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A tale of two hunts

The red haired girl that greeted them was quickly taken away from the group and replaced by her angry father, a half elf named Dalen Vros.   He surrounded the group with armed guards and proceeded to talk to them about why they were here.  Dalen the leader of the camp of people was concerned that the Count had sent the group to find his daughter.   Thom assured the man that they had stumbled into the camp by accident, after fighting with some Druids in the woods.  

Dalen could not help but believe the charming bards story and went on to express concern about a missing child believed abducted from the village that morning.   He said that the Shadow Druids not only preyed off of Histaven, but also off of the Ghost Walkers as well.  The group promised to continue their search for the Druids, and to save the boy as well if possible.   Dalen let the group recover for a few hours in a guarded tent before sending them out into the raining woods.  

Following the map Dalen gave them, the group soon found themselves in a confrontation with what appeared to be living earth.  The creature was very resiliant and sought many times to engulf the group in its muddy body.   The group fought to gain control, and just when they seemed to have it, a black ooze chased a herd of deer through their fight and decided they would make easier target.   

Moments after the ooze appeared, two bears burst out of it in a frenzy trying to save their lives they attacked everything they saw.   Despite the forest bursting into chaos, the group continued their efforts on the living earth knocking it into the ooze.   The ooze and earth struggled against each other and the earth creature was killed.   One of the bears fell to Gloomhollow’s sword.  Archemenos and Azrukal fought in an out of the ooze and Thom attacked relentlessly.  The second bear was engulfed and died just before the group fell the liquid creature.  

The group continued to follow the vague directions given by Dalen to a alter shaped like an Anvil on a hill in a clearing.   Thom used magic to conceal the group and they waited in the rain for someone to arrive.  

Around midnight, torched lit in the woods behind the group and two robbed men passed right by them and up to the alter.   With no sight of he child, the group decided to wait a little longer.   Seconds later, a third robed man appeared from the other side of the alter and lifted a frightened naked and bound young boy laying him on the surface.

The group sprang into action.  Azrukal ignited a bush near the alter and teleported to the fire in an instant.   The rest of the group charged out of the woods and towards the hill.  The main robed man noticed the group and shouted get them as Azrukal blasted him with fire.  The woods around the group came alive.   Smaller earth made creatures, and wooden men swarmed around the group.   The group focused their efforts on the nearest earth creature and Azrukal rain fire down from the top of the hill.  The three robed figures focused their attacks on Azrukal and knock the sorcerer into submission.  The group below gained the upper hand on the creatures thanks to Azrukal, and Thom’s healing awoke his fallen comrade.  

The last of the forest creatures fell to the group and the robed figure next to the boy transformed while howling at the moon into a half man, half wolf.  The other robed figures cut the boy loose who stood frozen with fear on the alter facing the werewolf.  The robed man pushed him from the alter and he ran into the woods.  The werewolf crouched and began chase as the other two robed figures split and ran into the woods as well. 

Total experience per player for session: 1200

The Forest Comes Alive

The group made their way into the Weeping Stag Inn. They were greeted by a shifter named Forak, and his wife Thelisa. The group made the most of the simple porridge Thelisa served them for breakfast and inquired about the rag man and the count. Telisa expressed a negative view of the count, claiming that the village leader was the blacksmith not the count. She went on to claim that the Ragman and the Count were the least of her worries, as a group of evil monks called the Shadow Druids were responsible for many more village deaths and disappearances.

While discussing the village with Thelisa, a half elf man in the corner broke his silence. He said his name was Davinar Yarrow, and he had been trapped in the village a full year. Davinar wondered about how the group had found their way to the village and was looking for a way out. Davinar explained to the group that he was a digger for House Orien. Davinar revealed that Orien had begun to tunnel when the war damaged the lightning rail. He said that the final catalyst to start digging was when House Lyrander had launched the air ship last year.

Thom thought about the dates for airships, and noticed that the half elf had not spoke of the war in past tense. He asked Davinar what year is was and he replied year 991, nearly ten years in the past. Davinar said that the diggers had found the room underground with the strange alter on it. One of the men had decided to go into the symbol and they had to pull him out as he was taken mentally and began a uncontrollable moan. Davinar described being blinded by a light and the continued to dig the tunnel leaving the room alone. He said that when their group surfaced, they made camp and he was selected to scout down the road for a village where supplies could be obtained and found Histaven. However, since that day, he has never been able to return to the tunnel claiming that the road would double back on itself and lead him back to the village.

Before leaving the inn, Thom spoke with a elven ghost that appeared and began cleaning. The ghost was of the former owner of the inn who had died in a fire set by a ghost in the woods named lady Ghostfire. The ghost wept when the subject was brought up and eventually left upset after asking Thom to find her.

