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Halloween special

The group continued exploring the cavern following a tunnel at the southern end of the collapsed room. Just beyond Thom’s light, a spirit of a hobgoblin women in robes appeared, and began to float away from the group. The group followed cloes behind and the spirit led them into a chamber filled with stalagmites and stalagtites. The hobgoblin stopped floating in the center of the room and kneeled on the floor. Fargrim said a silent prayer for the troubled spirit and appraoched her while beginning to speak. The spirit realized she was not alone, and vanished. At her feet, the group discovered a hobgoblin skeleton whose head lay a few feet away. Azrukal reached down and grabbed the dead hobgoblin’s weapon, a cleaver covered with grime.

Azrukal looked closer a the blade and noticed an etching covered with grime on the blade. He used his sleeve to clean off the grime and revealed the image of a pumpkin on the blade. Instantly the etching began to glow bright enough to to blind the entire group. When the light faded, the group found themselves transported to another location, a forest clearing under a full moon. The group found saddled ready horses tiesd up next to a road that split the clearing in half. After a bit of debating and praying, the group mounted the horses, and decided to go to the right. They traveled a couple of miles when Fargrim and Thom heard the sound of a horse galloping from behind them.

Fargrim and Azrukal got off their horses and ran into the woods, while Thom and Dildonicus hid behind their horses on the road. The galloping came closs enough that the group was sure that it must be right on top of them. Azrukal felt a slight bump from behind as the sound of beating hooves went past his ears followed by a lite breeze.  The sound of the horse ended in the middle of the road.  The sound of leather snapping and a horse whinny later and out of a fireball appeared a black horse with flame for a mane and tail.  The rider on the horse was a man dressed completely in black leather and a jack’o’lantern for a head.   He removed the pumpkin and fire shot out of its holes onto Thom and Dildonicus.   The horseman placed the pumpkin back onto his shoulders, saluted the two of them with the pumpkin cleaver in his hand then urged his horse to run away. 

The group jumped onto their horses and took after the thief.   The horseman led them through all the hazards the forest had to offer, and some of his own tricks as well before vanishing just as Fargrim had the fiend in his grasp.   Fargrim’s gaze went from his hand back to the road as he rounded a tight corner, there in the middle of the road was the black steed.   He pulled with all his might on his horses reins as his companions rounded the same corner in time to see him slide into the horseman’s steed.  The steed exploded into a fire that seemed to reach the heavens itself.  

Screams from the mounts were all that could be heard over the boom.  The entire group skidded to a stop on their butts, their horses completely destroyed.   When they had stood again, where the horse had been, now stood the horseman.  He threw his head into the air, where it began spinning and covering the surrounding woods in fire.  The horseman beckoned to the group to fight him, and they obliged.  

The fight was a bloody one, the horseman absorbed hit after hit.  He dropped Azrukal with a single perfect slice to his neck.  Then turned and charged Dildonicus and Thom.  Dildonicus dropped from the horseman’s fury.   Thom did little damage to him but managed to at least stay on his feet.   Fargrim attacked the horseman sending him staggering away.  The horseman  charged and Thom was barely wounded, but his attack interrupted Azrukal’s looting and knocking him to almost unconsciousness.  

Azrukal was determined to get away from the horseman and gave his back to his opponent to flee.  The horseman seized the opportunity slicing him from neck to rump.   Azrukal felt the cool of the night air hit his back colder than it ever had.  The skin down his spine opened up to expose the line of bones and shock shut down his nervous system.   The cool of the night was accompanied by the sensation of flight as the horseman grabbed him by the back of his pants and launched him into Thom.   Thom fell to the ground from the impact and shook off the blow and regained his breath.   Azrukal shook for a little longer, and breathed his last breath. 

Fargrim summoned a might blow with his god behind him and struck the horseman.   Blood geysered out of the horseman’s neck and he fell to the ground as a crimson rain covered the clearing.   Thom drew his grappling hook and launched it into the floating pumpkin.  As the hook sunk in, the pumpkin exploded into a bright flash that blinded everyone, and knocked the group onto their backs. 

When their vision returned, the group found themselves covered with pumpkin flesh, and inside an unknown cavern.   

Azrukal’s eyes opened.  His back hurt a lot.  No wonder, he had been sleeping on a cave floor, though he couldn’t remember why.   He stood up and realized that he was covered in what seemed to be pumpkin.  As he stood, his foot kicked something, a cleaver of some sort.   He reached down and picked it up.  There was some sort of etching covered with grime on the blade.  He rubbed it off and found it was a ornate pumpkin.   Thom approached him and led if he was alright.  Azrukal felt angry about everything.   Yeah, he felt ok.  He handed the blade to Thom, and began to collect himself.  

Happy Halloween!

Total experience per player:  460



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