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Final Conflict

Thom desperately chased after Gloomhollow, who proved very tenacious. Thom was finally forced to attack to end her suicidal journey. With Gloomhollow’s senses returned, the two of them ran and retrieved their flying platforms.

Above the two of them, Azrukal helplessly attacked the emerging Demon, however quickly discovered that she was regaining her endurance using the mist from the surrounding orbs. He savagely continued to attack her while she used debilitating magic to weaken and restrain him.

Thom and Gloomhollow jumped onto the platforms and began flew towards the nearest orb. As the two of them neared, a small creature emerged from the mist and positioned itself to defend the orb. Gloomhollow dispatched the creature with a single blow and Thom followed up by smashing the intact orb and ending the mist.

Thom and Gloomhollow decided that destroying the orbs was the best course of action. They flew from orb to orb and each time the creature seemed to be getting larger that spawned to defend the orb.

Finally after being nearly beaten to death, the demon Azrukal began to see some of his efforts against Oublivae take effect. He noticed that Thom and Gloomhollow were destroying the orbs that surrounded the clearing, and had destroyed nearly all of them. Oublavae’s regenerative powers had diminished.

By the final two orbs, the creatures that emerged were a huge whirl wind of diamonds, and a choking cloud of dust. The two of them dodged around the creatures and smashed the orbs hoping that may get rid of them as it had with the weaker foes. However, the two strongest remained.

The clouds over the clearing had begun to dissipate. Azrukal felt the demonic shell around him weakening. He took a moment to regroup while Thom and Gloomhollow struggled with the diamond shard creature.

The clearing sky suddenly revealed the Capitol air ship above the battlefield. The ship dove down into full broadside of Azrukal and Oublivae. A moment later, twenty canons opened fire on the two demons. Azrukal exploded in a massive fire ball, while Oublivae simple dissipated along with the rest of the Mournland mist.

The diamond shard creature vanished and Gloomhollow and Thom flew to the center of the clearing to check on their fallen comrade. Near the center area they found a burnt body with horns, wings, clawed appendages dressed as Azrukal.

The Breland army arrived a few hours later and thanked the group for fighting the demon and saving the land. As morning broke, the royal airship flew in and picked up the group. On board, the king described the capturing of the tower of dragon marked house Cannith and the bringing of their leaders to justice. The investigation found that they actually were aware of Aric and were working to support him. They sent the group into mournland the intention of them dying or at least finding more orbs.

The king congratulated the group on the completion of their Sharn to Passage underground lightning rail. House Orien announced the grand opening in less than a month.

One month later, the group were in Sharn for the launch of the first underground rail to Passage. Hundreds of residents watched as Thom gave a charismatic speech worthy of a international celebrity about overcoming hardships and the future of Breland. Pumpkin hugged Archemenos when he purchased her a 1/32 scale model of the first underground train the “Crusty Wench”.

In the back of the large crowd, a Molric a man from the mines takes a drink purchased from a street vender. A few seconds later, after drawing the beverage through a straw, he fell to the ground choking on his swelled blackened tongue.

No one noticed the shadowy form of Gloomhollow as she slipped with ease through the crowd back to the side of the stage. In fact none of her group even noticed her leave and return.

Captain Kaeles took to the stage giving a speech on the new standard in safe travel across Sharn. In the middle of his speech, his pants suddenly caught fire.

Thanks for playing, its been a good two plus years!

Bombs Away

The group met Torg on board their airship. He explained how their running away from the city with the orb had allowed him to escape and saved his life.

Torg went on to tell how he had wandered west out of the mournland and become prisoner to the gnomes of the town of Olkhaan. Through some political dealings, Breland had made a trade of criminals with the gnomes and he ended up in service of Breland making bombs for its Royal Navy.

The group was then re-introduced to Winkley Springstrap, the owner of the Clockateer Inn. Winkley revealed to the group that he was a spy for the Citadel and also a innkeeper. He was using a funny looking staff to guide the pulley lowered bomb cargo that Azrukal recognized as Demises staff. He asked the gnome if it was the one he had given him in Passage and Winkley said that it was.

