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Demonic Confusion

The group braced themselves as the demon charged them leaping across the pool of water. Azrukal answered the attack with a blast of fire that the demon seemed to receive a diminished effect. Foot falls behind the group alerted them that a second demon was approaching, and a third demon rounded the corner after the first and charged.

The group defended themselves against the group of enemies and forgot again to defend Pumpkin who had a demon pounce on her and quickly knock her out. Archemenos pushed the demon back and dragged Pumpkin away from the foes.

Thom did his best to defend himself against the group even using some his most powerful attacks. Azrukal continued his fire attacks, depending on them to push past the absorbing demons. Archemenos stabilized the tiefling girl and decided to stay with her at a distance. Gloomhollow jumped across the pool of water to avoid being flanked by the demons, and then flew across the water landing in the liquid and delivering three strong blows to the nearest demon. However, as she locked into combat with the creature, she became aware that her legs were producing fumes and began to burn in the liquid.

The first demon fell smoldering from the sorcerers onslaught, and the second followed soon after when Archemenos blasted him with mind crystals. The last demon was surrounded and dispatched by Gloomhollow’s large blade.

Azrukal led the group around the pool of acid and entered the middle of a hallway. To the left the hall led to a pile of rubble and another chamber. To the left, the hall led to a massive demon who observed the group but gave no signs of reaction. Azrukal decided to investigate the chamber to the left and found it the resemblance of the on visible in the pool of acid.

In the center of the chamber was a smaller rounded pool of liquid, that Azrukal decided to test out. He placed his hand into the liquid and a cool feeling washed over his body making him feel slightly refreshed. The rest of the group including Pumpkin took turns touching the liquid.

With no other direction to go, the group traveled back to the large demon who sat in the corner of his chamber and watched the group pas through. The hallway just beyond his area was filled with a blackish purple smoke. When Gloomhollow followed Azrukal into the smoke, she lost her focus completely and began to babble incoherently. The rest of the group followed behind her and all succumbed to the effects of the smoke.

The large demon became enraged at the babbling noise and charged into the smoke hitting Pumpkin, who babbled without care of the damage. The group struggled out of the smoke eventually with the demon chasing behind them carrying Thom’s incoherent body along with him. Thom had a surge of strength that allowed him to struggled free from the demons grasp.

The group focused their attacks on the lone creature and found it destroyed soon after.

Blocking their journey further into the maze was two locked large metal doors with no discern able lock. Gloomhollow set to figuring out how to open the doors while Azrukal threw skulls from a pile in the corner of the room. Eventually, Azrukal threw the last skull in the pile of bone and revealed a hidden lever which he threw and the doors swung open. Gloomhollow congratulated herself on opening the door though she did not know how.

The group traveled through the doors and back outside. The area seemed like another world. All around the group was a thick smoke floating over an area of lava. In the center of the area, on solid ground a large Minotaur like creature pawed the ground and grunted angrily. Beyond the creature, Gloomhollow could just make out a lone figure in ornate robes leaning over something.

Total experience per player for session: 2300 (100,745)

Shape Shifting Reception

The group searched the dead Ghaash’kala orcs and found a few gemstones, before continuing toward the opening in the canyon wall. They were surprised to see living Ghaash’kala orcs guarding the entrance.

Thom engaged the orcs in conversation asking if the orcs knew any information about Pumpkins father. They told the group that he was not inside the maze and they were better off turning. Upon hearing this, Thom decided to become more prying with his questions and the orcs told him to ask the answer of the charging assassin coming from behind them. The orcs then released the illusion that hid their true looks and attacked.

The fight was a frustrating one. The assassin continually changed his appearance to that of the group members and the animal looking enemies were very formidable. Thom screamed a Archemenos to look after Pumpkin after he wandered away from her and she was struck unconscious again.
Pumpkin was thrilled during the fight when Archemenos aided her psionic attack causing it to deliver the final blow to the enemy.

Eventually, the group chased the illusionary combatants into the entrance of the Maze and destroyed all but the assassin who retreated further inside.

The group took five minutes to assess their wounds. All of them were pushed to their limits and knew that the could not waste time with the full moon of Zarantyr rising and a possible prophecy connection to that event. Thom preformed a ritual that spread their remaining life force evenly between each other. The group knew it would probably not be enough and decided to push on.

Through the door traveled by the assassin the group found a darkened hallway leading to a brazier next to a large pool of water. Carefully Thom leaned over the edge of the liquid and was amazed to be looking through to another area. A unearthly growl and the pounding of clawed feet brought his attention to a demonic patrolling creature running at them.