The group told Davinar that they would help him if they found a way out, and also told Thelisa that they were going to deal with the Druids. The group left the inn and went to visit the blacksmith. He was a friendly Genasi named Elderik.

Elderik told the group little more about the Ragman or the Druids. He claimed that the Ragman had never attacked the smithery/town hall before and that the villagers often took cover inside the building. He also offered to arrange an audience with the count for the group. The group left the blacksmith and ventured into the woods.

The road the villagers called “lonely road” was very unkept and before long the group found what they were looking for. Out of the woods three robbed figures charged. The fight was fast and ended with Azrukal following Thom’s sprite as it chased after the robbed women when she transformed into a swarm of hornets and flew into the woods. Thom and Gloomhollow set out after him and found Azrukal unconscious in between two moving trees who turn their attentions onto the new threats.

Azrukal found that his new found fire effects worked wonders against the wooded foes. Gloomhollow focused all of her skills onto the small wooden man and found that her blade was more than adaquet. Thom managed to keep his companions in the fight and through pumpkin cleavers power killed both of the giant trees with explosive wounds.

Thom used his sense of direction to lead the group around the dangers of the woods and back to the path. However, before they could reach the path, the group found the forest suddenly filled with colorful tents and people that had not been there a moment before. A red haired girl bearing a striking resemblance to the ghost from the night before came bouncing up smiling. The girl said “sometime adventure just stumbles into you”.

Total experience per player for session: 700

The Trouble With Ghosts is...

Azrukal asked Archemenos to give him the orb from the alter.   He looked at the orb for a second and then threw it on the ground where it smashed.  Thom screamed at Azrukal and hit him in the back of the head.   Azrukal offered no excuse of why he threw it and offered to make it up to him by letting Archemenos draw from the deck of many things.   Archemenos pulled a card out without breaking a sweat.   He drew a card and it vanished in its place a vial appeared.  He packed the vial away and joined the  group as they surveyed the tunnel and decided to go deeper.

The group traveled for many hours before the tunnel surfaced.   The tunnel exited in the middle of a rotting woods at the edge of a road running east and west.  Thom suggested that they should travel east so they would meet the rising sun quicker.   The group set off into the darkened wood and before long they found themselves witnessing many well dressed ghosts traveling towards a single spot.   One ghost stood out from the rest, a red haired beauty traveling to the spot alone.   

The group agreed to follow the ghosts and found a clearing with a lake in the center.   Around the lake dozens of ghosts danced at a silent party.   Next to the lake stood a handsome male ghost who seemed unwilling to celebrate.  Beside the lake ghost sat a normal looking man dressed in rag staring in the lake.    Thom approached the standing ghost by the lake and said hello.  The ghost ignored him, but the rag dressed man responded.  

The rag man made sure the group was not allied with a “count Artius” before he relayed his story.  The man described the count as the son of a murderer and evil as his father.  He admitted to killing the counts father and swore that his sons complacency as a witness of the crimes made him guilty.   The group said very little as the man spoke. 

The horizon began to turn to the faintest hint of orange, and the dancing ghosts began to vanish.  The group attention was drawn from the ragged man when the red haired ghost approached the handsome ghost next to them.   She placed a hand on the mans shoulder.  He turned to face her and before their eyes met, they both vanished.   When the groups attention returned to the rag man, he had vanished as well.

The group returned to the road and continued east.  Moments later, the group found themselves ambushed by a group of spirits.  The fight was tough and though they prevailed, the group had a new respect for this rotting woods.  The woods finally gave way and the group found themselves on top of a hill next to a finely built manor house that overlooked a village.  The manor was surrounded by a tall iron fence and had the feel of a military camp.   The group decided to avoid the manor and move onto the village.  

The group passed through a series of rotting abandoned farms before reaching the village.   The village was in a state similar to the woods.  All of the houses rotted and sagged, with many more that we’re merely destroyed.   The group made their way to a central plaza.   The plaza was filled with lean-tos and dozens of people dressed in rags.  

Thom  picked one man out of the many and approached him offering food for information.  The man refused to talk and asked to be left alone lest he earn the rag mans wrath.  Thom turned on his charming sincerity  and asked again.  The man asked him around the back of a ruined house and relayed that the rag man was only concerned with killing the count and cared not for who got in his way.   He also said that both the rag man and the count had been witnessed killed by one another and both returned within a week or two.  

Total experience per player for session: 700

Into the Tunnel

Sarilu urged the group to lead the way into the sewers under Passage.  Azrukal stomped past the rude elf without entertaining a of his comments.   The sewer smelled appropriately.   Sarilu continued to throw comments at the group concerning the city and house Orien as if he were trying to prove his intelligence.  

