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A Deal with Rhesh?

Ready for Rhesh’s charge, Azrukal blasted the minotaur with arcane lightning that arced through the minotaur and into all of his dogs. The dogs hit the floor dead as Rhesh hit Gloomhollow full force. The group rallied and laid into Rhesh using their most powerful attacks.

Within a minute of fighting, Rhesh called out “get in here!” and the room was filled with orcs and goblins. Chairs were brought forward and Rhesh explained that he did not allow the group to enter his keep to kill them, but merely to test them and possibly hire the group for help with some problems. In front of 50+ enemies, the group agreed to help Rhesh eliminate emerald claw threatening a minion of his. An orc chieftain named Backrosh and his tribe the Vile Rune Clan who had set up inside the Breland border north of a small village named Shavalant. The group was tasked with also helping Backrosh getting control of the village.

The group used writing notes to communicate between each other in front of their guard host while preparing teleport from the keep. They agreed that they would not help Backrosh, but would eliminate the emerald claw before coming to the aid of Shavalant. Thom entered the excrement closet to get privacy from the orc guards. Inside the closet, Thom used his sending stone to contact Captain Kaeles and update him on their current situation. Kaeles said he would dispatch an agent to the village and begin operations.

The group bought a few stinky orcs healing potions from the keeps mages before being escourted to a chamber with demonic markings on all walls. The orc mages in the room chanted and a blue portal opened. The orc guards began to shove the adventurers into the portal. Rhesh grabbed Azrukal and slapped a sending stone into his hand. “Ill be in touch.” he said before throwing him into the portal.

When their eyes cleared, the group found themselves inside a large canvas tent. Surrounding them was 2 orc mages, and a ogre mage. Them mages expressed their distrust of the group before directing them outside the tent.

Outside the group discovered that they had been sent to the Droaam side of Orcbone. The city charged by Breland with holding back the country of Droaam. The group witnessed a group of orcs throw crude ladders onto the city wall, climb up and begin fighting city guards. All around the group was a massive goblin and orc camp set on scarred earth.

experience per player: 425 (9043)



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