Game Cafe Eberron

Property and Life Taken

Demise and her lackeys spread out and attacked the group.  From out of nowhere, hidden wraiths appeared and began focusing their attacks on Azrukal.  The group fought back hard, but still lost the solitaire to a thieving wraith.   The combat continued back and forth.  However, the wraiths eventually were able to pry Ashurta’s blade out of Azrukal’s unconscious hand.  The group realized that Demise was actually a corpse with an illusion placed on it.  By the time the group of undead was finished off, the goblins from down in the tomb were returning and the crown components were gone.  

Yeraa emerged from the market tent and approached the group smiling.  Thom, noticed something was not quite right.  Before he could do anything but shout a warning, the group of undead disguised as the goblin seekers attacked.   These enemies were handled much easier than the wraiths, but left a question of fate concerning the seekers.  

After the final enemy fell, Azrukal and Archeminos  climbed down into the tomb while  Gloomhallow stayed up top the guard the entrance.   What the two of them found it the crypt was horrible.  The room just below the chute down contained the torn apart bodies of Yeraa and her seekers.  However, upon closer inspection, Azrukal discovered that all of the bodies that went down were accounted for except Tikulti. 

Total experience per player: 575



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