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Old Debts Return

The group continued their travels west toward Griffenclaw tower. When the tower came into view, the group came upon a massive camp filled with elven militia. The group decided through Likladesh’s urging that they should rest till night fall and enter the camp disguised. The group agreed with the plan and set to resting. When the group began to rise from their sleep, they were surprised to find that Gloomhollow was not only out of the handy haversack, but also alive.

The group made their way into the warband camp cautiously. They hadn’t gone far when they came upon Torg, the half ogre who had been at the caravan attack site the day before. Torg was in trouble after being accused of cheating by some of the soldiers. The group reasoned with the guards and eventually paid the guards for the money Torg owed and freed him from nearly being hung by a noose.

Torg promised the group that the dying man the day before had given him information the group didn’t have and insisted that the group take him along. The group decided to go and visit the waveband leader Immiar Iristia, and find out what she knew and to see if she would stop attacking the tower. Lishladek refused to go to see her and left with their horses to wait at their camp.

Once the group paid the guards in front of her building, they met with Immiar. She revealed to the group that she had indeed made a trip into the Mornland, and could provide a guide for them. She let the group know that the dying elf in the caravan got what he deserved for his desertion. She said that the elf had become sick while with her in the Mornland, and that the fever had made him of no use.

The conversation eventually led to the group being promised a guide if they could get her the tower. The group agreed and began to leave when Torg spoke up and confirmed that the only thing that she was fighting for was the tower. She confirmed the statement and the group went back to their camp.

When they returned to the camp, they found all of their horses slaughtered. From behind a rock William the Disembowler stepped with Lishladek. William was angry that he was not speaking to Thom and confirmed through his conversation that the group was after something very valuable.
William ended the discussion by having some of his crew attack the group. The crew were well trained and they nearly killed the group if not for the tenacious Torg, and the healing Archemenos.

Total experience per player for session: 1100

Archemenos's Folly

The group made their way into the Blade Desert. During the nights travel, they found themselves trapped inside a sink hole of silt sand, and attacked by desert monsters. The group fought their way out of the silt pit, and eventually were able to fend off the monsters. However, due to a miscalculation, Archemenos aimed a psionic blast whose range included an enemy and also a unconscious Gloomhollow.

Gloomhollow was already near death when the psions attack finished the job. Thom verbally punished Archemenos, and put Gloomhollow’s body in the handy haversack. The group gathered themselves and set out west once again. After traveling another day and a half, the group came upon a caravan of covered wagons. The caravan was under attack by some bandits. The group quickly rode into the area and dispatched the bandits.

After dealing with the bandits, the group discovered a dying elf being tended to by a half ogre named Torg. Torg claimed the elf had handed him a letter to his wife in Keth, and that the elf was dead. However, Thom succeeded in reviving the elf, who talked about a glowing box in the Mornland. He went on to describe a vault numbered 691 with a runic combination of 24673219. The elf died after mentioning his apology to Irristia Immiar for leaving her.

The group noticed the whinny of a horse from outside the wagon as Torg rode due west away from the group, and away from Keth. Thom buried the elf in the methods of his goddess.

Total experience per player for session: 900

Dubious Alliances

The group surveyed the aftermath of the fight in the teleportation chamber. They found the mark of Shadow on one of the assassins and a rough drawing of their group on his body.

Thom decided to wait for the guards to work out the detail when a voice from a window above the room let him know that this would be a possibly fatal error. Letting them know that crime scenes that involve murder and non elves usually ends in execution.

The group listened to the warning and ran outside, where the city guards chased them until they lost them by hiding inside a mud built dwellings. The man who warned them and led them to hiding turned out to be an elf named Lishladek.

Lishladek admitted to the group that he had happened upon the sounds of the fight and was impressed with their skills. He went on to ask the group their business and was told of their intent to travel into the Mornland.

Lishladek asked if the group could aid his war band that was trapped by a rival, more powerful war band inside the Griffenclaw tower keep on the boarder of the Mornland. He promised that if the group helped him, he could provide scouts that could aid them in their travels inside the Mornland.

Thom and the group debated if it was worth helping a violent war band defeat another violent war band. The group decided that they may be able to end the violence without aggression and agreed to help Lishladek.

The following morning, Lishladek led the group to a shoddy looking airship that transported the group north to the city of Keth. Once in Keth, Lishladek left the group after checking them into a local inn called the Peasants Oasis. He return mid evening and told the group of his plan to get back to the Mornland.

