an instant had teleported there. Gloomhollow threw a rope right to Azrukal who connected the rope to a magic rod that he simply placed in mid air. The rod held fast at the peninsula snapped free from the other bank. The group held tight to the rope as the current delivered them to the far shore.

Only a few hundred feet of the blackened forest remained before they came out to a half mile flattened plain surrounding the ruined city of Making. To the south of their position, the group noted that the river of glass curved out of the spikes and made its way into the center of the city.

Torg’s eyes spotted strange birds coming toward the group. When Yole observed them, he screamed for the group to run. The group began to jog after Yole and joined the run when they saw what looked to be best described as weird flying warforged. The flying creatures got in close fast and began chipping away at the fleeing group. The group battled back and dropped all of the initial wave of attackers, just at a low humming sound brought three very large warforge constructs.

The new enemies seemed capable of multiple actions at once. The group made their way from the field practically dragging Azrukal with them. They followed Torg into the basement of an old linen shop and waited for the metal sentries to pass. The group exhaled a breath of relief just before a thump sounded from the room below the stairs they stood on.

Total experience per player for session: 4870

Azrukal's Ruse

The mind flayer stepped out from behind the shadowy pillars in the rear of the chamber. Azrukal’s fear began to grow as he realized that he was outmatched. His body tensed up and froze as the three drider thralls awaited the order to kill the drow. Azrukal quickly thought back to the chamber below when he had regarded the mind controlled drow closely. Azrukal quickly assumed his best impression of the thrall and slowly took his place next to the driders facing the entrance.

Below the chamber, Thom waited listening to the stairwell for what he expected to be e sounds of Azrukal’s excruciating death, yet none came down. Torg fidgeted anxiously and inquired why the bard was scared to go up with the elf. Thom pleaded for the half ogre to be patient and asked Gloomhollow to quietly venture up the stairs and inspect the situation.

Gloomhollow moved as quiet as a shadow up the stairs and viewed Azrukal standing with three half spider drow, and a Drow priestess. She took a little extra time to view Azrukal and discovered that he was pretending to be mind controlled. She left and returned to the group to tell them what she had seen.

Thom dug through his backpack and produced a vial. He then gathered the group right out of sight of the door before throwing the vial int the doorway. Hot steam erupted from the vial obscuring the entrance. Gloomhollow focused in on the flayer in the rear of the room and charged towards him. The flayer raised a hand and Gloomhollow froze in her tracks turned and charged her companions.

The rest of the group charged in and Azrukal let down his guise. The room became a chamber of violence as the driders charged into the foes. The Flayer continued to dominate the heroes while filling their minds with ghastly horrors. The group struggled to defeat the spider drows, and eventually got through them to the drow priestess. However, by this point Gloomhollow held the flayer with a garrot wire and struggled to stay conscious. She called out for help. Thom, exhausted of all healing magic barreled through a burning brazier and tackled Gloomhollow away from the flayer. He removed the temporal dagger from his belt and cut into another dimension both he and Gloomhollow fell inside and he sealed it leaving the group behind.

The drow priestess fell to the floor with a scream and gurgle as Torg smashed her with two mighty blows to the face. The mind flayer realized that he was the last standing in the room. With no where to go his resolve was absolute, he would use these fools to begin his new collection of followers or die trying.

Total experience per player for session: 0

Old Questions Return

Deciding that is was not safe to rest until the entirety of the area was explored, the group continued deeper into the hill by having Gloomhollow sneak through the closed door. Inside the adjoining room, Gloomhollow came face to face with strange gray skinned creatures with milky vacant blind eyes.

Gloomhollow made the judgement that the creatures would most likely be sensitive to vibrations felt through the floors and decided to see how sensitive they were. She glided across the room and right up behind the nearest creature and attacked it with a flurry of slashes. The creatures around the room jumped at the sudden scream from their companion and charged towards Gloomhollow.