Winkley went over all that he had done to the staff and told him his break even price was 85,000 gold pieces. Azrukal looked around for Thom and could not find him. So he brought out 10,000 gp and asked if he could just owe him the money. The gnome decided that it was ok and drew up a payment contract which Azrukal quickly signed and took back the staff.

The ship was loaded with the new bombs and Winkley and Torg said farewell. The four airships were launched out of the Capitol ship where they began their flight north. With the day nearing an end, the small fleet reached the intended attack spot and came upon no army of undead.

New reports came in from scouts that said the undead had stopped moving in a clearing two hours north. The fleet continued north way ahead of the army and as the last rays of light illuminated the horizon, they saw it. An army of a couple thousand undead in a clearing five hundred feet in diameter.

The lead ship the Sky Dancer commenced its bombing run with the Dragons Wing falling in behind them to blast the west side of the clearing. Bolts of energy flew up from below as orange red explosions sent skeletons and zombies flying.

The groups ship the Eagles Talon veered to the east side of the clearing and a bolt of purple energy slammed into their underside. The crew let Gloomhollow know that the bombing crew was dead. Azrukal piped up about always having to do the grunt work as he and the group made their way into the hull to view the damage. The bombs were intact but scattered. The group ran around the hull grabbing and throwing bombs down to the undead. As they threw out the final bomb, a second blast of energy entered the hull and forced them to retreat topside.

Behind the ship, the Manticore was beginning it bombing run, when the purple energy slammed into the front of the ship stopping it. A second later, a large column of mist blasted up from the surface and the ship pitched forward out of it and crashed into the ground exploding on impact.

Six more mist geysers activated in the next couple of seconds and a seventh engulfed the Dragons Wing causing it to crash into the trees. The helmsmen announced to Gloomhollow that the ship must pull away or be destroyed. Gloomhollow gave the order to pull away.

The geyser mist began to fill the sky with a cloud like covering. Gloomhollow’s sending stone came on with Kaeles voice. He told her that Aric Blacktree had been spotted near the center of the clearing, and ordered her to use the platforms to apprehend or kill the necromancer.

Gloomhollow agreed to the order and the group reentered the hull and took down the wooden discs off of the wall. They strapped their legs onto the top and tried to remember what Winkley had said about them. Fly with your toes was all they could remember and the discs came alive floating just off of the ground. Using their toes to put gentle pressure on the disc, it responded by floating over to the bomb hatch and out into the night sky. Pumpkin calls down at Archemenos before being pulled back from the rail by a guard.

The group fell/flew the disc down toward Aric, who was controlling the mist clouds into a swirling like column of lightning filled mist in the center of the clearing. The undead began to file into the column where they were destroyed by the powerful magic.

Out of the column flew giant shadowy moths, who grabbed onto the groups platforms and continually drove them faster toward the ground where they disappeared. The group was left in the middle of a self sacrificing army of undead. They decided to forgo freeing their platforms from the ground and defend themselves from the undead around them.

The group made their way through the undead and where nearing Aric when the necromancer produced a red colored orb over his head. Azrukal immediately turns into a fiery demon and Aric smashes the orb on the ground which releases a red mist into the column. Aric then exclaims, “I give my life to your awakening Oublivae.”, then jumps into the column.

Aric is torn apart by the column and the lightning inside flashes revealing a silhouette of a massive female demon complete with horns, wings and a long tail. Demon Azrukal launches in flight at the column.

Gloomhollow grab ahold of her arm. Her face goes blank and stares at the column and begins to run toward it.

Total experience per player for session: 2500

Blue Dragons are the Bomb

The dragon came in hard at the airship and began attacking the ship itself. Thom took the helm and began making severe maneuvers to avoid taking more damage as the dragon tried to push the ship into the mountains.