Lishladek relayed to the group that speed was of the essence and that the group needed to obtain Valaes Geldings, a guarded horse breed of particular desert proficiency that is never sold to non elves. He told the group that a business partner had made a deal with him to trade a champion breeder horse named Sea Biscuit, for five unmarked geldings. He explained that obtaining the horse would involve breaking into a stables north of Keth named Britenbough Ranch, and the only other option of crossing the desert was camel which would take an additional four days of travel.

The group tried to rationalize the stealing of the horse, deciding that the number of saved lives by getting to the tower faster justified the crime. Lishladek laid out all of the information concerning the ranch that he knew, and the group made plans to focus on stealth and non lethal conflicts.

Lishladek led the group to the ranch around 11pm that night. The group studied a pair of guards on horses patrolling and timed their entry into the ranch fence so that they failed to notice them. Thom used his abilities to disguise the group to look like the ranch guards they had witnessed. Gloomhollow carefully approached the south entrance of the main stable and launched a caltrop coated in a knockout poison into the guards neck.

The guard passed out and the group snuck up to the door where Gloomhollow, made easy work of the stable door lock. she peeked inside and threw another poisoned caltrop into the butt of the inner guard. Lishladek took the place of the unconscious outside guard as the group dragged the guards body inside the stable.

The horses were eased by Archemenos as Gloomhollow found the lock on a floor hatch effortlessly opened. Thom offered Gloomhollow some oil which she applied to the hatches pulley before Thom carefully pulled it open so she could peek inside. Inside the hatch, Gloomhollow found a gradual ramp that led to a left turn thirty feet down.

Archemenos summoned his dream form to take the place of the guard inside the stable main level, and a second that hid inside an empty stall.

The group then quietly made their way down under the stable where Gloomhollow placed a single drop of knockout poison into a sleeping handlers mouth. The group found the underground stall did not contain Sea Biscuit, but an imposter horse. Archemenos slid his hands along the back wall of the stall and found a latch disguised as a bent nail.

The latch released a false wall the revealed the real location of Sea Biscuit. The horse checked out, and Thom noticed a lineage tracing on the wall. It was covered with names of horses that traced over a century to Sea Biscuit. Thom read a name two names before Sea Biscuit, Secretariat. The name only increased the bards desire to reunite with his faithful steed.

The group led the horse out of the stall when the dream form was surprised by the north entrance door opening. A guard from the door told him for him to go to bed. Beyond the door he saw what he guessed was a Forman wandering away towards the hands house next door.

Archemenos followed the men into the house and found an empty bunk noticing that Lishladek was not inside. The new guard began his rounds and the group made their way with the horse up to the closed trap door. The second dream form stumble as he opened the hatch. The guard turned around began calling for help and ran for a bell hanging by the door. Gloomhollow launched herself out of the hatch turning into a being of pure shadow and slammed the guard into the door leaving him unconscious.

From the other side of the door, the guard called out and ran toward the hands house to get help. Gloomhollow opened the lock on the door again, and the group heard the sounds of hooves outside the door followed by Lishladek calling for them to hurry. Thom threw a vial of oil onto the floor of the stable away from the wall and horses and lit it on fire. The group opened the door and mounted the horses the elf brought and rode out into the night.

Archemenos’s dream form inside the hands house screamed “fire, fire!” As he ran out with the other hands. The Forman yelled for the hand to get water from the well and told four hands including Archemenos to get on horses and chase after the thieves. The dream form convinced 2 of the three hands to follow the wrong direction, and the third he stalled with threats long enough to allow the group to escape.

Lishladek took the group to a lone stable house on the eastern edge of the city.
Waiting for him was a small group of elen guards and a lone dark haired human women. Lishladek approached the women and referred to her as Mazina.

Thom noticed that the women had a dragon mark and before he could figure it out, Archemenos leaned over and whispered to him that it was the mark of handling from house Vadalis.

Mazina had Sea Biscuit led into the stable, and her guards brought forward five unbranded geldings. She promised that the horses would all be returned unharmed, and thanked the group for their help.

Lishladek quickly gathered some supplies from the inn and the group rode with him into the desert at 2 in the morning.

Total experience per player for session: 1200

Valenar bound

The group left the Cannith Dragon tower and went the the library of Morgrave University. While there, they investigated records concerning expeditions involving the Mornland. Among their discoveries, they found information about healing magic not working, mutant creatures, war forged cults, and magic warped reality.