Total experience per player for session:1900

The Labyrinth

The group set out into the Wastes following the directions of the hag. After two days of travel they found themselves before a sulphurous opening in the ground. The opening started small and at the horizon was as wide as could be seen.

Before they could find an entrance path, the group ran into a group of orcs who called themselves the Ghaash’kala. The orcs warned the group not to enter the Labyrinth and told them that if they did they would be tainted by the closeness of Khyber. Azrukal explained that they had no choice and the orcs let the group continue into the canyon.

Once inside the canyon, the walls quickly raised above them soon obscuring the sky above them. The group spent 5 hard days of travel finding no place to rest. By the middle of the fifth day the group came upon a large group of dead Ghaash’kala and quickly found out what had killed them.

Scrambling down the cliffs around them, many savage humans attacked with bone made weapons. The attackers were disheveled and covered in blisters that continually ruptured. In seconds, the entire group was covered and infected by the reddish liquid bursting from the savages skin.

The group, surrounded began to spread out. Azrukal blasted the diseased humanoids with fire and escaped the pile of foes. Gloomhollow simply ran and jumped up a cliff to attack a bow wielding foe who used a smoke creature to make his aim true. Archemenos used his Dream form to teleport out of the mass of enemies and began blasting them from afar. Tiny Pumpkin found herself surrounded with no support and after a few seconds of bravery was struck unconscious.

Archemenos thought it best not to run to her aid and kept his defenses up instead. Gloomhollow dispatched the bowman and tried but could not reach the young girl. Azrukal looked at the tiefling girl as her body began to spasm the sure sign of death. The dark elf found the only soft spot in his entire heart and walked over to stabilize the girl. He then looked at Archemenos and declared “you are not redeeming shit!”

The last two enemies were dispatched and little Pumpkin wobbled to her feet diseased and nearly dead.

Total experience per payer for session: 4000

Festering Holt

The group sailed for four days until Agonasus found their position on the map to be near their destination. However, before reaching the blood bay, they sighted two ships ahead of them approaching each other. Agonasus slowed the crusty wench and alerted Thom. The ship opened fire on each other but not before Agonasus was able to ID the bigger ship as the Kings Citadel vessel that took Gloomhollow into custody in Sharn.

Thom directed the ship behind a nearby island to wait for the smoke to clear. After a couple of hours they resumed their way to the bay where they again found the large ship this time docked on the bank. Rather than hide again, Thom flew a white surrender flag with Breland colors as they anchored next to the large ship.

When they pulled close, a familiar face greeted them. On the deck of the massive ship, Victor the citadel torturer addressed the group throwing threats at Gloomhollow for her part in the death of Fredrick. Azrukal stepped forward and threw threats back at Victor that the cruel man could not ignore. He retreated below deck quickly looking fearful.

The group completed a two day journey through the Demon Wastes that resulted in their arrival in the town of Festering Holt. Shortly after arriving in Festering Holt, the group began asking the townsfolk if they had any knowledge concerning Pumpkins father. No one seemed to know about her father, but a few mentioned a group of Emerald Claw, a Lady and her large spider, and a Hag on the edge of the town.

The group didn’t look long before they ran into the Emerald Claw and their pip squeak big mouthed leader, who threatened the group before Azrukal subtly lit his pants on fire. The guards with the small man helped put out the fire and took him quickly to the Dead Before Morning inn.

The group continued on to the hags house. Once there Thom convinced the old women to let him in to talk. She told him of a tiefling man inside the Maze of Shattered Souls. She warned that the Emerald Claw had found out this information also and that any one that traveled into the maze was inviting their own death. Thom thanked her and left traveling back to town. The group stayed the night at the Dead Before Morning Inn. While there, they met a whore who had slept with the emerald claw leader. Also they encountered a group of warforged following a Draconic prophecy that said. “Those who seek the shattered souls under the light
of Storms bright moon when the Twilight Forest is at
its nearest shall turn barren lands into springs first

The best the group could decipher, the quote of Storms bright moon was a reference to Zarantyr, the moon associated with the Mark of Storm, full every month. The Twilight Forest refered to the plane of Lamannia, one of the angelic dominions of the Astral Sea, and its metaphysical proximity to Eberron.

They told the warforged that they were following a similar Draconic prophecy and shared theirs with them. The warforged were obviously involved with The Lord of Blades, but knew not of the groups interactions with him.

