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Tampered Tombs

The group finished investigating the crumbling chamber and traveled north through the second secret door.  Past the hidden door, the group found a room with an alter and a mural of Tira depicted as a black and purple column of necrotic flame.  Oakley sensed that the chamber had a magical air of safety to it as Thom noticed that the room had a layer of dust that had not been disturbed for tens of years.  

Archemenos ran his fingers along the walls and through shear luck discovered another switch that opened to a curtain made of a strange material.  Thom began to warn the group to ready themselves when like the great Leroy Jenkins, Azrukal pushed past and threw open the curtain entering the chamber beyond.  

Inside the chamber, ravenous Ghouls took notice of the adventurers and charged in to attack.   However, within seconds the group had not only stood their ground, but gained pressing the attackers back.  The ghouls made a hasty retreat to the non visible portions of the room.  Azrukal chased after and found himself surrounded when shadowy wraiths raised out of sarcophagi around him.  The group did their best against the ethereal foes and sustained many wounds from the specters.   After what seemed like enough blows to fell a small army, the wraiths dissipated, their anger released.  

Archemenos took a couple of steps beside the sarcophagi and noticed quite a bit of what seemed to be mortor on the ground, and Thom followed his notice to the tombs themselves finding that they had been opened and revealed.   Oakley pointed out that this discovery explained the wraiths anger.    Azrukal wasted no time after sensing magic buried inside the north most sarcophagus and called for the group to help him open it.   Inside, they found the body missing, and in its place was a bowl of liquid.   Oakley reached inside and picked it up declaring that it was one of the sacred vessels that they sought.   The bowl was called “Vol’s blood”.  

Oakley relayed to the group that his strength was at an end without rest and urged the group to set up camp inside the secret chamber to recover.  The group agreed each feeling the toll of battle and bedded down deep inside the Gardmour crypts.  

Total experience per player for session: 500 

Crypts full of secret doors

The group searched the room for information about how this tomb had become defiled.   Azrukal discovered that the crypt that lay broken and open still contained a skeleton missing his head.  Archemenos took a closer look at the alter to Tira and felt compelled to kneel and pray to Tira.  The silver flame blessed his as the dragon heads on top began to move and glow and sent the power of flame into his orb.  

Azrukal declaired that the group should continue the search for the cards to through the east exit.   The group followed and within seconds they were inside another chamber.  This one contained roots that hung from the ceiling and more sarcophagi.  With only a second to take in the new surrounding, from beside the doors undead creatures lurched in to attack.  

The opponents were quite a contest for the group.  Two once living knights were supported by swarms of flesh eating beetles and a fiery hovering skull.   Gloomhollow and the cleric stepped up to meet the knights head on and were beset with curses and physical damage.   The swarms of beetles charged out at the warm bodies.   Azrukal answered by casting a bolt of energy so powerful that it traveled through many enemies and ripped holes into the fabric of reality next to each one.   The enemies fought the compulsion to enter the holes and one swarm of beetles could not resist and vanished from the battlefield along with all of the holes.   

The battle continued with the skull blasting the group with an exploding ball of fire.   Gloomhollow turned and set into the remaining beetles, the cleric also targeted the bugs.   Azrukal moved in better position before transforming into pure energy and flashing across the room damaging all of the enemies again.   The mummies turned and surrounded Azrukal.

Archemenos could resist his precious staff no longer.  As soon as he held it in his hands his heart filled with joy.   He held it above his head and a wave of force shot out above the heads of everyone.   The staff recharged to shoot again by drawing life force out of Archemenos, which he gave lovingly.  

The skull continued to rain fire down onto the group while Azrukal found himself able to once again transform and electrocute the room.   Gloomhollow’s spirit sunk a bit when the vanished bugs reappeared just as the others fell.   The mummies charged back in to combat with Gloomhollow and the cleric, while they focused on the bugs.   Archemenos raised his staff again compelled to use it, the force slammed into the ceiling and chunks of rock blasted into one of the dead knights.  The staff  greedily consumed the released energy.  

The skull continued to retreat into the corner and fiery rays torched Oakley.  Gloomhollow found herself overwhelmed and fell into a swarm of beetles the knights continued to assault the group while the cleric called to the divine to awaken Gloomhollow.   Azrukal launched chaotic energy into the bugs, and the skull answered with a burning blast that left him on the floor.  Archemenos redirected his beloved staff at the nearest knight and the force from it entered the floor.   A moment later, a large chunk of the floor broke free and slammed the knight into the ceiling where it held him.  

