Game Cafe Eberron

Crappy Going

The group scoured the goblin chamber and followed up in the bugbear’s bedroom. Inside a lice ridden matress of straw the group dicovered a gem thats magical properties would extend a wearers resurection time ten fold.

The group put their ears to the door of the closed door to the next chamber and heard what sounded like a lot of creatures snoring. Gloomhollow and Archemenos silently opened the door and found a room full of sleeping orcs. Slowly the two of them inched their way acroos the room until Gloomhollow heard a thump behind her as Archemenos kicked the boot of one of the sleeping orcs. The room came alive. Orcs jumped up from slumber and grabbed their weapons, as Azrukal and Thom kicked the door all the way open. Gloomhollow and Archemenos launched attacks at the groggy orcs. The fight was handled easily by the group, ending in a closet full of orc excrement.

Archemenos looked at the pile of waste and his foot hit something solid. Almost completely covered in dumg, he found a amber gem. Archemenos decided to investigate further. He put on a pair of tarnish proof gloves and eventually found 4 more gems hidden in the pile. Afterwards he game the pristine looking but foul smelling gloves to Azrukal in excahnge for a toe ring.

The group peeked through the door into the next chamber and saw a massive minotaur partially obsucred by one of six giant pillars that supported the ceiling. Archemenos and Gloomhollow collaborated and created a illusionary orc who entered the room and approached the throne. “we have intruders sir” the orc said. The minotaur issued a single word command and a pack of attack dogs ran across the room destroying the illusion. The minotaur was sure that trickery was being employed upon him and called the dogs back before beckoning for the hidden intruders to enter the room.

The group gathered in front of the minotaur on his throne. The minotaur sat feeding his dogs with the internals of a dead dwarf. The minotaur said little to the group and threw the dwarf at them and charged.

total experience per player: 300



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