This information made it a hard decision of traveling to the Mornland to save their business, or to the Demon Wastes to find Pumpkins father. The group decided to save the business and took Gibley, Bairwin, and Pumpkin to the Moldy Dragon, where Oswald reluctantly accepted 25gold and the promise of the halfling’s help for two weeks stay.

The group packed their things and arrived at the house Orien teleportation center by mid afternoon. The clerk informed the group that they were not welcome to use the teleportation unless on government or house business. Azrukal threatened the clerk almost into submission until his boss a monk named Meserok entered the conversation.

During the brief arguing, Meserok noticed a flyer on their bulletin board with the title “missing” and a rough drawing of the determined group before him. He invited the group into his offices and called the local Orien in charge, a female Eladrin named Jaunt.

Jaunt explained to the group that house Orien was very sorry that their contract was sold and offered a single use of the teleportation service as consolation.

The group made arrangements with the fearful clerk to travel to Taer Valaestas, the Capitol city of Valenar. They accepted the discounted everything in the room travel rate, and signed a waiver for the services.

The ritual began and just as it reached the point of travel, four dark figures jumped into the runic circle with them. What followed after the group reappeared in a different teleport center, was a fierce fight with more assassins. During which, an Orien monk was killed after his coworker fled calling for the guards.

Total experience per player for session: 800 (40,525 total)

A lot changes in four months...

The group wearily entered the city of Sharn and made their way to the most trusted place they knew…the Moldy Dragon Inn. Oswald greeted them with gusto and gave the group free lodgings.

The group spent an entire day resting and the following morning sat down for breakfast and had a chance to speak to Mertheasel who delivered a message to Oswald. Mertheasel expressed sympathy at the closing of the groups business and was surprised to see them suddenly show up after being gone for nearly four months.

This information did not sit well with the group as their time away in the Shadowfell felt as though it was only two weeks. The group began their day by going to their former business location to see what had become a dress shop. They spend time inside the shop with its new owner trying to find out how she obtained the location. The owner answered most of their questions and could not persuade Gloomhollow to purchase any of the dresses she was forced to try on.

The group next made their way to Lord Bren’s house and made a dinner appointment with his servant before traveling down into their lightning rail tunnels.

Inside the tunnels, the group discovered many disembowled warforge, and also their two Halfling coworkers Gibly and Bairwin Walshire. The halfling’s had hidden themselves in a off shoot of the main underground tunnel. They explained that they had visited the crew to over see the work and found the warforge in the destroyed state. They went on to explain that the offices had to close due to lack of money.

Thom admitted to the group that the state of the warforge was most likely due to money he had borrowed from William the Disembowler, a pirate that Thom had accidentally traveled with. He explained that the pirates calling card was his enemies slain with their stomachs torn out.

The group made their way to Lord Bren’s house and enjoyed a wealthy feast and conversation with Bren and Captain Kaeles. Kaeles jotted notes occasionally during the dinner while the group explained loosely their business problems to Bren. Bren expressed concern for their problems and explained that the business front had been reassigned legally. Bren then changed the subject to Aric and brought out a drawing that he had found in Aric’s former quarters. It was a crude sketch of the day of morning symbol with an alter containing an orb in the center of it. He discussed their finding a site like this and the evening ended.

The next morning, the group set out to the dragon tower district and visited the tower of house Trarashk. Inside, they met with Kava Velderan. Kava, the head of Pelsetti’s shard clan told the group that Trakesh had survived his encounter with the witch and Pelsetti had claimed that their group was solely responsible for the recovery of collected dragon shards. Kava offered the group 20,000 gold for their services. The group almost accepted the offer when Kava offered another reward, a 20percent discount on purchased dragon shards to support their rail business.

Thom explained to Kava that the business had a set back but would be glad to accept the discount instead of gold. Kava shook hands and had a contract signed. She then revealed that he informants had told her that the SSC contract with house Orien had been sold to house Cannith, and that she could arrange a meeting for the group with the house to discuss getting it back.

The group left Kava and made their way to the tower of house Cannith. The meeting with house Cannith goes a different direction from money. Cannith want an item recovered from one of their factories inside the Mornland. A metal box frame measuring 2 foot by 2 foot, with a glowing sphere inside. They agree to trade this item for the contract.

The group looks at a map of Korvaire, and decides that teleporting to the country of Valenar is the best way to begin their travel to the Mornland.