The crazed dragon quickly found himself outgunned by the group of heroes, and delivered a devastating attack on the rear of the ship. Thom gave Archemenos the wheel and began a mending ritual while the tiefling struggled to keep the ship airborne. The dragon dropped a large tree onto the ship as Azrukal delivered its the final blow that sent the dragon tumbling across the mountainside.

Thom stabilized the ship and swung it back around to inspect the fallen dragon. The group recovered a large diamond necklace the dragon wore and continued toward Breland.

In the late afternoon, the group docked their ship into the hull of a large Breland Capitol airship. Inside the group reunited with captain Kaeles who had them ushered to a war room.

Kaeles told the group along with three other airship captains that the undead army was numbering around two thousand. He told them that their airships were being outfitted with a bomb door and loaded with explosives.

Kaeles invited the group to discuss Aric Blacktree and asked them to use the aerial platforms on their ship to engage him if he is spotted.

Kaeles told the room that a bombing run on the undead north of Woodhelm would precede the Breland army’s attack on land. He also relayed that Aric and dragon house Cannith had been linked together through information found about the exploding orbs. He went on to explain that the orbs were believed to be responsible for the day of mourning, and that tower Cannith in Sharn was being attacked when the bombing begins.

The meeting concluded and the group was escourted back to the hanger. Once inside, they witnessed teams of gnome carpenters working on all four docked airships.

A loud voice in the hanger grabbed their attention. The group watched as Torg and a gnome argued over the care in handling the dragon shard bombs being loaded. The gnome told Torg that he regretted leaving his post in passage.

Total experience per player for session: 3750

Prophetic Clarity

The group carefully walked down the stairs. They reached a t-junction with rooms to the right and left and the way ahead blocked by closed double doors. The group noticed the sound of a sword leaving a scabbard and scratching of claws on stone. Thom and Archemenos slowly looked around the corners into the room and were noticed by a couple of undead creatures.

From a hole in the floor of the left chamber three wraiths flew out and attacked the group. More wights charged out from around the corners and the death knight moved up behind the group to bolster his troops.

The fight was long and difficult with several of the group falling unconscious during the altercation. When the death knight finally fell, the group spread out and began searching the area. Azrukal jumped into the hole and landed in a pile of water submerged bones where he located half of a silver key.

Archemenos struggled with opening a sarcophagus while Thom and Gloomhollow refused to try their luck with upsetting the dead. Azrukal emerged from the hole and strode over the the sarcophagus while grabbing a crowbar that the hiding Thom handed him on the way.

With a effort slightly harder than he expected, Azrukal moved the lid off of the sarcophagus and found the second half of his key along with some a client gold coins. Archemenos was furious that the sorcerer had shown him up and walk over to the remaining coffin and threw it open bare handed and found a magic artifact.

Azrukal combined the two half of the key and opened the door which led to another set of stairs. Thom forced the group to rest until he could use his magic to distribute their exhaustion evenly.

The group made its way down into the chamber below and found themselves waist deep in Mournland Mist. They found partially submerged in the mist and laying on a day of mourning symbol a large blue dragon. The dragon spoke in its sleep saying “the door between thrown wide, a well spring of life flows again into the land, nourishing the wastes and bringing life anew. From one to the next our people thrive.”

The dragon woke and seemed unaffected by the mist and admitted to a feeling of euphoria when laying on the symbol. He admitted to not knowing what had happened to his orb and said that a lot more mist had come out the day before.

The dragon invited the group to try out sitting on his symbol and Azrukal walked forward and stepped into it despite warnings. Instantly he went rigid and his eyes rolled back and he began speaking. Azrukal said “The renewal nears, four stand as the last barrier, to her rebirth. one has been chosen, one will follow, the third will fail, the fourth cannot stand alone.”

The dragon gave him a nudge knocking him out of the symbol and asked the group if he had spoken out loud when they entered the room. Thom said yes and the dragon admitted to hearing the words in his mind, but never knowing that he spoke them. He asked Thom what he had said. Thom told him and the dragon asked if they had heard anything like this before. Thom relayed the other prophecies they had heard.