Gloomhollow stood back up and stomped the remaining bugs into the floor.   The cleric’s gods answered again as Azrukal’s eyes pop’ed open, he then attacked the ceiling mummy.   Azrukal shot the skull with a bolt of energy that sent it extinguished and on the floor.   Oakley charged the mummy beside the cleric and smashed it to bits.  The group focused in on the last standing enemy and moments later were again safe from harm. 

The group spread out and searched the room finding two hidden doors.   One led to a small chamber with a lone sarcophagus inside.  The room was enchanted with a light repulsion.  Oakley read the name on the sarcophagus and recognized the last name as one of the former knights of the Abby.  He also observed that a hidden sarcophagus would most likely be of one fallen from the faith.  

Total experience per player for session:  440

Another card, and now vessels

The group recovered from the exertion of the fight while Sir Oakley set right to the cleansing ritual.   However, just after beginning the ritual, Oakley was seized by an unseen force causing an unnatural roar to escape his lips before knocking him to the ground.   Oakley admitted to the group that at present, he would be unable to overcome the evil inside the temple.  He went on to make the group aware of three temple artifacts each designed to repel a different kind of supernatural evil.  Oakley claimed that if the three were gathered, he believed that he would have better control of the unseen force.   

The group spread out inside the building to attempt to locate any of the objects that may be in the area.   Azrukal and Thom made their way to the alter of Tira at the front of the room to examine it.  Within a couple of minutes, Azrukal discovered a hidden slot in the alter where he found a second magical card.   This one had a image of a burning sphere flying across the sky and the word “comet” at the bottom.  

While Thom and Azrukal searched the alter, Gloomhollow set to looking around the right side of the ruined temple.  Near the rear of the building, she came upon a large nest made of rags and sticks.   The nest was laying in the center of a room with brick walls with hundreds of gold coins stuck into the grout gaps.   Ignoring the coins, Gloomhollow began to rip the nest apart.   Under the many twigs, rags, and lice, she discovered the body of a fallen paladin.   Clutched in its skeletal hand was a sword with a spread winged dragon for a hilt.   Gloomhollow could sense that this was a powerful weapon specifically designed to battle dragons.   Thom and Azrukal caught up with Gloomhollow and took little time before spending over an hour removing 1600 gold coins from the walls of the room.  Thom searched the left of the building and found a staircase leading down.   Oakley told the group that the stairs most likely led to the crypts and that the energy he felt from the cards resonated from below.   

The group decided that the crypts would have to wait till the following day, and left the temple.  Outside, the group surprised a spying Gnoll, who ran into the building where the group had defeated the spiders.   The group chased after and eventually Thom found a hidden stairway in this building as well.   Oakley claimed that a crypt would not be under the building, and that it was most likely a vault or cellar.  

Gloomhollow knew when she snuck down the stairs that this was not her best effort, however her teammates were none the wiser as she seemed to float away without a sound.   Below she found a large chamber with one double iron door exit, one single door exit.  The walls of the room were covered with Minotaur art, and there was no sign of the Gnoll.   She returned upstairs and found Thom and Azrukal deciding to not go down after the spy.  Thom recovered the hidden entrance focusing on keeping in whatever was down there.   

The group traveled back down the stairs and found Oakley’s horse buttercup grazing on grass, and Secretariate choking down what looked like old rabbit bones.   They arrived back at the village late in the evening to find lord Padrig standing over two covered bodies.  Padrig told the group that the bodies were of two traders killed on the road today.  Padrig begged the group to get information about  the orcs  soon.   The group turned in for the  night onus Thom who spent a few minutes talking to Elian the old about temple artifacts.  Elian seemed to know as much rumor as fact, and was very scared to touch the “cursed coins” Thom had brought back.  

The next morning, Oakley met the group in the inn and apologized that while having Secretariate brushed and cleaned, the stable boy had left the old horse completely without hair.  The group was not surprised by this news, and we’re pleased to find that Secretariates smell had diminished.   The group made their way to Bairwins Grand Shop to see if anything new had come in.  After much searching and arguing with Bairwin, the group left without any new gear.  

