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The combat started quickly with Jaenus firing more darts at the group and Tikulti exiting towards the burial chamber.   Gloomhollow rushed Jaenus and hit him.  The emerald claw guards moved into position and struck back, one drawing blood.   Azrukal moved to the flank of the melee and dumped energy onto the enemies leaving them forcefully on their backs.  Thom charged the prone Jaenus and drew blood with his blade.  A hidden assassin launched from the shadows of the room and barely missed Thom.   Archemenos acted quickly and dominated the assassins mind forcing him to attack the emerald claw next to him.   The floating skull beamed Gloomhollow with rays from its eyes. 

Gloomhollow attacked the prone Jaenus again and his was left motionless.  The emerald claw found their feet again and charged both Thom and Archemenos , both successful with their blades.  Azrukal again blasted the emerald claw guard and took his life.  The assassin still under Archemenos. Control attacked the other emerald claw.  The skull attacked Thom this time covering him in necrotic energy.  

Gloomhollow charged the skull and slashed it knocking it to the floor.   The emerald claw attacked Archemenos again before the assassin hit him again dropping them both to the ground.  Azrukal fired chaotic magic into the tow prone figures and killed both of them.   Thom moved by the skull and missed it.  The group now focused all of its efforts at the skull and dispatched it moments later.  

From inside the tunnel leading to Ashurta’s tomb, the group could hear the chanting of a women.  On a count of three the group burst through the chamber doors, sending bone pile on the other side flying across the room.   Demise smiled and greated them with “welcome”.   While Professor Gydd Nephret begged for help bound to Ashurta’s sarcophagus.   

Ghouls charged the group and Tikulti moved forward and met the group head on. Demise launched dark magic across the chamber.  Azrukal and Archemenos directed all of their magic at Demise who seemed to practically absorb the energy until they direct the effect of a scroll that targeted her mind.   Thom broke from the ghouls and ran at Demise cutting both her body and spirit.  Gydd managed to free herself, and ran for cover.   

Free from Thom’s defenses, two of the ghouls charged Azrukal and left him unconscious.   Thom was quick to respond bringing him back to consciousness and again slashing Demise.  Azrukal retreated away from the ghouls and blasted Demise with a bolt of necrotic energy.   Tikulti and the ghouls regrouped and charged Gloomhollow and Azrukal damaging them both.  

Azrukal shifted back and launched another bolt at Demise that finished her life.  As she went down, she called to Tikulti “my service to you ends master!”.  Tikulti responded “you have served me well”.

Gydd slid around the back of the center statue and launched an attack from her eyes onto Gloomhollow.  Gloomhollow spun around and discovered that Gydd was actually dead and being used as a decoy.   Tikulti and the two remaining ghouls attacked Gloomhollow nearly felling her, Tikulti broke from the combat and exclaimed “Gydd, protect your master”.   Gydd responded simply “yes my master”. 

The group teamed up on the two ghouls blocking their reaching Tikulti killing both of them.  Gydd moved beside Tikulti and removed a skeleton blocking a kruthik tunnel behind him.  "Gydd I believe you service to me is at an end." Tikulti  exclaimed.   Gydd responded “in life and death I am yours to command master.”. 

Tikulti turned to the group and exclaimed “your toil is for nothing! 
I have other ways to bring her chaos to this world.   I don’t need the crown. 
I have this.”. 
He holds a single playing card in the air with the image of a skull across its face and a strange design on the back  "and once I have the rest, i shall bring this world to anarchy."

“Wait! Don’t go”.  The voice brings your attention to the entrance of the tomb.  In the doorway, Lord Bren stood with a worried looks on his face.  
“please Aric, don’t go down this path.  I can help you.”

Tikulti’s image wavers for a moment and changes to the face of the human the group saved from the arcane symbol the day they met lord Bren.  Arik’s face twists with madness and he struggles for a moment to find his inner reason. 

“Where was your help when I killed the Kech Volar?  Where was your help when I infiltrated the kings citadel? He began to yell, “And where was your help when these fools stopped my machine from blowing half of this stinking city.”  Suddenly Arik was calm again as he addressed the group.  "Oh, and I never thanked you for helping me get away from Officer Durspike that day.  Arik began to yell again, “But damn you for your interference with everything else!”

“No, no, none of you have ever intentionally helped me.  It took me three years to realize that Bren way was a waste of time.  Only the chaos calls me to a calm.   I only serve and trust her now.”

Bren pleaded “Who do you serve?  Aric, I need you to stay here with me.”

Aric paused only a moment and said.  "I am already late for my destiny.   But, I am sure we will all end up great friends.  Since you seem so lonely, Bren, have some company!"
Aric turned and entered the Kruthik tunnel which immediately illuminated with a green flash.   Kruthiks poured out of the tunnel immediately devouring what was left of Gydd.  

Bren called out for everyone to retreat.  Gloomhollow made a dash for the crown and Thom moved up to help her.   Archemenos exited the room, and the Kruthiks pounce onto Gloomhollow overtaking her.   Lord Bren ran forward and pulled her out of the Kruthiks.  Thom threw a rope tied to his waist back to Azrukal and grabbed Bren and Gloomhollow.   Azrukal pulled with all of him might and managed to get his companions out of the room where Archemenos
Slammed the door and through heroic effort held the door against the Kruthiks.  

Total experience per player for session: 860 (7668) Level 6



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