The dragon thought about the statements for a second and told the group that the land in the prophecies was not Korvaire. He said that the words refered to Khyber and a Demoness who seeks to steal the life from this world for her own. The dragon barely got all of his words out before he passed out into the mists.

The group quietly snuck back out of the tomb and found one of the ship guards waiting for them. He handed Gloomhollow a sending stone and she used it to contact captain Kaeles.

Kaeles received her report concerning the temple and the dragon. He then went on to let them know that their report had many similarities to other report coming in from the surrounding countries.

Kaeles asked the group to fly just north of the town of Woodhelm and meet him there. He told the group that Aric had emerged from the Blackcap Mountains with another army of undead.

The group hurried to the airship and took off from the mountain. However, they heard two loud booms behind them followed crumbling stones. The guard at the helm announced that the dragon was chasing them. A second guard warned Gloomhollow that if the ship were to become damaged landing in the mountains would be the same as a crash.

Total experience per player for session: 3500

Duty Comes Calling

The group followed the Ghaash’kala back to the village of Festering Holt. When they arrived, the group found an airship flying Breland colors floating over the small village.

The Ghaash’kala shamen insisted that the group immediately greet the visitors and ask them to leave before they become tainted. The group followed the shamen to the ship where Breland guards let them know that their superior had made his way into town and they were leaving after delivering a message.

The group decided to start at the Dead Before Morning Inn and see if the Breland visitors were there. The group spotted the group from Breland and the shamen tried to send the Breland guards away who claimed to be looking for Gloomhollow. After a lot of arguing between the shamen, Azrukal and the Breland guards, Gloomhollow admitted who she was and accepted the message.

It was a letter from the king of Breland. The king asked that she lead her group of assistants to a temple in the mountains and investigate another pillar of mist.

The group told the guards that they would meet them later and to wait at the ship. Thom used bardic magic to disguise themselves as random bar patrons and with perfect timing slipped out the front fooling their Ghaash’kala brothers into talking to unaware drunks.

The group quickly made their way across the village, boarded the airship and flew south. Once aboard, Gloomhollow was given the captains quarters and a sending stone. She immediately used the stone to contact captain Kaeles. Kaeles informed her that they were traveling to the temple of the winds, a ruin in the mountains that was rumored to be the residence of a blue dragon. The temple had a mist column coming out of it.

Kaeles went on to admit that many of the mist columns had exploded in the last couple of days and that he believed that Aric was not the only person involved with the phenomenon. He also acknowledged that he found out that victor was a traitor.

The ship sailed through the air over night and Thom contacted Aganasus and told him to sail the Crusty Wench for Sharn.

Early the next morning, the group landed the airship next to the temple of the wind. The temple was very old, and looked as if it had been cut right of the mountainside.

A thirty minute lesson in psionics later, and the group left Pumpkin practicing on board and carefully entered the temple. The moment the group entered the temple, the group was greeted by dragon born savages and a large stone monster attacking them.

The fight was a difficult one, but the restraining of enemy movement forced the enemy to fight in a way that benefitted the group.

The final dragon born fell and Archemenos searched every square inch of the chamber, climbing, lifting, jumping etc… And found an amulet and some platinum.

Total experience per player for session: 4500


The group cautiously made their way across the smoky area toward the large snorting creature. The creature resembled a large minotaur and eyed them aggressively. They called out to the robed figure in the smoke and were ignored. When the group reached the large creature, the robed man broke his silence and ordered the creature to keep them back.

The smoke around the group came to life in the form of a dozen screaming smoke faces. The large creature began slamming and charging the group while they struggled to hold onto their stamina. The man in robes finally turned to face them. It was Zathasram, Pumpkins father. His face was blank and he didn’t notice who she was. Instead, he began casting mind control magic and forced Azrukal to walk into the lava. The ghostly faces continually swooped past the group and landed small damage every time that was beginning to add up.

Thom found himself already healing Azrukal though the fight had only begun. Azrukal yelled for his companions to focus their fire on the spirits and not the large creature which they did. Within a few moments they had whittled the spirits down to only two, but Thom again was forced to heal Azrukal and Gloomhollow was forcing healing potions down her own throat.

