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Tikulti the Traitor

The group decided to take up the only lead that they had to go on. Someone had seen Demise teleport from the House of Orien the previous day. They scrambled back up and out of the tomb. After getting back to Orien, they discovered that Tikulti had also teleported just a bit earlier. Thom negociated a fair price to teleport the whole group including Secretatiate to Sharn. The pilot of the airship gathered a bunch of deck hands to lower Secretariate down via ropes, and let the group know that is Yeraa was dead, that he would take his ship back deeper into Droaam.

The group gathered in the Orien teleportation chamber and were zapped away one by one. Arriving almost instantaniously in Sharn, none of them had a moment to react when the 25 guards of the Kings Citadel apprehended the group and took them to the Citadel prisons. A couple of hours past, and the group was led before Captain Kaeles.

Kaeles demanded explanations to claims that Tikulti had made concerning their actions. Tikulti had told Kaeles that the group had recovered the components of the crown, and then killed the Kech Volar team. He also said that the group had then given the components to Demise who had traveled to Sharn with them. The group had little evidence to support the counter claims and looked to be condemned guilty when Lord Bren arrived and interrupted the meeting. Bren stood by the group and begged for their custody. Kaeles granted a 24 hour release to Bren if he took full responsibility for the group.

Bren met the released group at the gates of the Citadel. He told them though his ward Aric Blacktree had been seen in town, they needed to act quickly and find the Crown components. He also said that he would make arrangements for them to escape Sharn if they failed. If the group failed, Bren would meet them at the Moldy Dragon Inn before sunrise to get them out of town. Bren assured the group that traitor to the Nation are not jailed, they are executed.

The group decided to follow a clue they had discovered in Yeraa’s journal. She had spoken about Tikulti’s desire to preform the rite to reassemble the pieces in Ashurta’s tomb. So again the group traveled through the Tain Foundry.

As they entered the tomb, the sound of chanting caught their ears, the group sent Gloomhollow up ahead and she witnessed Tikulti and Jaenus complete a necromatic spell that raised the dead Kruthiks from the entrance area. Gloomhollow was so transfixed that she failed to notice that she had been seen. Tikulti exited the room and Jaenus issued the order to attack with a sickening hissing noise.

The group braced themselves as ragged Kruthiks charged at them doing little damage. Archemenos dispatched one with a crippling mind blast. Jaenus stepped forward and shot a dart into Gloomhollow. Gloomhollow lashed out and killed another frail kruthik, before two more stout looking kruthiks charged in and attack both her and Thom. A bolt of arcane energy exploded in the middle of the enemies letting the group know that Azrukal was doing his part. Out of the shadows two Emerald Claw guards charged at Gloomhollow inflicting massive damage and leaving her unconscious. Thom poured a potion into Gloomhollow’s mouth and then struck out at the Kruthiks missing.

The remaining ragged kruthik missed with a frenzied claw, and Archemenos summoned a mote of energy. Jaenus shot another evil dart, this time hitting Thom and fell back from the combat. Gloomhollow regained her feet and slashed open one of the large Kruthiks. The large kruthiks attacked Gloomhollow again bringing her to the edge of unconsciousness again. Azrukal caused a magical explosion that sent the enemies realing away from combat. The two Emerald Claw attacked Gloomhollow again, one sent her to slumber land, the other broke from combat and went to recover better weapons from his secret stash across the chamber. Thom again poured another potion into Gloomhollow’s snore hole before attacking and killing a ragged kruthik.

Archemnos’s mote exploded opening a rift in the room exposing a skeletal corpse with an orb in its hands. He grabbed the orb and the rift closed. The blast of his mote damaged both remaining kruthiks, and one of the emerald claw and he moved forward with eyes on the weapon stash. Jaenus reached the weapon stash and removed its contents and shot a dart at Archemenos. The two larger kruthiks regained their feet and charged both Gloomhollow and Thom. Azrukal responded again with devastating blast of energy. Gloomhollow lashed at the kruthik and left it dead again. One Emerald claw struck Gloomhollow and put her to sleep again, while the other charged into Archemenos. Thom told the nearest Emerald Claw that his situation was dire and that death was imminent. The Emerald claw guard fled from the battle knowing his death would be agonizing.

Archemenos stepped back and raped the mind of the Jaenus, who turned and began to flee the combat as well. Azrukal shot a bolt that killed the last kruthik, and Gloomhollow’s condition worsened. The fanatical Claw servent refuse to retreat and attacked again this time missing. Thom knelt to help Gloomhollow who some how found the energy to wake again. Archemenos blasted the final Emerald Claw and was followed by Azrukal finishing him off.

The group spent as little time as possible recovering from the melee, and traveled to the next chamber. Upon arrival, they witnessed Tikulti scolding Jaenus for failure. He noticed the group enter the chamber and threw a glass vial, which smashed against the ceiling releasing a small black skull that glowed with a green energy. “Kill them!” Tikulti demanded as he exited the room.

Total session experience per player: 450 6808



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