A short bit of walking later, the group was aware of growling and barking coming from the sewers ahead.  Azrukal confidently stood forward and found four disgusting dogs sharing a dead human man.   The dogs didn’t take Azrukal’s intrusion lightly and made to attack.  Gloomhollow ran forward and attacked the nearest dog, just before Azrukal lit the dog on fire.  Archemenos duplicated himself across the room, and knocked two of the dogs down.  Thom moved to the front of the group carefully avoiding stepping into the raw sewage.  

The dog were little work for the skilled adventurers as they easily read and reacted to the dog bites, and returned steel and magic.  Moments after it started, the conflict was over and four dogs lay dead at their feet.   Azrukal and Thom approached the body that lay in sewer muck.  Azrukal recognized this as the gang leader from the night before.   He spent little time wondering why this man was dead and who or what got him here.  

Thom rifled through the mans belonging and recovered a magic backpack and potion of black liquid.  Azrukal grabbed the potion and prepared to drink the liquid.  However, upon opening the inverted bottle only a cloud of burning smoke came out covering Azrukal and going back into the bottle seconds later.  

Archemenos noticed that the excavators had retreated and were probably not coming back.  The group continued their sewer walk and through a broken hole in the wall and into the tunnel that house Orien had found.   Beyond the hole was a massive man made cave.  

The group traveled through the cave for an hour before once again sounds out of the darkness alerted them to the presence of danger.   This time, the sounds were a savage eating sound with bone like snaps.   The group tread carefully over a pile of rubble filling the tunnel and found many zombies feasting on dead bodies at the bottom of the hill.   Gloomhollow noted that the tunnel had come to an end after only five miles though the Baron had claimed that the tunnel was thirty miles long.   

Thom noticed a small opening off to the side of the dead end that glowed with a sickly purple light.  Thom with Gloomhollow charged at the two nearest zombies and easily cut them down.   Azrukal launched fire down onto a few of the zombies as did Archemenos killing all but one of the dead they could see.   

Before he could notice, Gloomhollow was beset by a shadowy creature which lashed at her with vicious claws and then entered her body and took control of her.   From out of the glowing room, a being with three skull heads emerged.  The zombies near the creature climbed back to their feet as it launched a necrotic blast into Thom.   

Azrukal charged down into the room and into an area of flame he created to draw the creature to him then blasted the three headed creature.  Gloomhollow lurched and swung her great sword at Thom missing badly.   The shadowy creature left her body and traveled nearer to Archemenos.   Archemenos blasted the shadowy being just before receiving its  claws and being possessed.  Thom charged the three headed creature and missed with his attack.    The creature then moved bad away from him raising zombies as he traveled and shot Gloomhollow.   

Azrukal again launched a blast of fire at the three headed creature knocking one of its heads off its shoulders.  Gloomhollow smashed zombie down while Thom continued the assault on the newly two headed creature.  Archemenos wavered and charged Azrukal missing by a mile.   The shadowy creature flew out of Archemenos and into Thom.   The two headed creature blasted Gloomhollow knocking her out and brought another zombie back to life.  

Azrukal continued his focus on the zombie raising creature, and Gloomhollow struggled against death.  Thom swung wildly at Azrukal and left a cut across his chest.   The shadowy creature left Thom and attacked and entered Azrukal, but not before Archemenos took another bite out of it.  The two headed creature blasted at Thom and raised another zombie.  

Azrukal beat on Thom as Archemenos blasted the second head off of the ranged creature.   Thom revived Gloomhollow and healed Archemenos.   The shadow creature reentered Azrukal and the now one headed creature shot Thom again.  

Azrukal again could not stop himself from hitting Thom, this time he knocked the bard out cold.   Gloomhollow poured a healing potion down Thom’s throat, and Archemenos shot the ranged undead and it crumbled to the floor.   The shadow creature attempted to enter Azrukal a third time, but Azrukal could not take anymore and fell unconscious.   

Azrukal held on to his life  while Thom revived him and attacked the shadow.   Gloomhollow brought her sword down onto the exposed creature and Archemenos hit it with a charged up psionic blast.  The shadow creature failed to possess Archemenos and was killed seconds later when Gloomhollow brought her dragon slaying sword clean through its body.   

The group made their way into the neighboring opening.   Archemenos found the day of morning symbol glowing on the floor of a small stone build room with no other exits.   In the center of the symbol, rest a strange alter with a pearlescent orb resting in a wooden holder.   The psion made no discussion with his group and stepped up to the alter.   The room was lit up with a purple light that turned briefly to white before extinguishing.   