The group began to wonder if a retreat might be the best course of action when Zathasram forced Thom to walk into the lava where his injuries caused him to fall unconscious. From the door that led back into the maze, the group received a revitalizing surprise. Shiny the fire fairy burst into the room screaming of war and blasted the nearest spirit with fire. The group regained their composure and fought back while Shiny amazingly dragged Thom out of the lava before it consumed him completely.

Archemenos finished off the last spirit, though Pumpkin tired many times. From his hiding position behind the rock Azrukal delivered the final blow to the large horned creature, leaving only Zathasram. The psion focused his energies on Azrukal and brought him to unconsciousness. Archemenos delivered a non lethal blow that brought the Zathasram to the floor and a voice called out from behind a nearby rock.

Out from hiding a nervous Victor ran into the room followed by the short Emerald claw captain. The captain spoke to the group as he shape changed into Aric Blacktree. Aric grabbed ahold of Zathasram and threatened to kill him. He dragged Zathasram to the orb and began taunting the group about reuniting Pumpkin and her da da. Aric released the spell on Zathasram and allowed him to see his daughter. Zathasram told Pumpkin that he loved her and begged the group to get her away from here.

Aric placed a hand onto the orb and after a short chant exploded the orb into a geyser of Mournland mist. Pumpkin ran into the mist towards her father and Archemenos followed after her. Gloomhollow shoved a healing potion down Azrukal’s throat and the two of them fought their suicidal urges to run into the mist. Instead they grabbed Thom’s unconscious body and dragged it back into the maze and shut the door.

While inside the mist, a hidden demon inside Archemenos took control of his body and tried to flee from the scene. However the mournland mist took its life and Archemenos regained control of his body. Archemenos stumbled through the mists and found Pumpkins lifeless body near the alter. He picked up her body and miraculously made it to the door of the maze. Archemenos resuscitated Pumpkin and she began to cry realizing that her father was dead.

Archemenos held Pumpkin while she sobbed and promised that he would train her and she would have her revenge. Pumpkin pulled back and said that she did not desire revenge. The death of her father meant that she had no family left. Archemenos told her that he would be her father and she thanked him and embraced him again.

The group traveled for three days before they found their way out of the labyrinth again, and for a second time they met the orcs of the Ghashkala. The orcs approached the group and explained that the group carried the taint of Khyber and now must join the Ghashkala to defend the Demon Wastes borders to contain the taint.

Azrukal agreed and the group began to travel with the orcs back to the village of Festering Holt.

Total experience per player for session:4000

Demonic Confusion

The group braced themselves as the demon charged them leaping across the pool of water. Azrukal answered the attack with a blast of fire that the demon seemed to receive a diminished effect. Foot falls behind the group alerted them that a second demon was approaching, and a third demon rounded the corner after the first and charged.

The group defended themselves against the group of enemies and forgot again to defend Pumpkin who had a demon pounce on her and quickly knock her out. Archemenos pushed the demon back and dragged Pumpkin away from the foes.

Thom did his best to defend himself against the group even using some his most powerful attacks. Azrukal continued his fire attacks, depending on them to push past the absorbing demons. Archemenos stabilized the tiefling girl and decided to stay with her at a distance. Gloomhollow jumped across the pool of water to avoid being flanked by the demons, and then flew across the water landing in the liquid and delivering three strong blows to the nearest demon. However, as she locked into combat with the creature, she became aware that her legs were producing fumes and began to burn in the liquid.

The first demon fell smoldering from the sorcerers onslaught, and the second followed soon after when Archemenos blasted him with mind crystals. The last demon was surrounded and dispatched by Gloomhollow’s large blade.

Azrukal led the group around the pool of acid and entered the middle of a hallway. To the left the hall led to a pile of rubble and another chamber. To the left, the hall led to a massive demon who observed the group but gave no signs of reaction. Azrukal decided to investigate the chamber to the left and found it the resemblance of the on visible in the pool of acid.