Total experience per player for session: 400


The group was better introduced to Trakesh the half Orc shard hunter with a mouth full of dragon shard teeth. When Trakesh found out that the group was not affiliated with a clan, he regretfully asked to search their packs. Tom handed over the massive shard they had found in the swamps and Trakesh put it into storage with his other crystals promising them a fair cut of the profits.

A knock at the door broke up the meeting and Trakesh was summoned to help with what a human named Baksar with a murder. Trakesh locked up the house after ushering everyone out the door. The group followed Trakesh to a stilted house across the small village and they investigated a dead women. The group found that she was poisoned by a loquat and had fallen onto the floor. The found no sign of unusual traffic around the outside of the building. When Trakesh relayed what he had found to Baksar, it was realized that the dead women’s daughter was missing.

Trakesh took the dead women’s body and the poisoned fruit back to his house while the group spread out and discovered a couple of other loquat purchasers amongst the village.

Baksar’s voice brought the group back together at the front of Trakesh’s house. Baksar nervously warned asked the group to stop the incidents and ran away. The group opened the door of the house and found a room full of frogs. In the middle of the room, Pelsetti discovered Trakesh’s clothes and great sword. She also discovered that the shards in the back room were missing.

More yelling in the streets brought the group back outside where they found a man claiming that his wife was missing and replaced with a fake. Azrukal snuck around the back of the house and Thom intimidated the emotionless women into exiting out the back. When the women reached the edge of the swamp, she indeed proved to be an imposter when she changed into a cat that ran into the swamp.

The group decided to chase the cat and found that despite knee deep waters they were up to the task. The cat eventually took to hiding inside a rotting shed deep in the swamp where earth had raised above the water. Inside the shed they discovered a second hole, and the mans wife dead and smashed into a box that was much to small. When they looked through the second hole, the mossy hill next to the shed was reframed and discovered to be a dwelling.

When they approached the dwelling they could hear the faint sound of a young girl crying. Azrukal slammed into the door and succeeded in the door opening a foot and then shutting again. Thom pushed him aside and with his trusted crowbar succeeded in open the door wide open and pushing an unconscious Trakesh onto his face. Trakesh’s mouth was agape and had all of his shard teeth cut from his mouth.

The group came face to face with a witch like women who removed a black cloak with a red shimmer from a massive cauldron and placed it on. Azrukal acted immediately teleporting to the fire beneath the cauldron. But the witch was ready and lifted a tied sobbing girl over the boiling liquid creating a stand still.

With little time to react, the witch exploded a shelf of bottles next to her into the group and grabbed a broom from a cupboard. She spoke a quick enchantment, and flew with the girl on board through the smoke hole in the roof. Archemenos grabbed a broom and repeated the enchantment and launched into the air, but could not fly out of the house. The rest of the group all followed suit only making it out and into the night sky after the witch.

The fight was brutal. The witch proved more that a match for any single one of the group, but they fought together. The witch’s broom was lit on fire and she hailed magic blasts from her hand into the pursuers. Gloomhollow eventually made her way up beside the witch and jumped from her broom to the witches. She wrestled the young girl from the witch and made a dive for Azrukal’s broom missing it and beginning to free fall.

Thom pulled his broom into a risky maneuver and Gloomhollow’s caught herself on the front. Azrukal and Archmenos continued the chase up into the sky determined to retrieve the cloak from the witch, while Thom and Gloomhollow went into a dive to get the girl as far away from the witch as possible.

The witch blasted Azrukal unconscious and off of his broom. Archemenos swooped under him and caught him. Archemenos administered what first aid he could and brought Azrukal back to consciousness. Azrukal urged the broom closer to the witch and continued to scorch the fiend with his magic, While Archemenos infected her mind. Thom pulled close to the ground and handed Gloomhollow the temporal blade.

The witch again blasted Azrukal into blackout and he fell from the broom again. Archemenos decided to let him go as he had already flown to far to turn away now. Azrukal tumble down and slipped further towards death. Thom yelled to Gloomhollow to jump, and she clutched the young girl close as she leapt down into the speeding by forest.

Archemenos began to realize just how cold and dizzy he had become and was able to hold onto his senses enough to continue his attack on the witch. Azrukal’s body sensed its own peril and brought his mind back from the blackness. Thom focused onto any signature of his magic and rocketed on the broom toward what he perceived. Gloomhollow rose badly damaged and found that the little girl had died. She immediately began trying to resuscitate her and was relieved when the child coughed and began to breath again.