The symbol on the ground no longer glowed, however, the orb now shined a dull white light.  Gloomhollow, still in the cavern looked over the shoulders of her companions to see into the room.   She turned back away from the room when a slight breeze blew across the back of her neck.  The dead end was no longer there.  In its place the tunnel now continued as far as she could see.  

Total experience per player for session:   1150

Business in Passage

The train pulled into the last stop inside Breland, a small town named Sword Keep.   The group spent the layover inside their cabin.  Duncan released Helga into custody of local authorities.  He stopped by the groups cabin to wish them good luck and handed them a letter from the king.  King Boranel thanked the group for the help with the murder, and was happy to find out that Azrukal was alive.  He wished them luck with their business in Aundair, and included a letter of recommendation to house Orien.  

The train left Sword Keep and continued on into Aundair arriving at it destination city of Passage right at sundown.  The train was removed from the tracks by a crane system and each car was wheeled into a giant building for servicing.  

Archemenos approached the halfling conductor on the train platform and asked him for directions to a place to eat and sleep.  The halfling suggested an inn called the Clockateer.  He then wrote direction to the in which turned out to be fifteen steps.   

Azrukal took the directions and thanked the halfling.  Before long however, he found himself confronted by a rough looking man intone middle of a series of alleyways.   The man offered to help them find their way, and grabbed the paper from Azrukal and wadded it up.  He called out a group of similar thugs from the alleys and attacked the group.  

The fight was a short one.  Gloomhollow slashed the leader and he returned the gesture.  Archemenos summoned a copy of himself and knocked down two of the thugs with a telekinetic blast.   Azrukal lit one of the thugs on fire and left a large patch of the ground a flame.  The thugs charged in and nearly knocked out Gloomhollow, and damaged Azrukal badly.  

Gloomhollow frantically fought back again damaging the leader, but the leader was undaunted returning the wound to her.  Azrukal shot a fiery blast onto a nearby rooftop and teleported on top of the building and shot the most injured thug.  Archemenos blasted two of the thugs again and left them struggling to find their feet.  The thugs slammed Archemenos with their clubs nearly taking his head off.  Gloomhollow blacked out as more blows from the clubs rained down onto her head.  

Azrukal launched fire down one of the allies and teleported away.  Archemenos took a blow from the gang leader before he knelt down and slapped Gloomhollow’s face waking her up again, then ran down a different alley than Azrukal.   Gloomhollow dodged an attack from the leader and ran down a third alley away from the scene.   The thugs gave chase.  
All here of them lept fences and scrambled over roofs to get away.   Azrukal used his magic knife to hide in a dimensional hole, Archemenos used a drunk man to distract his pursuers and vanished in a crowd, and Gloomhollow ducked around a corner and hid in some boxes.  

After, avoiding the thugs, the group eventually found their way to the Clockateer Inn.  The patron of the establishment was a gnome named Winkley Springstrap.  He operated the inn as both bed and breakfast, and mechanical repair shop.   The group had dinner and settled down for the night.   

In the morning, the group awoke and had a pleasant warbler egg on hard half biscuit covered in creamy butter sauce for breakfast.  Winkley gave them a letter from house Orien and accepted Azrukal’s request to mount a compass to the top of Demises staff.  

The letter from house Orien was from Baron Kwanti de’Orien and said that he knew they were in town and was excited to meet with them.   

Azrukal asked Winkley what the best way to the Orien Building.  He gave them simple two step directions back to the station.  He explained to an angry Azrukal that halfling directions usually lead through the most adventure from location to location.  

The group traveled to the house Orien building and informed the gate guard of their meeting.  The guard informed a man with a handle bar mustache that guests were here to see the Baron.   The mustached fellow informed the Baron, and then returned and invited the group inside and to the Barons office.  

The Baron was a energetic half elf man who was very excited to meet the group that would lead to the future of commodity transport.   Azrukal gave the kings reference letter to the Baron.  The Baron excitedly gave his speech that touched on house Lyranders betrayal, safety of transport, and money.   He then told the group that he wanted to build the first tunnel track from Sharn to Aundair.   After his speech, he offer the group 10 percent of the travel using the tunnel system.   He claimed that the money would be around 500,000 gold every six months.    The group would be responsible for the installation, maintenance, and supplying of the polarity control rings.  He asked that the group supply 2600 rings to make the tunnel from Sharn complete.  

Azrukal, Archemenos, and Gloomhollow signed the contract.   The Baron immediately got down to business.  He told the group that Orien had been starting a tunnel project like this at the wars end.  His excavators had uncovered the collapsed tunnel recently and he would like the group to go down with the excavators to survey the tunnel for possible ring installation.  

The group joined an elf named Sarilu Toriun, who was not thrilled to be working with a dark elf.  He met the group across town at the lake shore with two of his co workers.  He pointed to a sewage drain and told them that the tunnel in inside the pipes.  