The trip to the Abby took the group three and a half hours.  When they reached the dragons roost, they went straight to the temple and down the crypt stairs.  Close to the bottom of the stairs, chanting to Tira was heard coming from the chamber ahead.  Gloomhollow scouted down like a whisp of smoke, and found a room with sarcophagi in front of her and a few armored men kneeling in front of a dragon headed alter on the other side.   She snuck back up the stairs and beside her unaware companions.  Gloomhollow was unable to resist the opportunity and bellowed “hey you guys!” scaring them both.   Azrukal twitch blasted her with a bolt of chaos, and Thom grabbed her by the throat to shut her up.   

From down the stairs a voice identified itself as “captain Havaar”.  He asked that the faithful to Tira please come down and pray with him.   The group cautiously approached the chamber and began to suspect something was wrong.  Gloomhollow noticed that the men prayed with their weapons drawn and placed on the floor.  Thom, decided that Havaar did not act like a captain, lacking the common stiffness of military.   Azrukal, wondered how a captain could exist  in a temple destroyed 150 years ago.   Havaar turned and began to chant to Tira once again.   Oakley stopped in his tracks and whispered “the prayer is spoken wrong”.  
Thom then noticed something else only visible from a close proximity, the kneeling men cast no shadows.  

Azrukal launched a bolt of energy at the men, whose disguise fell away revealing ghastly ethereal forms.  The two groups battled back and forth, the ghosts testing the will of the group many times before falling to the holy might of sir Oakley who seemed driven by Tira herself to destroy the blasphemers.  

Total experience per player for session: 415

Hawks Hunt for Mice

The group regained their breath after the fight with the Bullet and the Shadow Specters. This time, even Sir Oakley joined them. Before long Oakley reminded them that the evil must be dealt with soon and the group set out for the final building that made up the Abby area known as the “Dragons Roost”.

The main temple was in the same state of repair that the group had found in the other buildings, however this one seemed to hold onto a bit of its former grandeur. The roof was partly collapsed and the remaining portions were held up by massive columns. Inside the building the group discovered a pool of crystal clear water that seemed unnaturally cold, and a large statue of Bahamut depicted as a human in plate armor. The group approached the pool and half drank of the water after Oakley partook before them.

The water was barely down their throats when a voice called out from above. It belonged to a harpie claiming to be a devote of Bahamut. Azrukal shot a bolt of energy at the harpie, and soon after threw a vial of holy water that smashed into the creature and sent it into a rage. The two harpies dove from the ceiling at the group and were joined by five angels.

A light at his feet caught Azrukal’s attention. The symbol of the strange card he had collected appeared in light at his feet. Scanning the area, across the room another area of the floor lit up, only instead of the image of the Idiot, it was of a comet.

The battle seemed to be a standard affair until Azrukal lost control of his chaotic energies and cause several rifts to other worlds to open around the room. These portals had many strange effects on the battle that only made the danger even greater. The fight was a grueling affair that saw both Oakley and Thom unconscious at one point. However, persistence prevailed and the group saw the angels and harpies slain, ending their madness.

total experience per player for session: 375 (11883)

Valentines Day, Eat Your Heart Out

The group quickly gathered themselves and exited the gate house to join the waiting Sir Oakley.   They marched confidently to the next largest building o the Abby hilltop.   Azrukal kicked open the door and found a decrepit looking room with the late day sun lighting not only rubble on the floor, but also the holes in the roof.  

The group continued inside sure that they could handle any situation that may present itself.   That situation skittered out of two piles of rubble and charged at them on tens of legs.  Two carrion crawlers two men in length each whipped and bit the group while they braced.   The first attacks were weathered and responded to when a massive creature burst from the floor.   It’s entire body naturally armored and larger than a full size bull, it immediately bit into the nearest prone body, Archemenos.   

The two crawlers fell quickly to the multiple attacks, but their poison pumped inside Thom and Azaro long after.   The bullet took much more effort as it continually dug into the ground to attack from below.   The group organized and timed their strikes to the moment it would emerge.  This tactic led to the large creatures demise.   

The group reset their gear and bandaged up their wounds while Oakley prepared to begin the ritual.   When the ritual began, a darkness befell the building and shadowy spirits phased in and out of sight attacking Sir Oakley.  Archemnos focused his mental energy, and created a psychic barrier that repelled the specters.   The group minus Azrukal began to chant Bahamut prayers with Oakley and the specters turned on the group.   

The largest looking specter vanished and reappeared next to Thom.   It reached out a shadowy hand and a moment later Thom’s face went blank as the creature invaded his mind.   