The group burst through the door and met the scrambling creatures regroup with ferocity. However, from the shadows in the rear of the chamber, a creature with a face full of tentacles shifted forward and began to assault the minds of the group. The group held fast against the hidden foe having just dispatched one of its kind minutes ago in the preceeding room.

Like a blur a drow swordsmen raced across the room slashing anyone who dared test him with their blades. The group continued to struggle against the enemies very thankful to have an ally like Torg who killed half of the foes with a hail storm of blows from his massive flail.

Azrukal shook off the ongoing effects of the tentacled creature as it fell dead to the floor, and was assaulted at close range by the drow swordsman. Azrukal looked close at the dark elf, and noticed that he held a frozen grimace. Azrukal called out to the group that he believed that the drow was under some sort of mind control. Thom yelled to the group to subdue the dark elf instead of killing him.

Everyone pulled back on thier attacks and began trying to wear out the mindless combatant. Everyone except Torg who slammed the last grey skinned enemy to the ground and charged the drow smashing his skull flat with his shoulders.

The group regained their composure and found a set of stairs down a hallway at the rear of the chamber. Thom called the group to come up with a plan for exploring up the steps. Azrukal however, decided he was tired and didn’t want to waste anymore time discussing things. He started up the stairs with the group watching from behind. Thom’s harsh whisper entered his ears from behind alerting Azrukal that the group was not following him up unless the approach was more discreet. Azrukal waved off the warning and continued up the steps.

Thom turned to the rest of the group who were so exhausted that they didn’t really know if they could handle another fight. Thom declared that it was probably the last time they would see Azrukal alive.

Azrukal continued up the stairs and entered a columned chamber. His eyes locked onto something he never expected to see. At the far end of the chamber in front of what looked like a caved in portion of the chamber sat an alter with a glowing orb sitting on top of it. Azrukal’s mind locked onto the memory of when he had seen the alter before, it was just like the one that had trapped the group inside the Shadowfell.

From the sides of the chamber, large half drow half spider creatures began to approach as a third scuttled across the ceiling. In the far corner of the chamber a large female drow priestess stood expressionless while just in front of the alter a tentacled faced creature stepped out of the shadows.

total experience per player for session:1650 (52,175)

Train to the under dark

The group continued west under the guidance of private Yole. As the day reached the middle of the afternoon, the group came upon an area of the Mournland that had been turned into a landscape of blackened wasteland. Shortly after deciding to traverse the blackened area, the group came upon an objects in their path that were not black.

Before them laying on the ground were two dead bodies. The group cautiously approached the first body and discovered it was the kruthik bite covered body of Demise. The searched her body and found nothing. The second body lay face down and the group walked up and flipped it over. They dicovered the Mournland frozen face of Jelia, the rogue Kings Citadel agent that had been thrown over the side of the airship.

The ground around the bodies suddenly became semi solid and the group began to sink with the bodies into the black landscape. Yole screamed from a solid area and reminded them that they should have left the bodies alone.

The group began to ready all of their usual escape methods when their mind were forced into a series of nightmarish visions. Thom saw himself hiding on Williams ship while his men boarded another to steal and kill, Gloomhollow was suddenly witnessing her mother being tortured to death by strange men, and Azrukal found himself holding the baby deer from the cave covered in acid who melted as it screamed for him to help.

The group eventually shook off the nightmares and got out before sinking completely. However, the bodies of Jelia and Demise joined the other blackened bodies of the landscape.

Yole urged the group to travel faster, and the group continued on, this time a few hours into the night. Finally when it seemed like the flattened area would go on forever, they came upon a hill. Yole squinted and to the groups surprise, discovered a lightning rail train without and sort of track imbedded in the side of the hill.

The group entered the train and found a military company representing the Cyre nation frozen on board. When the group made their way to the front of the train, instead of an engine, they found the entrance to a dungeon under the hill.