Total experience per player for session:  450

Murder on the Train to Passage

After seven long hours of riding across the countryside, the train pulled into its first stop on the way to passage, the breland Capitol of Wroat.  

Thom decided that since the train would be stopped here for an hour, that he would like to see the palace first hand.   The rest of the group agreed to go with him.   As they departed the train, Thom and Archemenos noticed a changling in line to board the train change his appearance from female to male. 

 They enjoyed the palace though time was short. Thom sent his imp into the flower beds to retrieve a single bloom for him to remember the visit, before heading back to the train.  Shortly after re boarding the train, a halfling came to their cabin and checked tickets before inviting the group to attend dinner in the dining section of the car.   

The group enjoyed their lamb goulash in the dining area until the changling grasped his throat and fell to the floor.   A red bearded dwarf jumped up and tried to aid the man, an pronounced him dead.   Thom went up to investigate the dead man an found that the mans tongue had swelled up so large that he had suffocated.   

The group began a lengthy investigation of the fellow passengers while sustaining many accusations.    They found that the dead man was named Pious Rikemour,  A land baron from Wroat that had shady dealings with many people including Nevitash Fitzwater, a Breland politician.

With the help of the Kings citadel agent, a dwarf named Duncan Resdstone and a man of science named Marco Litiano, the group solved the mystery.   

 In the end, the group found that a local farmer had his land ruined when Peius rerouted tainted water from neighboring property.  Peius had done this as a favor to Nevitash whose son was investing in a milling business on the tainted property.  

Nevitash’s son, Gerdaki had not believed the property was tainted thinking that his father was only trying to control him.  Gerdaki’s business partner backed out and he lost his investor.  Peius bought the newly tainted land to cover up the evidence and the farmer left the money to his wife before killing himself.  His wife, Helga Mountainblood boarded the train and poisoned Peius with a powder from the Effrite Blossom bush root, applied it to the backside of a nearly identical spoon that she placed at his dinner setting.   During a room to room search, the group found a partial set of cutlery hidden in Helga’s suite.  

Helga tried to recover the spoon from the scene of the crime, but Gloomhollow tackled her and bound the troubled widow.  Duncan confined Helga to his room.

Total experience per player for session: 750

Traveling Business

Archemenos arrived in Sharn via lightning rail and happened upon Gloomhollow in the rail station.  Shortly after catching up, a man nearby in a cafe grasped his throat and died.   Archemenos and Gloomhollow made a quick exit to avoid dealing with Sharn authorities.  They traveled directly to Thom’s offices and found him finishing a meeting with a member of house Orien.  

Thom was glad to see them and made short discussion concerning the last twelve months as his receptionist Gimley Walshire returned from being out. Thom said that the SSC International had begun construction of a tunnel.  He also told them that Dragon Marked House Orien had expressed interest and requested a meeting with him in the city of Passage.  

Archemenos told Thom that he had spent the last twelve months training his mind and finding ways to atone for his evil past as a shovel carrying Barrian Walshire entered the office.   Appropriately for the assassin, nobody noticed that Gloomhollow offered nothing to the group.  

Thom read a letter delivered by criminal turned courier Mertheasel.  The letter was from Molric, the dwarf foreman in charge of Sharn’s foundry, concerning overdue labor payments.   Barrian asked Thom if the workers were showing up in the tunnels today.  

The group left for the foundry and caught up with Molric at the Slag Pit bar.  Molric explained that he had to pay the warforge that Thom had hired and needed the owed money and next weeks pay up front.   

Thom asked if there was some way the the rates could be more reasonable.   Molric brightened up as if expecting this, and asked to be cut in as 20% owner of the new Lightning rail in exchange for a 25% cut in labor charges.   Thom agreed to the conditions and paid the money owed.   

As the three of them left the Slag pit, Molric began yelling at someone to explain his business or leave.   The person ignored Molric and approached the group.   It was Azrukal.   His skin was now dark as coal, and his head was toped with red instead of white hair.   In his hand was Demises staff.   The group thought they were seeing a ghost until Azrukal hit Thom in the back of the head to snap him out of it.  

The group made their way back to Thom’s office and held further discussions about the last twelve months.   Azrukal remembered very little about the experience of his disintegration, only remembering that he had awoke in Ashurtas tomb, and that it felt like more than a year had passed.

The discussion turned to Gloomhollow, who admitted to spending most of her time studying poison arts.  Thom grilled her about who she used the poison on, and Gloomhollow would only admit to killing small wild animals.  

The group went out shopping in Sharn with Thom picking up most of the bill, they bought a few life saving type items.   Thom checked how long it would take to travel to Passage from Sharn and found that they should leave as soon as possible.   He returned to his office to get a few things before leaving.  Most notable, his horse Secretariate.  