The rest of the group launched attacks against the many entities, dispatching them easily.   Thom turned his attack onto Sir Oakley and glanced off of the barrier.   The rest of the group rallied back onto the remaining specter raining blows onto it until Thom regained his senses.   Thom climbed up onto the body of the fallen Bullet.   Standing 10 feet over the specter, he launched himself down on top of it banishing the shadow.   

The darkness dissipated as Oakley finished the ritual, and he fell to is knees exhausted.   The group again began to reset themselves when Azrukal noticed a low heart beat sound coming from the dead Bullet.    Thom retrieved a vial of lamp oil from his backpack, doused the body and set it a blaze.   The body bloated as the fluids inside began to boil.   Eventually the skin split on the belly side and a large still beating heart fell out.  Archemnos studied the magic keeping the heart alive, and found that the energy was diminishing.   Azrukal grabbed the heart and shoved as much of it as he could into his mouth.  The still vibrating meat slid down his throat and a resurgence of energy followed.  The rest of the group grabbed the heart and savagely devoured the three serving worth that was left.   

Total experience per player for session: 410 (11508)

The Evil Reveals Itself


The group searched the area and found little, Sir Oakley began the ritual to cleanse the building.  An evil whisper invaded the minds of the group and cause them to struggle to support Oakley.  The ritual ended with the group minus Azrukal helping Oakley chant Bahamut hymns until the group felt the evil force leave the area.  

The group followed the path around the building and discovered the rest of the Abby.  Oakley urged the group to begin the cleansing of the all the buildings with the smallest of the three, claiming that the evil was weakest in them.   The group agreed and went straight to the smallest building, a gate house that separates the bottom village from the top of the hill.  

Inside the gate house, the group was set upon by metal devouring creatures, and living rock gargoyles.   Though taking many injuries, the group was able to defeat the creatures.   Oakley again began his ritual this time the sickness feeling returned and brought with it quaking earth, followed by flying stones.   Archemnos, Thom, and Gloomhollow steadied Sir Oakley while he continued his ritual, while Azrukal blasted flying objects with his magic.   Once again Oakley rallied the group minus Azrukal to help him chant hymns.    The evil fled the building once again. 

Total experience per player for session:  300

Terror has Eight Legs

The group said very little to the Emerald Claw women they had captured.  Thom took one last look around the room while Azrukal hid the idiot card deep inside his robes.   

The group made their way back to the village of Shavalant where the local militia took their prisoner to the keep cells.   The group had a brief interaction with Captain Rond Kelfem, and the Lord of the keep Ernest Padrig.  Padrig openly expressed gratitude to the group for capturing a criminal and Kelfem said he believed that more harm will befall the town for their actions.   

That night at the inn, the group had a conversation with a local elder named Eilian the Old.  Eilian, and aged human man seemed to be a local story teller and relayed tales of the knights that used to inhabit the Abby on the hill to the north.  He also spoke of their sudden demise after 150 years of residence.   He warned the group that many adventurers go up the hill, and few ever return.   With that said, Eilian left the inn for the night.   The group retired to their room, where Thom made a call to Rhesh to update him of their progress.  

The group woke the next morning and had their breakfast interrupted by the arrival of Sir Oakley who announced that he had prepared for their travels and was waiting in the keep courtyard.   After a brief amount of shopping they boarded their cart and set out of the village.   

Within minutes of leaving the village proper, Oakley said he had found out about  a secret stairway that would lead up to the area containing the temple.  The group decided to take the hidden stair, and revealed to Oakley that they were involved in a plot with Rhesh, and had agreed to scout the Abby for lord Padrig.   Oakley told them that there would be a path down the other side of the hill they could use after cleansing the temple.  

The group took the long way around the hill and spent a good amount of time finding the hidden stair.  After two hour of climbing, the group reached the top of the hill.  They found themselves facing a building with the roof burned out, and walls near collapse.   The top of the building had many webs among the burned rafters.  

Gloomhollow lept up to the top of the 15 foot wall, and noticed many spiders below inside the building.   She looked down at her companions and declaired “there are spiders!”. The spiders sensed the pressure on the webs and ran to intercept Gloomhollow but not quite making it to her.   Gloomhollow responded by leaping at the nearest spider, causing the web to give way and both of them to fall to the floor.   Azrukal and Archemenos both climbed up the wall and launched their magic down on the enemies.   Oakley charged around the building  and declaired attack from the entrance.   Jumping spiders scrambled across the building and charged both Gloomhollow and Oakley.   Thom focused all of his energy into his fists.  He ran straight at the crumbling wall and exploded through it, sending damaging shrapnel over Gloomhollow and 4 of the spiders.   The fight continued for brief seconds longer before the group stood on the gore of dead arachnids. 