The air nearly without nourishment, Archemenos found himself unable to attack the witch who had pulled out of range when the magical fire that burned her broom finally took her as well. She began to float for a moment and the sloped into a gradual fall. Archemenos brought his broom up to hers and recovered her corpse.

Thom again tried to sense his magic and found his senses not as sensitive. Gloomhollow used the temporal blade to cut a hole into another dimension and pulled the girl in with her. Azrukal tried frantically to use his robes to slow his fall.

The entire continent of Korvaire spread out under Archemenos. He looked at its darkened landscape and aimed for the brightest spot he could see. Thom’s senses returned and he traveled enough to see a orange glowing spot falling out of the sky. His instincts told him that this was Azrukal, and his companion was nearing his death.

Thom’s emotions took over and the broom accelerated to a speed Thom never imagined. Tears streamed down the sides of his face as he sought to intersect with Azrukal’s path. Inches from the top of the mountain range below, Thom made incredible speed and caught up to Azrukal who despite flapping his robes like a injured bird caught the broom and survived. Thom sought to slow the broom and land safe, he aimed for a bright light on the horizon.

Gloomhollow appeared from the dimension after a half hour had passed. Luck was on her side when after a short walk she found one of the lost brooms. She sensed the direction that the last focus of her assassin shroud had travelled on her slowing broom for a couple of hours and found her companions just outside of the city of Sharn. Their brooms had all ceased to fly and they had removed all things of value from the witches dead body.

The young girl traveling with Gloomhollow regained consciousness. She brushed her hair back into place and revealed small horns on the sides of her head. She approached Archemenos and asked if her mother was dead. He said she was. The young girl asked if Archemenos would help her find her father. Without consideration, he agreed. She then asked his name, and he replied and told her that he knew her name was Dolobeth. She wrinkled her nose and told him that her friends call her Pumpkin.

Happy Halloween.

Total experience per player for session: 1000

Heaven in a Swamp

The group set out with their money in hand into the swamp. They decided to head east knowing that inland was more populated than the coast. Thom dug deep into his personal supplies and found enough material to construct a crude raft with gathered timber. The group pressed into the swamp and continued until their pushing pole struck something hard under the waters.

Azrukal blasted the waist deep water with his fiery magic and caught glimpse of a large red crystal. Thom dove into the water and succeeded in sinking himself up to his waist in the muddy water. Try as he might Thom was unable to wrestle the crystal free. Gloomhollow jumped in next and also was unable to lift the crystal. Azrukal gave up waiting and joined his companions finally freeing the crystal and returning to the raft with it.

After washing off the mud, the group realized that they were looking at a massive dragon shard. Thom placed the valuable stone into his handy haversack. Archemenos pushed the raft on through the swamp until the sounds of battle raised their ears. The group disembarked from the raft and onto an area more shallow.

Traveling a couple of minutes from the raft, the group came upon a group of four orcs surrounding a lone human female. The group snuck up and listened. The orcs were demanding that the women give them the dragon shards she had. The fight started up again and Azrukal decided to attack when the fight moved close to their hiding spot.

Despite Thom’s reservations, they fought with the girl and defeated the orcs. After the fight, she identified herself as Pelsetti a shard hunter of the Velderan clan. When she found out that the group was not with a clan, she decided not to share the shards the orcs were carrying.

She offered to pay them to travel with her to the city of Valshar’ak. Once there she would have access to sending stone to contact her boss in Sharn to work out their reward.

The group followed Pelsetti to a small village north of the fight named “heaven”. She took them to her clan house in the village owned by a half Orc named Trakesh. It was the first dry place they had been all day.

Total experience per player for session: 800

Dreams of an Egg

The group followed the Halfling witch into her tent where she told them that she knew about their companion Thom’s soul. She claimed that the spirits had visited her in a dream. The spirits told her that Merlikotesh the serpent had found Thom’s soul and fashioned it into an egg shape to eat. However, Tropinar the bear spirit had mistaken the soul egg for a ball his favorite toy, and sought to take it from the serpent. She claimed that the two spirits wrestled over his soul as they spoke.

She offered to send the group to the spirit realm, though she could not guarantee success. The group agreed and laid on their backs facing the sky. They heard the witch drop something into her boiling cauldron and she spoke an incantation.