The group made their way to the rail station and purchased four standard class tickets and a steerage class for Sercretariate.   The group saw to Secretariate getting on the rail car and were set upon by all sorts of rail station people.  Azrukal was caught in the middle of two jugglers, Thom was asked to join into a song with a minstrel, Archemenos was approached by a begger, and Gloomhollow was solicited by a bread sales person.  This lasted only seconds as a knife emerged from the loaf of bread aimed at Gloomhollow’s heart.

The group struggled to discover what was going on when a man shouted “all aboard” and the lightning rail cars shuttered and began moving.   The assassins set into the group, slashing with their rapiers.   The fight was a frantic, with the group trying to board the leaving train while the killers continually hit them with a strike that teleported them off of the cars.  Azrukal caught everyone off guard when his magic seemed to showcase a new affinity toward fire.   Archemenos had surprises of his own as he conjured not only one duplicate of himself, but now a second dream like form.   Gloomhollow failed to show what her new poison skills could do, and Thom was content with shoving enemies into the lightning rail for his attacks.  

The assassins were defeated and the as the group left the station, Thom had noticed that these attackers had used teleportation.  This led him to believe that they were from the dragon marked house Thuranni, but left him puzzled as to who would have sent them, and what they were after.  

Total Experience per player for session: 700

Aric's Princes

The group entered the cavern under owls peak with Rhesh leading the way.   The tight passage eventually led to a large circular cavern with a small crystals on the floor.   In the center of the room, Azrukal approached a dead goblin impaled on a stalactite.   

When he got to within 20 feet, the goblin animated and began telling the group that they were noisy, and were better when they died and turned to quiet dust.  
The goblins face twisted into a scowl and Aric’s voice came out from its mouth.   Aric proclaimed that Jelia was a disappointment, and that the group would be the new sacrifice to “her”.

The goblin’s original voice returned and he started singing a crazy song while the crystals on the floor began to glow projecting light up to the ceiling exposing the day of morning symbol.   The air around the group was suddenly filled with a dust cloud.    The purple energy from the ceiling moved over the entrance and exit of the chamber.  

An entire gulp of dust filled the lungs of the group and made breathing difficult. The group struggled with what to do, deciding to dig into the thick dust to find and destroy the floor crystals while Rhesh began running around the room wildly.   

Archemenos made his way to the exit, and felt his forward foot sink into the dust with a mechanical like click.  Before he could take in what was happening, Rhesh slammed into him knocking him down.    Rhesh’s screams filled the chamber and Archemenos found him trapped under a massive stone that had fallen from the ceiling.   Archemenos focused his telekinetic energies on the stone and lifted it free of the fallen comrade.    Rhesh’s legs were a mangled mess, and one of his hooves lie severed several feet away.  

The group, now struggling to free themselves as the lack of oxygen began to take its toll on them, continued to smash crystals, while Archemenos attempted to remove the energy covering the door.   

Thom removed the Ashen crown from his head and placed it onto Archemenos.  Azrukal and Thom focused their minds with Archemenos and the barrier flickered and vanished.   

Thom dragged Rhesh screaming out of the room, and decided not to help the evil warlord further.   The group turned their back on the suffering Minotaur and continued their way deeper into the cavern under owls peak.   

The tight tunnel led them toward a second circular chamber.  This one contained Aric Blacktree sitting on top of the day of morning symbol.  His body centered inside a 15 foot diameter globe of runes made of pure energy.   Aric chanted what seemed Iike gibberish.  

The group silently slid down a rope to the floor of the chamber, and approached Aric.  Archemenos launched a blast of energy into the globe and it exploded in a shower of blue sparks.   Aric looked up still chanting.  Hs eyes glowed and undead creatures poured from the walls.   The group was quick to deal with the undead, and found their attention drawn away from Aric.  The undead came in with slashing claws and exploded when killed.   

Before long, Gloomhollow decided to focus in on the globe and soon the rest followed suit.    The onslaught of damage on the globe ended in when it exploded in a bright flash of white that launched the group back from it.   The walls of the cavern never met the blinded group.  The bright light of the explosion never died and a strong breeze began to blow over the group.   The group looked around the room when their eyes cleared and found themselves inside a fog. 

The fog quickly left by rising above the group as they broke free of the cloud.   Just beyond Aric’s falling body, the whole of Drooam stretched out underneath them.   Aric turned slowly in the air, sneered as his hands began to light up with arcane energy.  

Gloomhollow tightened her body and dove closer to Aric, while Archemenos shot him with his mind.  Thom followed Gloomhollow’s lead and closed in on Aric.   Azrukal shot Aric with chaotic magic.   Aric blasted Gloomhollow, damaging her and she turned and slashed at Archemenos.   