In the center of the chamber was a smaller rounded pool of liquid, that Azrukal decided to test out. He placed his hand into the liquid and a cool feeling washed over his body making him feel slightly refreshed. The rest of the group including Pumpkin took turns touching the liquid.

With no other direction to go, the group traveled back to the large demon who sat in the corner of his chamber and watched the group pas through. The hallway just beyond his area was filled with a blackish purple smoke. When Gloomhollow followed Azrukal into the smoke, she lost her focus completely and began to babble incoherently. The rest of the group followed behind her and all succumbed to the effects of the smoke.

The large demon became enraged at the babbling noise and charged into the smoke hitting Pumpkin, who babbled without care of the damage. The group struggled out of the smoke eventually with the demon chasing behind them carrying Thom’s incoherent body along with him. Thom had a surge of strength that allowed him to struggled free from the demons grasp.

The group focused their attacks on the lone creature and found it destroyed soon after.

Blocking their journey further into the maze was two locked large metal doors with no discern able lock. Gloomhollow set to figuring out how to open the doors while Azrukal threw skulls from a pile in the corner of the room. Eventually, Azrukal threw the last skull in the pile of bone and revealed a hidden lever which he threw and the doors swung open. Gloomhollow congratulated herself on opening the door though she did not know how.

The group traveled through the doors and back outside. The area seemed like another world. All around the group was a thick smoke floating over an area of lava. In the center of the area, on solid ground a large Minotaur like creature pawed the ground and grunted angrily. Beyond the creature, Gloomhollow could just make out a lone figure in ornate robes leaning over something.

Total experience per player for session: 2300 (100,745)

Shape Shifting Reception

The group searched the dead Ghaash’kala orcs and found a few gemstones, before continuing toward the opening in the canyon wall. They were surprised to see living Ghaash’kala orcs guarding the entrance.

Thom engaged the orcs in conversation asking if the orcs knew any information about Pumpkins father. They told the group that he was not inside the maze and they were better off turning. Upon hearing this, Thom decided to become more prying with his questions and the orcs told him to ask the answer of the charging assassin coming from behind them. The orcs then released the illusion that hid their true looks and attacked.

The fight was a frustrating one. The assassin continually changed his appearance to that of the group members and the animal looking enemies were very formidable. Thom screamed a Archemenos to look after Pumpkin after he wandered away from her and she was struck unconscious again.
Pumpkin was thrilled during the fight when Archemenos aided her psionic attack causing it to deliver the final blow to the enemy.

Eventually, the group chased the illusionary combatants into the entrance of the Maze and destroyed all but the assassin who retreated further inside.

The group took five minutes to assess their wounds. All of them were pushed to their limits and knew that the could not waste time with the full moon of Zarantyr rising and a possible prophecy connection to that event. Thom preformed a ritual that spread their remaining life force evenly between each other. The group knew it would probably not be enough and decided to push on.

Through the door traveled by the assassin the group found a darkened hallway leading to a brazier next to a large pool of water. Carefully Thom leaned over the edge of the liquid and was amazed to be looking through to another area. A unearthly growl and the pounding of clawed feet brought his attention to a demonic patrolling creature running at them.

Total experience per player for session:1900

The Labyrinth

The group set out into the Wastes following the directions of the hag. After two days of travel they found themselves before a sulphurous opening in the ground. The opening started small and at the horizon was as wide as could be seen.

Before they could find an entrance path, the group ran into a group of orcs who called themselves the Ghaash’kala. The orcs warned the group not to enter the Labyrinth and told them that if they did they would be tainted by the closeness of Khyber. Azrukal explained that they had no choice and the orcs let the group continue into the canyon.

Once inside the canyon, the walls quickly raised above them soon obscuring the sky above them. The group spent 5 hard days of travel finding no place to rest. By the middle of the fifth day the group came upon a large group of dead Ghaash’kala and quickly found out what had killed them.