The whore told the group that the leader was nervous that he may die inside the maze, and had mentioned that he was looking for an orb. That he believed could be used to conquer the world.
The group finished their drinks and bedded for the night after this.

The next morning the groups breakfast was interrupted by the emerald claw who had found and beaten information out of the whore the group had talked to. They attacked the group but quickly found themselves outmatched and the leader escaped.

Total experience per player for session: 3750

Set Sail for the Demon Wastes!

The group left the Cannith tower and made their way to house Orien. They made it known that the contract had be returned and Orien expressed pleasure at the news claiming that Cannith had been slow at producing the focusing rings. They let them know that the track from Sharn to Passage was half completed and were anxious to finish.

Pumpkin asked to go shoe shopping and to be fed which the group found out that she only wanted an entire lunch made of candy. Archemenos purchased Pumpkin leather shoes adorned with many dangling silver charms. Pumpkin skipped with a jingle sound for the rest of the day.

The group made their way to house Trarashk. Once there they met with Kava and paid 120,000 gold for the order of rings to complete the tracks. Kava promised the fastest delivery of the dragon shards.

From Trarashk, the group took part in a little more shopping spending some of their left over treasure, and returned to the now re-titled Moldy Dragon Inn at night fall.

The following morning, the group awoke to Gloomhollow lying in a bed in their room. She had dried blood down the side of her face and a magically tended scar on the side of her face.

Thom woke her and she told the group that she had been taken to a private cell deep inside the cliffs under Sharn. Once there she was forced to sit in a chair surrounded by a Glyph that when activated left her helpless to move. The person who activated it was Fredrick, the Kings Citadel interrogator. He had placed a glowing green gem under the flesh of her temple and she blacked out.

Gloomhollow went on to describe a foggy scene where she awoke briefly with blurred vision and heard Fredrick scream in pain and dark figures flit around the room then a lifting feeling before blacking out again.

The group feared that they may be in danger and decided to leave immediately, but lord Bren met them downstairs at the inn. He apologized for not being able to warn them that Aric Blacktree had bee spotted in town. He seemed very inquisitive about the groups adventures and business with the Dragon Houses. After a brief discussion he warned them to be careful with Gloomhollow and Aric together as they may have a unseen link.

The group excused themselves and ran into Merthesal as walking out the door. He delivered a envelope with the royal seal on it. Inside was a document of appreciation from the King himself. It read;

“By declaration of the king,
Breland would like to thank Gloomhollow for her cooperation involving information of national security. Citizens like you are all that stands between safe living and the fall of our beloved kingdom. I the king would like to thank you for helping to ensure our country lives on.

Signed king Boranel ir’Wynarn."

The group scratched their heads at this letter and decided to leave quickly regardless.

At the docks, the group found their ship with Aganasus on board. He let them know that the Citadel had torn the ship apart searching for information. Thom told him to set sail for the Demon Wastes. Aganasus layers out a map and discussed where they were heading to, and the path to get there. It was decided to keep the ship in open water away from the shore, and to aim for either Astakala, or Festering Holt.

The ship set out into the seas and a day later were attacked by strange fish bipeds that tried to knock the group off of the ship an into the water where a school of their hungry young waited. Despite finding themselves fairly wet, the group defeated the fish and continued on their journey.

Total experience per person for session: 2500 (88,795)

Cold Reception in Sharn

As the group left for Sharn, Azrukal decided that the Deck of Many Things had served its purpose and sensed that bad luck would follow if he kept it. He finally drew a card for himself. The card gave him insight into the next week of events and discovered 5 facts. The one that concerned him the most was that pumpkin will not be at the inn when they get back to Sharn.

Early the morning after leaving Korrenberg, the group was alerted by Aganasus that the Breland navy was blockading the entry to Sharn. Thom raised a white flag from the main mast and slowed the Crusty Wench to a stop. The largest ship in the blockade approached slowly. When it was near enough, the group could see captain Kaeles, and fifty Sharn guards on the main deck and almost that many reporters for various dragon houses and news papers.

Grappling hooks were thrown across binding the ships together. Kaeles read from a rolled parchment announcing the intent to arrest Gloomhollow, and asked to verify compliance. Thom acknowledged compliance and gang planks were placed and the guards crossed and bound Gloomhollow and departed the ship leading her into the lower decks of the large vessel. Kaeles instructed the group to follow an escort into the bay and traveled below deck.