The group entered the dungeon after hearing a shuffling sound coming from within. The group fought two massive beetle like creatures and a humanoid with a face full of tentacles. Both creature had attacks that affected the minds of the group. After suffering a lot of damage, the group succeeded in destroying the creatures and prepared to travel through doors to the next chamber.

Total experience per player for session: 900

Problems with the locals

The group decended from the hills and to the small ghost town. All around them lay the former populace of the town with horrified day of mourning looks frozen on their faces. The group began exploring the town and found that the streets filled with many mournland dead and a twisted form that used to be a warforged.

The town itself consisted of six buildings a building bearing the house Deneith mark, a horse stable, an inn, a residence, and a bank. The group explored the marked building first.

Inside the marked building, the group found a couple of jail cells, and a office desk covered with dust and papers. Azrukal found amongst the papers a summons from house Deneith to a Drogvan Sienth. The summons asked that Drogvan report to the service of Sigor d’Deneith for operations into Karrnath.
The date on their paper work was ytk 994, the year the war ended.

The group continued through the town and decided to search the bank. Gloomhollow stepped over the dead bank customers and within moments had unlocked the gate behind the counter, and opened the safe behind. Inside the group found a large cash of gold inside bags marked with the house Cannith crest.

As the group gathered the newly obtained treasure, private Yole called out for help from outside. Upon investigation, they found Yole feet off of the group and neck tightly in the grasp of Torg. The group asked Torg to release Yole, and he seemed distrustful of them and refused. The half ogre explained that the group had turned on him inside the tower and he was forced to find another person to go into the mourn land.

Torg asked that the group go inside the Inn and speak with his new traveling companion, and they were convinced that they were about to come face to face with William once again.

Inside the inn, the group indeed did find William in a upper room naked in a bath tub. William casually regarded the group and lazily smoked a roll of tobacco while he spoke only to Thom. William asked that Thom leave his companions and travel with he and Torg. Thom agreed and sent his companions away. Outside, Torg yelled up to William for help with a large group of warforged charging the town.

The rest of the group was on their way down the stairs when from outside Yole screamed for help before yelling charge. The group answered by running outside and finding Yole and Torg running towards four warforged. Upstairs Thom headed for the door when William got out of the tub holding a crystal bomb in his hand that he had submerged.

Thom ran down the stairs immediately after, followed by William who lept out of the second story window. William fought with the warforge shortly before retreating from the town.

The group fought till they chased the final warforge from the town. Torg expressed the desire to travel together again when he realized that William had left him. When he went to retrieve his cart of supplies, the cart exploded knocking him to the ground.

Thom made sure Torg was ok and let him know that his cart exploded because William had placed a bomb onto it. Torg swore revenge on William for his treachery.

Total experience per player for session: 1000

The Seeds of Trouble

The plant carefully detached itself from the back wall of the cave and released a pinkish mist that surrounded the sleeping Thom. Thom sat up, grabbed the Pumpkin Cleaver, and with eyes still closed and made his way over to Azrukal. Azrukal looked up through clouded poisoned vision just as Thom lazily swung his weapon at his head. Azrukal narrowly dodged the attack and noticed the plant filling the room with a hazy mist. He called for his companions to wake up as the plant unleashed a spraw of acidic poison over the entire campsite.

Thom shook off the effects of the poison, and joined his companions in fighting the plant. The group struggled to best the large creature, but soon found themselves mostly attempting to stay conscious as the creature would explode an acidic substance every time it was attacked by a physical means.

Finally, after retreating all the way across the cave, the group found themselves pinned between the crystal rain outside and the plant creature. Azrukal readied the exodus knife as Thom and Gloomhollow reached the front of the cave. Azrukal unleashed all flames that he could and the creature deflated before the group like a balloon.

The group noticed the sound of the rain outside had a distinct metallic clang that had joined the smashing crystals. When the group looked out to see what it was, they found a lone warforged viewing them from a short distance. Under the cover of a large lightning strike, the metal man was gone.

