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Game Cafe is the location where our group played the Dungeons and Dragons Encounters program four seasons in a row. The game was fun, but obviously the Encounters program is meant to segue into private games. So after roughly 15 months of public play, this group of players finally went private.

Starting out with 5 players/characters(Jarvix, Quin, Invictus, War Hammer, and Data). The group first found themselves together during the 100 year war. The group was summoned by their commander to investigate a tower on the hill before the days battle commenced. The group were attacked by lizard men at the tower, and found two people that claimed to have been kidnapped. One was Lord Bren ’irGadden who was found chain to a corner wall, the other was his assistant Aric Blacktreewho was chained to the floor inside a strange magic symbol. After leaving the tower, they were attacked by a group of Emerald Claw, defeating them as a fog descended into the valley below. The fog destroyed everyone in the battlefield below, and the entire nation of Cyre in an instant. The event later became known as the Day of Morning.

The group reunited in the city of Sharn 4 years later due to and invitation sent to them by Lord Bren ’irGadden to attend a remembrance ceremony. The ceremony was cut short as a strange mist climbed over the wall of the tall tower and began attacking the attendees. The group defeated the creature shrouded in the mist causing it to disappear leaving a symbol momentarily in the vapor that matched the one Aric had been chained to.

The group commenced an investigation that led them to exit the tower and follow the trail of the mist to a dwelling that contained many unfriendly creatures and a machine that was set up to destroy the tower they were attached to. The group fought a group of machine caretakers, defeating all but one of them, who ran away from the group. The group disabled the machine and went to leave and ran into a Sharn Watch officer who was questioning Aric Blacktree on the front porch of the dwelling. The officer was dealt with, and the group was surprised to find out that Aric was the changeling from upstairs. He claimed that the Face he wore was that of his employer, and that he had been hired after his boss at the foundry offered him as a laborer to Aric.

The group made their way to the foundry and met a rude dwarf Foreman named Molric. Molric claimed to know about the hiring and refused to help the group unless they helped him first. He called over a hobgoblin priest named Olaaki who offered the group a reward for eliminating a Kruthik(large violent insect) infestation. The group agreed and left for the lower reaches of the foundry.

The group followed the foundry deaths to a recently uncovered tunnel at the lowest levels of the foundry. The group traveled through the tunnel and were surprised when it led them into an ancient hobgoblin tomb. The tomb walls in every chamber had Kruthik holes in them, and was full of traps and undead creatures. The group explored a few rooms of the tomb and decided to set their sights on eliminating the Kruthiks by venturing into the tunnels. The group quickly found themselves overwhelmed by Kruthiks and could not escape. The missing adventurers were sought after by the late arrivals to the remembrance(Azrukal, Archamenos, Kalden, Confraga, Diago, and Don).

The new group quickly discovered the ancient tomb and their dead war companions. They finished off the Kruthiks by destroying the queen and her eggs. Next, they explored the remains of the tomb. This led to more undead creatures including Ashurta fighting them and eventually the group recovering an important artifact, Ashurta’s blade.

The group left the tomb and met with Molric again. He paid them, and revealed little about Aric, other than he was crazy, said he worked for Lord Bren, and traveled with an elf women. On the way out of the foundry, Olaaki stopes the group and asked about the relic they carried with them. He described a ancient goblin relic that he believes the blade they found to be a part of. He directs them to see Professor Gydd Nephret for more information.

Gydd told the group that what they had found was a piece of the Ashen Crown. She kept the blade for a day to study. When the group returned, they were met by Gydd, and a elven women who tried to buy the blade for 5000 gold. The group refused the offer and the elf lady left. The group took the dagger with them and hurried to have dinner with Lord Bren. Bren was happy to see his war time friends healthy, and went on to ask that the group find his associate Aric Blacktree who had gone mad and escaped his care. The group agreed, and received a letter of appointment to be at the Kings Citadel the next morning.

At the kings citadel the next morning, the group was made aware that the organization knew about the dagger, and needed their help to aquire the other parts of the crown, and assist in a change of power among the goblin clans in the neighboring country of Drooam. The group agreed to the terms and prepared to depart I the next day.
They left and headed back to the moldy dragon. When the arrived at the inn, the inn keeper had a note and key from Gydd. She said in the note that the elven women was an imposter really named Demise, and that she was in fear for her life. She asked that the group meet with her before she left the next morning. The group arrived at Gydd’s house to discover Gydd missing, and Demise’s illusion mocking them.

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