Aganasus steered the ship behind the escort to a dock before turning it over to the guards and departing into Sharn. The group left Aganasus to watch the ship and traveled directly to the moldy dragon to check on Pumpkin. When they arrived, they found that a crudely painted sign had been nailed on top of a portion of the old sign. The new sign read “The Walshire Dragon Inn”.

Inside they found the two halflings, Bairwin and Gibly tending to the day shift of the inn while Oswald slept. Given the information that Thom had found out in Korrenberg, he immediately inquired about the whereabouts of Pumpkin. The halflings let him know that she often goes out to play during the day, though it dawned on them that she had been gone for longer than usual.

Azrukal ran upstairs and woke Oswald and ask if he knew anything about Pumpkins location. He told him that the halflings kept track of her and that she is always back by the time he wakes up.

The group decided that they didn’t have enough information to concern themselves with Pumpkin at that time. They decided instead to immediately go to House Cannith and try to get their contract back.

The meeting at house Cannith was uncomfortable ending with the group getting their contract back and giving up their second orb and the rune cage. The group was also forced to release all Cannith documents and artifacts that were recovered, along with the promise not to discuss their business or information found in the Mournland. The group readied to leave as the orb left the room wrapped in a velvet cloth when a loud boom sounded through the building. The groups first though was that the orb had exploded, but was corrected when they were told to lay low as some creature had suddenly appeared on the roof of the tower.

The group pushed past the lady and ran for the roof finding three summoning circles and several demons. Tied to a large demon with an enchanted rope hanging over the edge of the roof, they heard the screams of a small child.

The group fought hard to stay on top of the building, but also Azrukal had trouble with the fire resistance creatures. Eventually, the demons crumbled into ash and Archemenos dragged Pumpkin up over the edge of the building where she ran crying into his arms.

Archemenos noticed a note stuffed into Pumpkins shirt he removed it and read it out loud. It read;

“I know that you have found some of my devises, it will do you no good. Her time is nearly upon us. The day of mourning will be nothing but a test compared to my plans.

One more thing. I will say hello to Pumpkins daddy if I see him first."

Total experience per player for session: 3500


Aganasus woke the group in the early morning hours while the stars were still in the sky. He relayed to Thom that he had found the direction to Korrenberg and could arrive there by mid day. Thom ordered the crew to set sail.

Just after setting sail, Gloomhollow revealed that she had information that the Kings Citadel in Sharn had issued an arrest for her, and that her aberrant dragon mark was now public knowledge.

By lunch time, the crusty maiden pulled into the beautiful resort like bay of Korranberg. At the docks, Thom released the crew of pirates from their duties to his ship and decided to recruit a new crew. The group then encountered a dock master who charged them for their stay in the city and offered have their ship attended to. Azrukal asked if the gnome could add an elemental to the ship. The gnome charged the group the price of a new ship and promised that the elemental would be bound to the ship by the following evening.

The group was approached by a female gnome named Diastra Higsmoth. She was a reporter from the Korrenberg Chronicle. She asked the group a barrage of questions concerning their careers as adventurers.

It was during this interaction two of the dismissed crew men got into an altercation concerning some luggage and disappeared suddenly leaving the luggage on the dock. The group went through the luggage to see if there was any clue to why they were fighting and found nothing of interest.

From the docks, the group entered the city and found the Blackened Golloy inn to rest inside and get something to eat. The group discussed their next move given that Gloomhollow was now a criminal. It was decided that the group would travel to house Sivis and contact captain Kaeles of the kings Citadel.

Azrukal and Thom went to make the call, while Gloomhollow and Archemenos laid low at the inn. House Sivis charged the group a hefty price for their call to the Citadel as it took extra security to make it. Kaeles made it clear that if the group cared for their friend that they should bring Gloomhollow to a Sharn and allow her to be taken into custody. He assured them that he would take care of it.

Thom let Kaeles know that he didn’t completely trust him because of witnessing an interrogation performed by the agents Fredrick and Victor. Kaeles dismissed the claim that the agents were anything but trust worthy, and that the procedure they were using was humane and standard practice.
Thom agreed to bring Gloomhollow to be arrested the morning two from the call.

When Thom and Azrukal returned to the room, spiked to the door of their room was a letter reading "You should leave town before your troubles find you here and make you our business. ". The group discussed the letter inside their room when there was a knock on their door. The inn keeper told them that a gnome was down stairs looking for them.

