Game Cafe Eberron

The Evil Reveals Itself


The group searched the area and found little, Sir Oakley began the ritual to cleanse the building.  An evil whisper invaded the minds of the group and cause them to struggle to support Oakley.  The ritual ended with the group minus Azrukal helping Oakley chant Bahamut hymns until the group felt the evil force leave the area.  

The group followed the path around the building and discovered the rest of the Abby.  Oakley urged the group to begin the cleansing of the all the buildings with the smallest of the three, claiming that the evil was weakest in them.   The group agreed and went straight to the smallest building, a gate house that separates the bottom village from the top of the hill.  

Inside the gate house, the group was set upon by metal devouring creatures, and living rock gargoyles.   Though taking many injuries, the group was able to defeat the creatures.   Oakley again began his ritual this time the sickness feeling returned and brought with it quaking earth, followed by flying stones.   Archemnos, Thom, and Gloomhollow steadied Sir Oakley while he continued his ritual, while Azrukal blasted flying objects with his magic.   Once again Oakley rallied the group minus Azrukal to help him chant hymns.    The evil fled the building once again. 

Total experience per player for session:  300



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