Total experience per player:  315

A Clue is Found

The group stepped over the fallen Emerald Claw, and began to search the room. Archemenos located a small switch on the wall next to a hanging tapestry. Thom warned the group about flipping strange switches and pulled the tapestry aside to find an opening that led to another room. Azrukal decided to throw the switch despite the warning and the next chamber filled with water until ankle deep. The group proceeded into the adjacent chamber and were attacked by strange mist creatures. The fight was a grueling one which taxed the group making them expell precious limited powers.

The group followed the water as it flowed into the next room where a group of Emerald Claw chanted together. The group burst into through the door and Azrukal launched a lightning attack that fell nearly all of the hooded Claw agents. Within seconds, a massive ethereal creature leapt out of a surrounding pool and charged them. The group, blocked by the massive creature, braced themselves and scrambled to avoid being thrown into the water. From on top of a higher platform in the room, a female emerald claw agent launched an attack of necrotic energy. The fight seemed to be in the favor of the group as the two remaining enemies fail to hit them with many chances.

Then catastrophie struck. The giant creature slammed Gloomhollow knocking her unconscious and sending her into the pool. The giant was banished a moment later and Thom tied a rope to Azrukal and threw him into the water after her. Azrukal swam down, grabbed Gloomhollow and gave the rope a tug. The Emerald Claw women lept from the raised platform and missed her mark, landing in the pool as well. Archemenos blasted the women with a psychic attack, as Thom pulled the rope up and brought back to consciousness. Azrukal pulled himself out of the water and blasted the women with chaotic bolt followed by Gloomhollow and Archemenos attacking her as well. Thom tumbled around the women still holding the rope attached to Azrukal. Despite her struggling, he managed to loop the rope twice around her midsection before Azrukal swept her leg from underneath her. The group finished tiring her up, making sure she couldn’t escape.

Azrukal started questioning the Emerald Claw agent by asking why she was inside the tomb. The agent told the group that it is emerald claw practice to invade any newly discovered tombs to aquire artifacts and minions. Thom took this opportunity to call Captain Kaeles to ask what to do with the Emerald Claw agent. Kaeles asked that the agent be taken to the local lord and placed in their prison until the situation was worked out.

The claw agent began to bargain for her release, offering 600 gold. Azrukal cut the purse from her belt and proclaimed that he could just take it. He opened the pouch and found that it indeed contained the 600 gold. However, it also contained one more thing. Press to the side of the pouch Azrukal removed a single playing card. Immediately the group recognized the card’s back as Aric Blacktree had held a card with the same. Aric’s card had a face side showing a skull, this card however, had the image of a drooling man of obvious little intelligence. At the bottom of the card were two words, “the idiot”.

Total experience per player for session: 915 (10483 Level 7)

On to Shavalant

The group surveyed the battlefield. Orcs and goblins charged the town of Orcbone. Thom pulled out a disguise kit and gave the group fake wounds and bruises with plans to pass as refugees that had escaped. The group set off towards the town and were accosted by an ogre directing a troll to the battle front. Thom talked their way out of why the group was not wearing the markings of the Orc army.
The group continued and Orc colors were thrown onto their back as an Orc commander demanded they join him in his next battle. Asrukal puffed out his chest and assured the orc that they would be attacking shortly. The Orc was impressed be his conviction and charged off toward the town.

Moments later as the group reached the middle ofnthe battlefield, Orcbone let loose a barrage of stones from the other side of the wall sending the group scrambling while Thom attempted to time their movements.
The artillery ceased and a troll picked up Azrukal and offered to throw him over the wall. Azrukal challenged the troll saying that he didn’t believe that he could make that throw happen. The troll put him down and picked up a rock. The rock exploded just below the battlements and the troll decided that throwing rocks was fun.
The group hurried towards the town, and reached the piles of bones. Making their way around the base looking for an opening, the group ran smack into a guard patrol. The group gave up their weapons and allowed themselves to be captured and brought inside for interrogation and passage. They waited in a long line for many minutes before reaching a table in the middle of the keep courtyard. The man at the table asked them many questions and other end decided that he believed their story, though didn’t trust Gloomhollow and allowed the group to pass through.