The gnome held a copy of the evening edition of the Korrenberg Chronicle and was excited to see that the famous heroes had not left town yet. The gnome named Tonilos Bergman, told the group of his missing sister that was involved with a member of the Triumvirate and was last seen entering the library of Korrenberg with him. He told them it had been two days since he had seen her. Tonilos offered the group two thousand gold to find his sister.

The group conferred and decided that they would go to the library and investigate. The gnome said he would wait at the inn for any information. The group left the in and stayed low key going across town to the library. In an alley while viewing the library from a distance, a ghostly voice whispered to them harshly from all sides. “Ignore Tonilos. His sister is dead. So is he if you help him. Leave the city tomorrow.”

The group decided that they might need more information about the library before they take any other action. When they returned to the inn, they found Tonilos missing, and decided to abandon the case.

The group stayed inside the following day and at the end made their way to see about their upgraded ship. Wen they reached the dock, they found the Crusty Wench much less crusty. In front of the ship Aganasus let Thom know that the he had thoroughly inspected the ship and she was better than ever. Aganasus then asked that he be allowed to continue on with Thom as his first mate. Thom agreed and the ship set sail in the dark for Sharn.

Total experience per player for session: 2250

Crusty Maiden

The group watched as William drove the skiff gracefully down the shore line to the east. Thom decided before they should board the Crusty Maiden, they should come up with a plan for taking over the ship fast.

The group decided that they would find an animal kill it and display its guts to the crew and make the claim that they were Williams guts. They spread out to look for an animal and Thom luck and nose led him to a large dead fish rotting on the shore. The smell was over whelming and it was decided that they would use the guts, but that Azrukal would have to publicly eat a potion of the rotted fish in order to cover up the smell.

The group threw the fish parts and guts now separated into a bag and set out into the bay. Upon observance, the group noticed that the boat had a lone guard on deck in its anchored state, and he walked the deck every ten minutes. When the boat reached the final one hundred feet, the group found themselves just outside of the lantern light held by the gnome pirate guard.

With impeccable timing the group set to rowing toward the ship as the gnome turned his lamp from their side. However, in the exertion to cover the distance, the group slipped up on keeping the oars silent and brought the gnomes attention.

Before the gnome’s lantern came over the side, Thom managed to mask the group in deceptive bardic magic. The magic made it appear that William was rowing Thom and a couple of crew pirates back to the ship. The gnome threw down a rope ladder and proceeded to wake the crew for the captains arrival.

The crew seemed happy to see their returned captain though the first mate, a tiefling named Aganasus, was perplexed by Williams sudden appreciation of Thom. After setting the crew to sailing for Sharn, Azrukal slipped up and accidentally broke character for a moment.

Aganasus immediately jumped back to the questioning of the William before him, eventually leaving a subtle threat the Azrukal could not ignore. As e tiefling turned to walk away, he launched heated magic that caught the first mates pants on fire.

Off came the burning pants and out came the accusation of imposter. Azrukal did a terrible job of playing William and was left exposed. Thom reverted quickly to the original plan and brought the bag of fish guts out. He explained that they had killed William and were taking over the ship. Thom removed the fish guts and was able to squeeze and manipulate the guts so they appeared human.

Aganasus winced when the fish smell hit his nose and asked why they smelled like rotted sea life. Thom threw Azrukal a chunk of dead rotted fish and explained that the dark elf kept Williams remains in his food bag. Azrukal steadied his stomach and bit a large amount of fish into his mouth and swallowed it.

The watching crew let out a collective yuck sound and Aganasus accepted Thom as the new ships captain. The group retired to the captains quarters while Azrukal waited in meditation outside on the hall floor. The group awoke when Gloomhollow discovered an assassin escape from the quarters after attempting to administer a sage smelling poison to the group. Screams sounded from up on deck and the group arrived shortly after Azrukal to see the dead body of the gnome guard throat slit and laying in a pool of blood.

The only witness to the murder a dark elf named Descantiz relayed what he had seen to Aganasus. He claimed that the killer had been obscured from view when he slit the throat of the gnome but the lamp light had revealed a strange mark on the forearm of the killer.

Aganasus asked that Thom give the order to the crew to bear their forearms. Thom agreed and was responded to with dissension. It seemed that many of the pirate crew possessed tattoos that they feared might incriminate them and that led to accusations from the non tattoo crew members, and then a massive fight.