Scrambling down the cliffs around them, many savage humans attacked with bone made weapons. The attackers were disheveled and covered in blisters that continually ruptured. In seconds, the entire group was covered and infected by the reddish liquid bursting from the savages skin.

The group, surrounded began to spread out. Azrukal blasted the diseased humanoids with fire and escaped the pile of foes. Gloomhollow simply ran and jumped up a cliff to attack a bow wielding foe who used a smoke creature to make his aim true. Archemenos used his Dream form to teleport out of the mass of enemies and began blasting them from afar. Tiny Pumpkin found herself surrounded with no support and after a few seconds of bravery was struck unconscious.

Archemenos thought it best not to run to her aid and kept his defenses up instead. Gloomhollow dispatched the bowman and tried but could not reach the young girl. Azrukal looked at the tiefling girl as her body began to spasm the sure sign of death. The dark elf found the only soft spot in his entire heart and walked over to stabilize the girl. He then looked at Archemenos and declared “you are not redeeming shit!”

The last two enemies were dispatched and little Pumpkin wobbled to her feet diseased and nearly dead.

Total experience per payer for session: 4000

Festering Holt

The group sailed for four days until Agonasus found their position on the map to be near their destination. However, before reaching the blood bay, they sighted two ships ahead of them approaching each other. Agonasus slowed the crusty wench and alerted Thom. The ship opened fire on each other but not before Agonasus was able to ID the bigger ship as the Kings Citadel vessel that took Gloomhollow into custody in Sharn.

Thom directed the ship behind a nearby island to wait for the smoke to clear. After a couple of hours they resumed their way to the bay where they again found the large ship this time docked on the bank. Rather than hide again, Thom flew a white surrender flag with Breland colors as they anchored next to the large ship.

When they pulled close, a familiar face greeted them. On the deck of the massive ship, Victor the citadel torturer addressed the group throwing threats at Gloomhollow for her part in the death of Fredrick. Azrukal stepped forward and threw threats back at Victor that the cruel man could not ignore. He retreated below deck quickly looking fearful.

The group completed a two day journey through the Demon Wastes that resulted in their arrival in the town of Festering Holt. Shortly after arriving in Festering Holt, the group began asking the townsfolk if they had any knowledge concerning Pumpkins father. No one seemed to know about her father, but a few mentioned a group of Emerald Claw, a Lady and her large spider, and a Hag on the edge of the town.

The group didn’t look long before they ran into the Emerald Claw and their pip squeak big mouthed leader, who threatened the group before Azrukal subtly lit his pants on fire. The guards with the small man helped put out the fire and took him quickly to the Dead Before Morning inn.

The group continued on to the hags house. Once there Thom convinced the old women to let him in to talk. She told him of a tiefling man inside the Maze of Shattered Souls. She warned that the Emerald Claw had found out this information also and that any one that traveled into the maze was inviting their own death. Thom thanked her and left traveling back to town. The group stayed the night at the Dead Before Morning Inn. While there, they met a whore who had slept with the emerald claw leader. Also they encountered a group of warforged following a Draconic prophecy that said. “Those who seek the shattered souls under the light
of Storms bright moon when the Twilight Forest is at
its nearest shall turn barren lands into springs first

The best the group could decipher, the quote of Storms bright moon was a reference to Zarantyr, the moon associated with the Mark of Storm, full every month. The Twilight Forest refered to the plane of Lamannia, one of the angelic dominions of the Astral Sea, and its metaphysical proximity to Eberron.

They told the warforged that they were following a similar Draconic prophecy and shared theirs with them. The warforged were obviously involved with The Lord of Blades, but knew not of the groups interactions with him.

The whore told the group that the leader was nervous that he may die inside the maze, and had mentioned that he was looking for an orb. That he believed could be used to conquer the world.
The group finished their drinks and bedded for the night after this.

The next morning the groups breakfast was interrupted by the emerald claw who had found and beaten information out of the whore the group had talked to. They attacked the group but quickly found themselves outmatched and the leader escaped.

Total experience per player for session: 3750


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