Private Yole, reacted to the sight of the warforge poorly, and was obviously having regrets about accepting the mission to guide the group. He let them know that he only intended to guide them to the edge of the city of making and then continue on toward Breland without them.

The group went to sleep and awoke the next day to Private Yole eating alone and reading to leave. The group soon set out across the dried lands. Around mid afternoon, the group climbed a hill to a ridge that overlooked a small ghost town, and despite Yole wanting to go around decided that they should investigate it. That is when they heard the voice of Torg echo off of the ridge walls, proclaiming that the “metal man no match for Torg!”.

total experience per player for session: 1000

The Mournland welcome

Private Yole roused the group from their fog induced flashback. He urged the group to ready themselves for worse encounters ahead. He also noted that Archemenos and Gloomhollow had contracted the Mournland sickness. He warned Thom and Azrukal that if the sickness continued, they would soon lose their minds.

The group was a little shocked at the difference between Yole outside the Mournland(a paranoid loon), and the confident well adjusted elf in front of them now.

Yole led the group through the dry grassland and eventually to a lake surrounded by bones and filled by a crimson colored water. The group began to follow the shore and were attacked by disfigured flying fish, and a large mutated frog.

After dispatching the enemies, Yole urged them onward to a cave at the base of some rock formations that he claimed to have used on his former travels. They found the cave and after a quick survey, decided that it would be safe enough for the night.

Azrukal took the first watch away from Yole and an hour later while his companions slept became aware of an approaching thunder storm. However, as the storm got closer, instead of rain falling, it sounded as if handfuls of gravel were hitting the side of the cave.

Azrukal got up and went to the front of the cave where he witnessed red crystals falling from the sky and smashing into the rocky ground. At the entrance, he also found a small injured deer like creature with a large crystal jutting out of its rear leg. Azrukal backed the creature into a corner and grabbed it. He carefully removed the crystal and found it very brittle and of little use. He carried the deer creature back to the camp inside the cave.

Azrukal set back down amongst his companions and failed to notice the haze filling the area. His mind became dizzy as the back wall of the cave came to life. The large plant had subdue it prey and it readied for its nightly feeding.

Total experience per player for session: 1000

Forgotten Memories

It occured to Thom that the direction of the Mournland was to the west and he brought it to the attention of Private Yole. Yole corrected himself and the group wondered if what this guide might be worth.

However, despite the shaky guide, the group traveled to the southwest for nearly the entire day and came upon what was certainly the border of the Mournland. A one hundred foot tall bank of fog traveling to the horizon both north and south raised out of the desert sand.

The group decided that it was best if they camped before attempting to cross and they were treated to more crazy sounding rants from Yole who continued to speak directly to his fingers.

In the morning, the group approached the bank of fog and their minds were filled with the moments witnessed on the day of mourning. They stood on the hill side next to Lord Bren and Aric listening to the horror happening inside the fog. Bren discussed the situation with each of them. Suddenly without warning, Aric screamed and launched himself full speed into the fog waving his hands in the air.

Bren charged after his long time friend and called to the group for aid. The group chased down the hill and into the fog. Inside the fog, the group found many dead soldiers from each side of the Cyre Breland conflict. Each of the dead had a frozen look of horror as if they died in absolute pain.

The group chased after the sound of Bren’s voice, and ran right into a group of undead eating the dead. The group fought away the undead and found tracks of non military shoes they guessed must be Bren’s.

The track were lost quickly and the group came across a group of Emerald claw agents lost and frightened inside the fog. Their leader panicked and ordered her troops to attack the group. Within seconds, the agents found that they had more an they bargained for and retreated without receiving a single wound.

The group continued into the fog eventually stumbling upon Lord Bren laying next to a large boulder. He claimed that Aric was past the rock and in the gully beyond. However, Bren made it known to them that the way was blocked by some strange creatures.