However, as the group walked through the gate, the booming voice of Rhesh blared out of Thom’s armor. Recognizing the name Rhesh, the gate guard called out for help and began chase on what he refered to as spies at the gates. The group sprinted away from the gates towards a nearby wooded area. During the run, they noticed that a rough looking massive man had joined them in their run from the keep. The guards gave up chase as the group entered the woods and found Secretariate complete with cart and a marked Orc cloak on his back just beyond the tree line. Thom removed the cloak and began questioning the large man who followed. The man claimed to have been running from a group of Orcs and was on his way to Shavalant. The group welcomed the new comer into the travels.

The day nearly at an end the group entered the small village of Shavalant. They had barely got through the gates before meeting the Lord of the village, Lord Padrig. After a brief conversation with the lord, the group learned that the village was threatened by orcs to the north, and that the local militia was slow to react. Padrig asked that the group scout out the orcs and deliver to him a map of the ruins that they are inside. The group agreed to the task and continued into the local inn.
Inquiring with the inn owner, the group left quickly to visit a local antique dealer to ask questions about the missing agent. The halfling working at the store knew her name, but hadn’t ever met her. The group spent quite a while in the store looking for useful items. Thom purchased a pair of gauntlets of ogre power, exchanging a prime share in his planned company and 250 gold for the gloves.
The group decided to retire to the inn for the night and met a shining armored elderly paladin named Sir Oakley. Oakley made it known to the group that he had answered the call from the Kings Citadel. He said that he had been in town for a day now and found out that the emerald claw to the south were small and should be dealt with, and that the orcs would be a larger problem. He had scouted out the ruins of the Abby to the north and found that a much darker evil resided their. He admitted that he his a direct descendant of the founders of the Abby and wishes that the group would help him to cleanse the ruins of evil. He retired from the conversation by telling the group that he would meet them the day after the next.

The group retired as well and woke early to begin their attack on the emerald claw. The group found the entrance to the small tomb inside a small tree grove. After lowering themselves into a hole 20 feet deep they found themselves in front of a pair of old stone doors. Fredrick put boot to door and the doors slammed open sending splinters of the wood bracer flying. Inside, a group of 7 emerald claw scrambled to ready their weapons while the group laid into them. Caught off guard, and luck not on their side, in only a minute, the room of emerald claw lay dead.

Total experience per player for session: 525 (9568)

A Deal with Rhesh?

Ready for Rhesh’s charge, Azrukal blasted the minotaur with arcane lightning that arced through the minotaur and into all of his dogs. The dogs hit the floor dead as Rhesh hit Gloomhollow full force. The group rallied and laid into Rhesh using their most powerful attacks.

Within a minute of fighting, Rhesh called out “get in here!” and the room was filled with orcs and goblins. Chairs were brought forward and Rhesh explained that he did not allow the group to enter his keep to kill them, but merely to test them and possibly hire the group for help with some problems. In front of 50+ enemies, the group agreed to help Rhesh eliminate emerald claw threatening a minion of his. An orc chieftain named Backrosh and his tribe the Vile Rune Clan who had set up inside the Breland border north of a small village named Shavalant. The group was tasked with also helping Backrosh getting control of the village.

The group used writing notes to communicate between each other in front of their guard host while preparing teleport from the keep. They agreed that they would not help Backrosh, but would eliminate the emerald claw before coming to the aid of Shavalant. Thom entered the excrement closet to get privacy from the orc guards. Inside the closet, Thom used his sending stone to contact Captain Kaeles and update him on their current situation. Kaeles said he would dispatch an agent to the village and begin operations.

The group bought a few stinky orcs healing potions from the keeps mages before being escourted to a chamber with demonic markings on all walls. The orc mages in the room chanted and a blue portal opened. The orc guards began to shove the adventurers into the portal. Rhesh grabbed Azrukal and slapped a sending stone into his hand. “Ill be in touch.” he said before throwing him into the portal.

When their eyes cleared, the group found themselves inside a large canvas tent. Surrounding them was 2 orc mages, and a ogre mage. Them mages expressed their distrust of the group before directing them outside the tent.

Outside the group discovered that they had been sent to the Droaam side of Orcbone. The city charged by Breland with holding back the country of Droaam. The group witnessed a group of orcs throw crude ladders onto the city wall, climb up and begin fighting city guards. All around the group was a massive goblin and orc camp set on scarred earth.

experience per player: 425 (9043)


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