When the group awoke, they found themselves on top of a floating piece of ground surrounded by the dark universe. Ranik surveyed the area before noticing that his hands had turned into animal paws. Azrukal called over to him proclaiming that he was a badger. Ranik looked at Azrukal and could not figure out what to call him.

Azrukal noticed that his right hand was a yellow suction cupped tentacle, and his left arm had become a crab like claw. He scratched his other head while he brought his claw to what he though was his normal head and tried to figure it out. Ranik noticed that Azrukal’s mermaid tail smelled of saltwater before giving up and deciding to focus on why they were there.

Azrukal focused his mind on Thom’s soul and found a star in the distance grew slightly in size and took on a blueish hue. Ranik looked above himself and decided he would like to fly to a similar platform of earth passing by. His paws left the ground and he gently floated up to the new ground. Azrukal decided to follow, however he could not quite wrap his mind around the concept of flying. His tail flapped wildly as he lowered back to the ground. He decided that he would instead like to swim up to the platform. With a whip of his tail he landed on the platform under a spray of sea water.

Ranik and Azrukal focused their minds on both making the blue star closer, and the platform move towards the star. The star grew in size slightly and it became obvious that this was going to take a long time. Azrukal and Ranik decided to simply close their eyes and will themselves to be with Thom. Upon opening their eyes, they found themselves in their room at the wounded stag. Thom lay on one of the beds motionless.

Azrukal brought out his imp companion and asked if he knew anything about the spirit world. He knew very little, and only served to provide a small amount of logic to the situation before hiding again. Ranik decided to find the soul, they should find the bear and serpent where he would expect to find a bear or serpent.

Ranik thought about where to find a bear and a moment later, he and Azrukal stood in a wooded area in front of a cave entrance. In front of the cave, a serpent and bear wrestled for a egg of blueish light. The two animals seemed to be made up of the stars of the universe. The bear slapped the egg out of the serpents mouth and Azrukal made a move to pick it up.

The two animals began fighting with Azrukal and he was beaten badly. Ranik struggled to gain control of the situation. Ranik decided that the forest was allowing the celestial creatures to much advantage, and wished the fight was in a more familiar place. In a blink, the forest was again their room at the inn. The serpent smashed through the window as the bear pounced onto the egg. Azrukal quickly found himself in the middle of the ruckus and willed himself to be healed as if Thom’s magic were present.

Ranik assaulted the serpent, who began to sense that his wounds might be reason for retreat. Azrukal smashed the serpent again and the creature dissipated. The bear slashed Azrukal to the ground as Ranik turned his fury to the bear. Azrukal slipped farther away as the bear grabbed the egg and made his way to the hole made by the serpent.

Ranik willed Azrukal back to life, who spent a moment thinking that he was not as injured he believed. Ranik willed a much brighter egg exist next to the bear. The bear dropped the soul egg and bit the new egg which burst into hundreds of tiny stars. Azrukal ran over and grabbed the soul egg and tapped it on a corner of smashed wall and the egg split open emitting a bright blue light.

Both Ranik and Azrukal believed that their adventure in the spirit world was over, and as a result it was. The both of them opened their eyes and found themselves looking at the sky in the rotting forest surrounding Histaven. A female voice called out to them. It was Naeva the red haired girl from the village. She explained that the guards had hidden the groups unconscious bodies in the woods before the camp traveled yesterday.

Naeva had escaped from her village and sought the group to get their help saving her love count Artimus. She was surprised that the group was both still asleep, and alive. She told the group that it was the final day of the moon cycle and that the Ragman would take the counts life. The group agreed to help her and sent her with Ranik to the counts manor while Azrukal made his way to the village.

At the village Azrukal found Thom enjoying porridge with Davinous. Azrukal found that Thom remembered little about his lost soul.

The ghost of Sernall floated into the room, and Azrukal relayed to him that they had killed Lady Ghostfire. Sernall’s distressed face relaxed and he thanked them. Sernall began to whistle as he swept the floor of the inn.

The deck called out to Azrukal. He brought forth the deck and invited Davinous to draw a card. Davinous with little reserve drew the knight card from the deck. A moment later a lightly armored human man entered the inn. He approached the table and introduced himself to Davinous and promised to protect him with his life.

Total experience per player for session: 4000

Lady Ghostfire

The group awoke not feeling like their normal selves. The bleak environment around them seemed to be weighing on them. When they got to the common room of the inn, they found Davinous Yarrow to be of low spirits as well. They ate the porridge served to them and were visited by Elderick the ganasi blacksmith. He told them that the count had agreed to see Thom the bard, though he could not tell why.