The group charged forward and were attacked by creatures with the look of fog, and the very fog itself. Though very tough, the creatures soon fell and did little damage. Though Gloomhollow and Archemenos both became sick from repeated exposure to the fog.

Bren rejoined the group and they began to make their way into the gully when the fog in front of them lit up from an orange colored flash. The group observed several other flashes before the final one that revealed the shadow of a kneeling man with arms raised upward towards a 30 foot tall humanoid with a long pointed tail.

Aric’s scream pierced the fog and the group ran towards him. The fog began to clear and the group found Aric lying in day of mourning symbol that was marked as if scorched into the very ground itself. The group looked up from the symbol as a voice called down to them.

Above them Private Yole calmly told them to collect themselves, and though they had made it through the fog, they needed to find better shelter before ending their travels for the day. When their gaze returned to the ground, the symbol, Aric, and Bren were all gone, a distant memory from the war.

Total experience per player for session: 1800 (46,625)

Explosive End to Conflict

The group decided to chase after William who’s path led them back into the War Band camp. After reaching the camp they came across evidence of a dead uniform less officer stabbed to death in an alley. The investigating elves clued the group in that the missing uniform had a service pin on it that might help them recognize it.

The group made their way through the camp asking questions and eventually found a elven stable man who had recently released a horse to an officer delivering official papers to the Griffenclaw tower. The group told the man that the he had checked out the horse to an imposter. The man began to nearly panic and begged the group to help him in retrieving the horse. The group agreed and borrowed horses to follow the tracks in the sands.

Only around a mile of travel was done before the group came upon the horse and sent Azrukal back to the elf with all of the horses. During this time, Thom, Gloomhollow, and Archemenos searched the area they found the horse and found a secret trap door entrance to a tunnel leading to the tower.

Inside the tunnel, the group came across another dead guard stripped of his clothes. They began traveling towards the tower, when the sounds of running feet growing closer caused them to seek hiding places. A group of guards ran by and when the group emerged from their cover, they found that Torg had vanished. The group hurried towards the tower and found three possible exits as the sounds of the returning guards began to fill the tunnel. Azrukal climbed up the second ladder to the surface exit and with no stealth at all opened the hatch to a room with three waiting guards.

Azrukal quickly closed the hatch and began to descend, however the group surrendered when they were pinched between guard above and below. The guards took the group to the top of the tower and placed them in a cell. The were interrogated and reached an impasse with the captain who said that the group would have to tell their story to the commander in the morning.

The group bedded down for the night behind bars and were awoke by Torg opening their cell next to the unconscious guard. Thom hesitantly left the cell only through Torg’s urging that he had found a way to end the elves fighting. It was soon after that the group heard and felt the first explosion. Torg had set many explosives in the tower. Torg explained to a shocked group that Immiar only fought for control of the tower. He reasoned that no tower would mean no fighting.

The group experienced a second explosion and found themselves in the middle of a mass evacuation inside the tower. The group despite Torg’s insistence to leave immediately decided to help the fleeing elves and were abandoned by Torg.

At the bottom of the tower, the group came face to face with the captain who had questioned them earlier. The captain decided that the group must be responsible for the explosions and attacked the group. Before the end of the altercation, the group carried two unconscious guard outside and helped the captain out just before the tower collapsed in a massive cloud of smoke and dust.

The elves inside the tower keep, began tending to the wounded. Though the group looked for him, Torg was again missing. The sun was just coming up when Immiar’s forces showed up bringing supplies and began helped the wounded elves. Immiar found the group and told them that she under estimated them. She explained that since they were working for her, that in the eyes of the kingdom, she won this battle. As promised, she delivered a scout for the Mournland. A private named Yole Tide. Private Tide seemed like he might have been a little off, but Immiar claimed that he was the only one left who had been on the mission that was alive and would go back.

Total experience per player for session: 1100


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