Gloomhollow closed in on Aric and slashed him with her blade.   Archemenos shot Aric a second time, while Thom got himself close enough to take a swing at him.   Azrukal transformed into a bolt of electricity and shot through Aric’s body.   Aric shot Thom with his magic, causing him to attack Gloomhollow.   

Gloomhollow, Archemenos, and Thom wounded Aric again.   Aric began to call out to his “queen” and his body lit up with a heated orange energy.   His hand grabbed ahold of Azrukal as he began to disintegrate, and the energy spread to cover him as well.   He told the group that would not survive to see his plans for the world, as his physical form vanished, Azrukal along with him.  Gloomhollow screamed in pain and grabbed her forearm.

Under the group the details of their fall became more clear.   Their fall was taking them into a massive city built in the center of a mountain.   Blue bolts of energy launched up from city and met the group knocking them unconscious.   

Thom was woke by Fredrick who welcomed him to the Great Crag loaded the him, Gloomhollow and Archemenos onto a sky coach and transported them across the city.  

On the way,  Fredrick explained that the daughters of Sora Kel were going to give the group a ceremony for clearing up the undead problem.  

During the ceremony, Thom gave the Ashen Crown to a representative of the Kech Volar, and the middle daughter of Sora Kel crowned the group (including Rhesh who came out on crutches) honorary princes of Drooam.   

After the ceremony, Fredrick loaded the group back onto the coach, and took back Captain Kaeles sending stone.  After a quick private conversation, Fredrick announced that the group had been released from the Kings Citadel.  He claimed that they had become to famous and that the kings personal involvement meant that they could not be eliminated.   

After the coach dropped the group with the Breland fleet, Fredrick told the group that they could us an airship to take them anywhere they wanted at kings expense.  He told the group not to remember anything and turn and left.  

The group parted ways on three different airships.

Total experience per player for session: ? (26,000 paragon tier!)

Drooam Needs Us

Thom’s sending stone started making noise and he answered Captain Kaeles call.  Kaeles declaired that an agent inside Drooam had reported conflict in the Northeast between an army of undead and the eastern forces of Drooam.  The undead horde was believed to be led by Aric Blacktree.   The king of Breland got on Kaeles sending stone and asked the the group go to Drooam with their orcs and aid in repelling the undead.   He also asked that Thom return the Ashen Crown to the nation of Drooam as a sign of good will.  

Kaeles told the group that he was sending airships to pick up the orcs and for the group to meet with two agents arriving on airships returned to and wished them good luck before ending the call.  

The group went back down to the village and Thom met with the Orc advisor.  He told the advisor that the orcs were packing up and leaving for Drooam.  Given the current situation with the orcs, the advisor was relieved to hear the tribe was joining up with more orcs, in a country where orcs reside.  The advisor made sure to let Thom know that the orcs had never been on air ships before and might not like the idea.   Thom, Azrukal and Archmenos designed a deception of magic that would persuade the orcs not to worry.   They drew massive rune like symbols on the ground and waited for the ships.   

Lord Padrig rode into the Abby gate and told the group that an airship had landed at the gates of Shavalant.  Padrig  said his thanks and he said goodbye be giving the group 3000 gold.  

Azrukal and Gloomhollow left for the village while Thom and Archemenos stayed to attend to the orcs.   The two at the village eventually had their prisoner released and loaded onto an airship after meeting two Citadel agents one named Fredrick, one named Victor.   The rest of the airship fleet arrived and the first ship rose to join them as they flew to the Abby.   

At the Abby, Thom gave a stirring speech to the orcs while Archemenos lit up the runes on the ground.  The orcs boarded the ship after the blessings of their new leader, and the fleet flew west into the night.  

A women’s screams woke the group from their sleep and they tip toed out of their cabin down to the cargo hold where they found Fredrick and Victor torturing Jelia who was tied to a chair.   The group intervened, not willing to let her suffer.  Fredrick’s demeanor changed and an argument began about what should happen to Jelia.   After many heated words about her treatment, Azrukal and Fredrick agreed to end the conversation by Victor throwing Jelia still strapped to a chair over the rail of the air ship.  

Fredrick and Victor retired for the night, but Thom went back to his room and using magic, began to speak with Jelia.  Through talking with her, Thom learned that Fredrick had taken a pendant from her that would help find Aric’s cavern, located near “owls peak”.   

