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Hawks Hunt for Mice

The group regained their breath after the fight with the Bullet and the Shadow Specters. This time, even Sir Oakley joined them. Before long Oakley reminded them that the evil must be dealt with soon and the group set out for the final building that made up the Abby area known as the “Dragons Roost”.

The main temple was in the same state of repair that the group had found in the other buildings, however this one seemed to hold onto a bit of its former grandeur. The roof was partly collapsed and the remaining portions were held up by massive columns. Inside the building the group discovered a pool of crystal clear water that seemed unnaturally cold, and a large statue of Bahamut depicted as a human in plate armor. The group approached the pool and half drank of the water after Oakley partook before them.

The water was barely down their throats when a voice called out from above. It belonged to a harpie claiming to be a devote of Bahamut. Azrukal shot a bolt of energy at the harpie, and soon after threw a vial of holy water that smashed into the creature and sent it into a rage. The two harpies dove from the ceiling at the group and were joined by five angels.

A light at his feet caught Azrukal’s attention. The symbol of the strange card he had collected appeared in light at his feet. Scanning the area, across the room another area of the floor lit up, only instead of the image of the Idiot, it was of a comet.

The battle seemed to be a standard affair until Azrukal lost control of his chaotic energies and cause several rifts to other worlds to open around the room. These portals had many strange effects on the battle that only made the danger even greater. The fight was a grueling affair that saw both Oakley and Thom unconscious at one point. However, persistence prevailed and the group saw the angels and harpies slain, ending their madness.

total experience per player for session: 375 (11883)



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