The group made their way to the counts manor and after a small amount of trouble from the guards, the were escorted inside by a ranger named Ranik.

The group was led through the dark warm manor to the count, who was thoroughly drunk at only nine in the morning. The count proved to be an angry drunk who seemed at his sanity end with the Ragman. He claimed to have bee killed by the Ragman over 700 times. The count expressed a desire to end the cycle and to be with his love, Naeva the red head girl from the ghost walkers village. He said that he would give his entire fortune to be rid of the curse.

The group agreed to help the count and he said that they should try to get rid of the ghost lady in the woods. Saying its was something he had never tried and that it was most likely suicide. Ranik, had witnessed Lady Ghostfire in the woods before and agreed to take the group to find her.

The group again found themselves inside the woods waiting till midnight on the side of a ring of stones. True to Ranik’s claim, Lady Ghostfire appeared where he had seen her, and trapped the group with a wall on impenetrable darkness. Moans filled the woods around as ghostly beings began pouring into the area.

The fight was exhausting. The ghost proved to be a dead dryad who whipped the group with ethereal vines, while wave after wave of spirits attacked. However, when the ghost was slain with a mighty blow from Ranik, Gloomhollow found the amulet she had recovered from the tree in the woods became almost to hot to hold. Spirits continued to attack the group and Gloomhollow brought the amulet to the attention of Azrukal by throwing it to him. Renik called for Azrukal to destroy the amulet, but he decided to wear it instead.

The ghosts continued to attack the trapped group and Azrukal fell unconscious. A chant from outside the darkness screamed loudly and the wall was opened by a ring of fire. The ring was being created by a wand held by a halfling women dressed very wild. She screamed an incantation and a blast of air traveled across the area throwing the ghosts away from the group. She called for them to escape and the group ran through the flaming opening. Before the group had made it 10 feet out the Halfling grabbed the amulet from Azrukal’s unconscious neck and smashed it. She claimed that it held the spirit they were trying to get away from.

The Halfling led the group quickly through the woods, and suddenly the group was in the middle of a group of tents where there had been only woods before.

Total experience per player for session. 875

The Boy Returned

The group ran up the slippery hill after the werewolf and child.  The path plunged them into the deep woods again.  Their chase led them through slippery rocks, a raging creek, a flooded forest, and finally through a thick briar.  

When the group emerged from the forest and into a clearing.  They found the werewolf looking over a drop off where the sound of the child sobbing could be heard.  Before the group could react, the two robbed men charged out of the forest at them. 

The robbed men took positions of distance and began their attacks.  Thom moved up to meet the large werewolves attack while Azrukal and Archemenos dealt with the robbed men.  The werewolf howled into the night sky and a return howl was heard.  

Before much more fighting had occurred, a second werewolf burst from the woods and stopped Azrukal from finishing off the robed man.  The robed man cast a spell on Azrukal that turned him into an armadillo who ran for cover.  
The large werewolf mauled Thom with bite after diseased bite.   

While Azrukal recovered, the robed man turned Archemenos into a prairie dog who ran under the nearest bush.   The other robed man launched arrows continuously into Azrukal.  Azrukal finished off the nearest robed man and was attacked by the new werewolf.  Thom did his best to hold on for dear life.  

Archemenos recovered his form and blasted the now wielding man who returned fire, while Azrukal set fire to the weaker werewolf.   Thom watched in horror as the werewolf orally removed a large piece of his side flesh.   
Azrukal finished off his werewolf and Archemenos did the same with the bow man.   Thom scrambled to heal himself and his companions.   Within seconds, their combined strength brought down the massive man wolf.

The group scrambled up to the edge of the drop off, and they found the lost boy clinging into the side asking for help.  Azrukal and Thom lowered Archemenos down and he grabbed ahold of the boy using his strong tail to lift him out.  

The group returned the boy to the Ghostwalker campsite and Dalen thanked them and warned the group to never speak of or attempt to visit his camp again.  He told them that they endanger his people and must stay away.  

The group took heed of his words and returned to Histaven, where they stayed over night at the wounded Stag.  During the night, the ghost of the former owner visited their room and was witnessed holding the locket Gloomhollow had found inside the tree.   He was sobbing and dropped the locket and vanished when he was noticed.  

Total experience per player for session: 1000


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