Azrukal and Gloomhollow decided to try and take the pendant from Fredrick, however they found the door to his cabin warded by magic and a knock sounded before Victor opened sending the two of them scattering to the shadows.   Their second attempt an hour later saw the ward removed, but the lock on the door picked to loudly.   This time Victor grabbed Gloomhollow and Fredrick asked what she was wanting to steal from him.   Gloomhollow told him that she knew about the pendant.   Fredrick gave it to her and told her that she would have had it first thing after they arrived.  

The next morning, Fredrick greeted the group from the deck, he made little worry of the night before, and wished them well.  Fredrick told the group that he and Victor would continue on to the Great Crag to deal with politics.  

The group departed the ships and met the eastern general of Drooam, the minotaur Rhesh Turakbar.   Rhesh was happy to hear that the group had taken over the orcs and brought them back to help their boss.   He rushed the group to a planning tent.   Rhesh went over his strategy for containing the undead army and gave the group the troop resources they needed.   

The group took their troops and split into four commanders and spread across the entire front.   Losses were great on both sides, and ended with Thom smashing the final significant forces at the base of a peak shaped like a roosting owl, but no sign of opening or Aric.   Gloomhollow’s sight was completely different.   

Gloomhollow saw a massive peak shaped like an owl with a sign at least 50 feet tall.   At the base of the peak, Gloomhollow saw glowing in purple runes the symbol the group found on the ground on the day of morning.   The center of which was a cavern opening.    

Gloomhollow pointed out the opening to the group and Rhesh called for the cavern strike force, which the group volunteered for immediately.  

Total experience per player for session: 800

The last cards

The group followed the minoraur guards to a door leading north.   Oakley grabbed the handle and shoved the door.  Sitting at a large banquet table was a grey skinned creature the size of two men and carrying the traits of both Minotaur and gnoll.  

Oakley immediately pointed at the creature and declared “demon!”.   The demon only smiled and invited the group to join him and eat.   

Azrukal decided that shooting the demon would be a better option than eating with it.   A Minotaur seated with the demon lunged at Oakley and the fight was on.   Azrukal moved into the room and blasted the demon, before receiving the charge from two gnolls that nearly left him unconscious.  Thom lent invigorating encouragement to Azrukal before attacking the gnolls.  Archemenos blasted the demon and knocked him down.  Oakley laid into the Minotaur with his sword. 

The fight was grueling, and wounds were taken by both sides.   The demon eventually tried one final trick transforming his appearance to that of a weakened old human man who begged for mercy.  Oakley turned his attention away from the man and redirected it to the gnolls.  The demon sprang on him from behind and resumed its original appearance.

Moments later the group had finished off the demon and his unfortunate possessed minions.   They quickly ransacked the room for valuables and made their way through a large baracaded double door.   

Thom smashed the doors latches using his crowbar.   The room in front of the group was filled with kobalds working beside a sleeping red dragon.  The kobalds charged and Gloomhollow ran forward to receive them.  Azrukal waited until the lizard men were close enough and unleashed a spell that jumped from enemy to enemy leaving eight of them dead.  The group continued what could only be described as a mass murder of the foolish kobalds.   

However, never once during the killing did the sleeping dragon stir.  The dragon peaked one eye at the group when they surrounded him and again made like he was sleeping.  This was a mistake.  The group acted as one when Thom yelled “now!”.   Three weapons struck as two spells blasted the arrogant creature.   Finally, the dragon decided to stand and deal with the intruders.  

The dragon stood up and revealed two cards from the deck of many things.  Then breathed two big belches of fire onto the three nearest heroes.   Thom jumped onto a card symbol of a rogue that appeared next to him, and it launched a power from him that dominated the dragon.  The next minute of combat saw the helpless dragon pummeled mercilessly by the group.  

When the battered dragon regained his senses, he pulled another card out, that of a throne.  He then breathed fire again on the heroes and lashed at them with  vicious claws.  

However, it was only moments later that the heroes felled the beast, and took all of the young dragons collected valuables.   

Oakley pulled from the stash the final sacred vessel and led the group back up to the Abby main temple to complete the cleansing ritual.   He preformed a small rite and prayer with each of the three vessels and an evil force took control of him lifting him into the air.  Thom remembered a chant used in a bar to rid the patrons of bad spirits and bad luck.   Azrukal joined in the chant while Gloomhollow grabbed Oakleys leg and promised to help him.   Oakley c regained his senses for a moment before loosing grasp again.  Archemenos had heard enough and felt the evil materialize as arcane energy.   He focused his will on the energy and commanded it’s dispersal.   Oakley fell to the floor and for the first time since coming to the top of the Abby, the group could hear the sounds of birds.

Oakley got back to his feet and declared that the Abby was cleansed.  He then turned to the group and gave them three cards from the deck of many things.   He asked that they take care in the ownership of such chaos ridden objects, and to take them far from the Abby.  

Total experience per player for session: 2195


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