The group easily dealt with the fight but soon became aware that the crew some of the crew were trained in fighting arts and seemed fixed on attacking them. The fight was short and ended when Descantiz ripped off Gloomhollow’s sleeve exposing here aberrant mark. He yell to her that now everyone would know before diving off the side of the ship into stormy waters. The rest of the assassins followed right behind.

Aganasus ordered the crew back to positions and the storm opened up on the ship. The group struggled to lower sails and rein in the mast, control the boat, and fix a hole in the hull. Aganasus helped Thom anchor the boat on the quiet side of an uncharted island to wait the storm out.

Total experience per player for session: 2750 (80545)

Williams Story

The group was excused from the council chamber and led through the palace to a hidden vault. The group was invited to the entire contents of the room. Inside the vault they loaded their bags with enough gold and jewels to start their own city. The group was then escorted to the edge of the city and reminded of their responsibilities to avoid another day of mourning.

The group trekked their way back to the skiff and in the setting sun started south on the river to escape the Mournland. William in private conversation with Thom revealed that he was retiring from pirating and was gifting his ship to him. William had fallen in love with a women during his journeys and decided to settle down. He made Thom promise not to dock his ship and to christen the first completed lightning rail train after Williams ship the “Crusty Wench.”

Thom agreed to take the ship and William warned about a bank of fog ahead across the entire river and on to each horizon.

The group braced themselves to reenter the fog, and suddenly found themselves no longer on the deck of the skiff but all sitting on soft earth in a misty rain. The group were dressed in the uniforms of Cyre privates. They were sitting inside a large camp of soldiers near the edge of the river.

Loud voices caught their attention as a captain decorated William presented himself to the Major General of the camp. Following his conversation, they discovered that William was delivering a shipment of warforged down the river to the front. The major let him know that a prior shipment had gone a little haywire.

William looked upon the group regarding him and snapped back to reality. He screamed for the group to get down as a explosion of earth came from the center of camp followed by a geyser of gas that launched high into the air. Screaming beside the river brought their attention to the warforged just off of the boat began attacking the Cyre soldiers.

William led the group down the bank weaving through combats and problems until they came face to face with a massive two story tall warforged. The group struggled to take the creature down as it swatted them away like insects. Finally Thom delivered the final blow knocking it to the ground as the fog from inland began to roll over them.

They ran to the river ship and boarded it and sailed out to sea. Behind them, bright lights flashed inside the fog and screams silenced minutes later. The group suddenly found themselves off of the ship and on the skiff again. William pointed to the bank and exclaimed "there is the ship, and there is, the life boat " He turned the skiff toward the boat.

Total experience per player for session: 3750

The Orbs Explained

The grand chancellor turned to Azrukal and demanded that he reveal the source of energy. Azrukal took his time emptying his haversack, and pulled out the caged orb last. The eladrin had him place it on the stump table and the nine other officials collectively charged a orb of protective energy around the sphere.

The chancellor relayed to the group that the orb was a soul collecting device that was extremely unstable. He gathered all the information the group had concerning the orb. The chancellor deduced that the dragon marked house Cannith probably knew where more of these orbs were, and that given the distance between the two they found, probably had bigger plans for the devises.

The chancellor blasted the protected orb with magic energy from his hands, which caused the orb to burst inside the sphere releasing black smoke and energy that knocked the 10 eladrin against the surrounding walls and into unconsciousness. From out of the smoke, emerged twisted demonic creatures that savagely attacked the group.

The group made little work of the demons thanks to a blocking spell cast by Azrukal and the fighting prowess of William. They tended to the injured council members and the chancellor spoke to the group again.

The chancellor had Told Gloomhollow that she was an agent of demons after revealing her forearm mark. He then told Azrukal that he did not possess the power to control the entity that resided within him. He then asked Azrukal to bring him the orb that he had inside his haversack.

The chancellor located the empty cage from the destroyed orb and looked it over. He proclaimed that the runes covering the cage were of demonic nature and also showed them a small day of mourning sysmbol near the lower corner of the box frame. The eladrin then took the darkened orb from Azrukal and placed it inside the box and it illuminated. The chancellor quickly removed the orb and told the group that it would have begun gathering souls as the one before it did.

The chancellor asked that the group set out for the dragon marked house Cannith for more information concerning possible locations of the orbs and that they should probably find Aric Blacktree if possible as he was most likely involved.

The chancellor expressed that the effect of the orbs could be very dangerous and chaotic. Thom asked the chancellor for financial support towards these tasks and the eladrin granted them a sum from the city vaults.

Total experience per player for session: 2000


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